Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s chargeable. Fees vary depending on dates and flight destination.

You can make your reservation from our website or authorized travel agencies.

You can create your reservation by selecting the Online Ticket option on the Online Services menu in the AnadoluJet website. Purchasing reservation option through online channels is the process of fixing the ticket fare for the selected flights within the period specified to purchase the ticket. Reservation can be made by paying the reservation fee for selected flights.

You can buy your first flight and make reservation at least 5 day before and 355 days at most. Reservation times vary according to the ticket options.

Time to Flight Reservation Time
0-5 Day None
5-10 Day 24 Hours
10+ Day 72 Hours

It is not possible to enroll a waitlist for the flight via our website. You can do this via the feedback form

Reservation waitlist order is automatically determined by the system according to the sorting, waitlist date, preferred fare and other criteria. Passengers enrolled in this order but not approved for booking must register themselves at the airport as a "field reserve" by contacting the check-in counter. Purchase of waitlisted passenger at the airport is automatically generated by the system based on the ticket type and reference time of check-in based on the field waitlist order.

You will be informed via text message and e-mail. 

When making a reservation on our website, a total of (adult + child) 9 reservations can be made on a booking record. When booking a flight, the number of infants may be equal to the number of adults.

By choosing 'Multi Flight' you can complete your reservation so that it will return to another point.

While specifying your reservation details, select a round trip as a travel type.

It means the flight is closed to online booking and online sales.

Unfortunately, we may not make a group reservation online. Please contact nearest THY sales offices for group reservations.

Reservations consisting of 10 or more passengers are handled as group reservations.

AnadoluJet offers the first six available flights as an alternative. However, you can also search for alternative flights by using the previous and next day buttons below the ground status screen.

Depending on whether or not there is an available seat at the discounted class, you can take advantage of it.
Different fare classes are created in our flights, depending on factors such as the length of stay in the destination, how long ago the ticket was purchased, and the ticket price applied for each class varies. The capacities allocated for the classes are determined according to the statistics. The capacity allocated for the class for which the ticket price is applied can be filled due to the high demand for that ticket; however, there are places in different classes with different prices.

After creating a reservation, you can perform ticketing process via "Pay and Fly" flow in the "My Flight Transactions" section in the option period given. While performing ticketing process, you can purchase additional services such as seat selection, excess baggage, sports equipment and insurance in the "Additional Services" step.

If you do not have a credit card, you can buy your ticket online using EFT / Money Transfer, Internet Banking and 'Pay and Fly' options. You can also complete your online reservation without using a credit card at THY Sales Offices by choosing 'Reservation Only'.

Once you have selected EFT / TRANSFER options on the payment page, you can make by completing the defined steps.

Reservations that have not been paid at the time of online booking by selecting the Officer Ticketing option may change as they are valid at the place where the journey begins. In order to avoid the problem, please make payment and ticketing transactions by using Pay and Fly link on our web site

It is not obligatory that the credit card holder is one of the passengers on the reservation. However, if the credit card payment is deemed risky by the system, it will be necessary to present the owner of the credit card for transactions concerning the reservation and check-in.

If the transaction is considered to be at risk, you will be asked for a confirmation of the card issuance at the time of payment ("You will be asked to present your card before the flight. Do you confirm?"). If you confirm this warning, the cardholder will need to present the credit card and valid identification document (passport, ID card, driver's license or marriage certificate) before the flight (Turkish Airlines Sales Offices or check-in counter). It is also possible for the credit card holder to submit a credit card with a valid identification to any Turkish Airlines Sales Office before the flight. In addition, for any changes to the ticket, cancellation or refund request credit card will be required to submitted.

If you do not confirm this warning, your transaction will not be completed and you will be asked to use another credit card for the payment.

Card submission is not required for all other transactions for which a card submission warning has not been given at the time of payment and tickets purchased with 3D Secure approval.

The refund is based on the fare grade you bought. You can do your refunds on the channel from which you receive your ticket.

Yes. You can make changes on AnadoluJet web site and mobile application if your reservation does not have the condition (mandatory changes due to flight cancellation, weather conditions, etc.). In state of emergency (mandatory changes due to flight cancellation, weather conditions, etc.), you can make changes through the mobile application or the call center.

You can view the reservation details made from the website, mobile applications, sales offices or travel agencies on our website.

You can complete the ticketing process of your online reservation through the Pay and Fly under the Online Transactions heading on our website.

On the Charges page, you will immediately find a link to the charge note below the charge details. By clicking on this link, you can view the charge notes describing the important points of the fares given to you.

You can cancel your online reservation by clicking 'Cancel' in the 'My Reservations' title in the Online Transactions section of our website.

You make a reservation through our website for a flight leaving minimum 72 hours before and maximum 355 days after your first flight, your reservation may differ according to the ticketing options. 

In order to reduce the impact of no-shows (a booking where the passenger does not board the flight although the booking has been confirmed or the ticket is issued) on airline travels and allow passengers to travel on preferred flights, reservations exceeding the seat capacity of the flights may be made. Seat supply may not be warranted, despite all efforts being made, in order to ensure the travel of the passengers with approved reservations.

You can buy your ticket on our website, AnadoluJet mobile applications or authorized sales agencies.

We accept all VISA, Euro / MasterCard and American Express cards on online ticket payments.

There is no open ticket on AnadoluJet applications. Use of tickets, change of reservation / track etc. right belongs only to the name on the ticket, and this right cannot be transferred at all.

If passengers who have purchased round-trip tickets or multi-destination tickets decide not to fly but do not cancel their reservations, all their continuation and return reservations are automatically cancelled by the system as a result of the first no-show flight.

The duration of the reservation tickets is 12 months from the first flight date on the ticket and the return period is 24 months from the first flight date. However, please contact your local THY Sales Offices for more detailed information, as some of the special fare tickets available at our flights may differ from the times mentioned above depending on the restrictions on fees for use and return.

Changes and cancellations without reservation can be made within the framework of the applicable fee rules.

You can get the return of the domestic within 30 days from the date the ticket was issued, and from AnadoluJet after 31 days. If the agency does not have a branch in the city you are applying for a return, you can also get your return from THY Sales Offices without waiting for the above mentioned 31 days.

On AnadoluJet flights, 40% and above disabled passengers will receive a 20% discount on flexible fare classes only. Our passengers who want to take advantage of the discount must present their disabled identity card or health board report issued byTürkiye, Ministry of Family and Social Services General Directorate of Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly proving they are 40% and above disabled or identity cards with a "disabled" mandate.

Disability discounts are not available for sale through our Website (, mobile applications or our call center. Disability discount can only be done through Turkish Airlines sales offices. For detailed information, please contact our Sales Offices.

No. Student passenger type is valid only for tickets that are purchased from Turkish Airlines Sales Offices and passengers who purchased discount tickets with student passenger type are required to submit documents related to the discount reasons. Detailed information on student discounts can be found on the Special Conditions page under the Terms and Conditions.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 25, you can benefit from our advantageous world of Jetgenç by joining Jetgenç, our first youth program among the world's airlines, which our young passengers can benefit from. On AnadoluJet flights, 10% discount is applied on ticket purchases to Jetgenç accounts except for taxes. Click to join Jetgenç.

For detailed information on discounts AnadoluJet apply to infants and children, you can visit our Fare Notes page.

10% discount on fare is applied to the military passengers, only on flights to Nicosia (Ercan), on L/T/Q/E/O/S/H/A/M/B classes, excluding taxes. The military discount can be applied at THY Sales Offices.

Online Check-in is a service that allows all passengers who have received the ticket to check-in from any place with internet connection before their flight.

During the online check-in process, you must use your reservation number or ticket number for your AnadoluJet ticket.

You can do online check-in through our website ( or through our mobile applications. For detailed information on check-in, you can use the check-in link.

Online check-in on our website or mobile applications starts 24 hours before flights and ends 90 minutes before take-off.

Online check-in is available on all AnadoluJet flights. Passengers whose flights start with AnadoluJet and continue with contracted airlines, can use online check-in until the last airport they are leaving.

Our passengers who have done online check-in can apply to check-in banks to pick up their boarding passes or to deliver their baggage at the airport. Check-in banks are closed for check-in before 60 minutes for international flights and 45 minutes for domestic flights. Please plan your arrival time at the airport by taking account of these as well as the time required for airport security scans.

Our passengers who have printed their boarding pass and who got their boarding pass through our mobile boarding pass can go directly to the flight gate through security check if they do not have their baggage. If the passengers have their baggage, this baggage must be delivered at the "Baggage Delivery" bank. Our passengers may arrive at the flight gate after baggage delivery.

Online Check-in pages are designed so that you can check-in to the latest point of arrival. For this reason, your baggage will be connected to the counter considering the final destination. If you want to get your baggage at the waypoints of your flight, please notify the officer in charge at the counter.

When you enter your reservation code (PNR) in the system, all the passengers in this PNR will be listed and you will be asked to select the passengers you wish to process. Check-in can be made for up to 8 passengers at a time, provided they are in the same PNR.

Our passengers who have provided the boarding card online must present their identification documents to the officers at the flight gate.

Our passengers who bought online ticket and paid with credit cards should also have their credit cards ready in addition to their identification documents to be shown to the officials at the flight gate.

Changes and cancellations without reservation can be made within the framework of the applicable fee rules.

Our passengers with electronic ticket who check-in online can get their boarding pass (in ".pdf" format) in A4 size before going to the airport which is open to the online boarding service.

Click for the list of airports that are open to the online boarding card service.

  • Passengers who have an online boarding card do not have the option of changing seats.
  • Passengers who have lost their boarding card even though they printed it, may reprint their boarding pass or request it from the counters provided that the seat numbers are not changed.
  • Passengers without baggage can go directly to the flight gate with boarding passes that they printed.
  • Passengers with baggage can go to the flight gate after delivering their baggage to the counter (counter closing times are 60 minutes before scheduled flight time for international flights and 45 minutes before domestic flights.).
  • Passengers who go to the gate 20 minutes before the departure time of the plane will not be admitted to the plane according to the procedure even if the boarding cards are arranged on the internet

Passengers sitting next to the "Emergency Exit" doors on our planes are expected to open emergency exit doors in unexpected situations and assist other cabin crew members in evacuating other passengers from these exits. For this reason, the seats on the emergency exit door cannot be preferred during Online check-in. These seats can only be purchased up to 48 hours before your flight, or they can be preferred at check-in counters at the airport.

  • Mentally and physically handicapped, elderly, overweight passengers should not sit the Emergency Exits seats.
  • Our system does not automatically accept passengers with children (2-12 years) and infants and guide dogs and pets.

It is a check-in application that allows our passengers to do their boarding transactions themselves through the airport kiosks. Only passengers with electronic ticket can benefit from our self check-in service. Click here to see the list of airports where self-check-in is available.

Self check-in kiosk devices are designed to be easy to use. The kiosks with touchscreens have a simple menu. You can place your Miles & Smiles card in the card reader to start the self check-in process, or you can enter the electronic ticket number or the reservation code (PNR) as a preference. Check-in is completed after the selection of the seat and the issuance of your boarding pass.

Self check-in starts 12 hours before departure time of the plane; it ends 45 minutes before on domestic routes and 60 minutes before the international routes.

For domestic flights, you can get up to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight and 60 minutes before the departure time for international flights.

Yes. Our passengers should have their identity card, driver's license or passport with them.

You can buy a ticket before your visa is issued. In fact, having a round trip ticket already booked when you apply for a visa is among the factors that may significantly increase the chances of your application being approved. Please review the fare notes for returning your ticket, in the case that your visa application is denied.

You do not have to carry a passport when traveling to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. You can also travel with your new Turkish ID card without passport. Child passengers must also have a new type T.C ID card with a photo. If you do not have a Turkish ID, you can use your passport.
You can pay the departure tax at the tax offices in the city centers and authorized bank branches. You can also make payments at the ministry offices of the Ministry of Finance, the payment points in the international departure terminals of airports, and at bank branches open 24/7. The departure tax can also be paid through the official page of the Ministry of Finance Interactive Tax Office, via the “Departure Tax” menu and the “Fast Payment” section.
According to new regulations, every individual traveling abroad must have their own passport. You can find more detailed information about this on the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality website at

Passport validity conditions vary in different countries, but many countries require that the passport be valid for at least 6 months after the end date of travel. For more information please visit:

Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) refers to passport and personal details that countries require airlines to collect from passengers either before or during the flight. For more detailed information please visit our travel documents page.

You can provide you APIS details to the staff at the desk when you are checking in. Alternatively, you can save time by using one of our self-service check-in options and filling out the APIS details yourself. For more detailed information please visit our travel documents page.

The APIS information you provide is only passed on to the border authorities of the country concerned. We do not share the data with any other person or organization. For more detailed information please visit our travel documents page.

For baggage rights specific to packages on AnadoluJet domestic, international and Northern Cyprus (Ercan) flights, you can visit our Fare Notes page.

For extra baggage fees on domestic, international and Northern Cyprus (Ercan) flights, you can visit our Excess Baggage page.

The baggage you are carrying must be of a size and weight that can fit in the overhead locker or under the seat. Within the measurements of 23x40x55 cm and 8 kg. All other cabin baggage will be received to be placed as registered baggage during check-in.

You should apply for lost property office. Do not forget to store the "Baggage Problem Form" which will be given to you here. The status of your baggage can be tracked on the lost baggage tracking page on our website. 

You can purchase your Extra Baggage transactions from AnadoluJet web, mobile application, sales offices or the airport. You can benefit from discounts of up to 40% on international flights and up to 25% on domestic flights for excess baggage that you will purchase from our online channels until 3 hours before your flight. Click here to get more baggage allowance online at more advantageous prices!

If you cancel your ticket, you can get extra baggage and sports equipment returned from our sales offices.

All our passengers (click for detailed info on passenger restrictions) can benefit from seat selection service during booking, after booking or check-in.

Seat selection can be made during booking or check-in until up to 6 hours before flight.

Passengers who make seat selection must check in before flight.

When you purchase your seat, you are given a ticket number for your seat. You can access your invoice using this number by clicking our e-Ticket Invoice page from the Online Services menu.

If you get your ticket from a sales agent, please consult to the agency to get your invoice.

Paid seat selection is valid on all our flights.

It is an insurance option that secures domestic and international passengers against personal accident, treatment and travel hitches.
You can purchase Xcover Sigorta travel insurance on the AnadoluJet website or mobile application during the ticketing process.

For detailed information about the coverage, you can visit our travel insurance page.

Meal can be chosen via the AnadoluJet website, AnadoluJet mobile application, Turkish Airlines website, Turkish Airlines mobile application, or agencies until 24 hours before the flight time. No meal can be chosen in cases where there is 24 hours or less to the flight time. Click to select a meal.

You can find the menu and its ingredients here.

Our meals are prepared in accordance with Islamic procedures. There are also special meals in our menus (Koser Menu, Vegetarian Menu, Children's Menu). You can find the ingredients and allergen information of our menus here.

In cases where there are 24 hours or less to the flight time, there is no right to return or change the meal as the catering/food loading processes for the flights begin.
In the event that foods cannot be loaded for operational reasons or due to an airline-related disruption, passengers whose flight has been canceled/changed can request the refund of the price they paid for the meals through the feedback form.

Problems to be encountered during the flight should be reported to the cabin crew members. For your complaints, suggestions, and opinions, you can make a notification via the form.

At our lounges, you can taste our rich and tasty catering offerings and access to Turkish & foreign magazines and newspapers. Through free Wi-Fi service, you can have access to your own devices or settle your affairs on the computers at lounges. In addition, you can take printouts through the printers at the lounges. If you wish, you can enjoy watching TV in a comfortable environment and charge your phone at locking cell phone stations. Offered services may vary to lounges.

In cases such as delays or flight cancellations due to airline or operational reasons, unused lounge services can be returned or changed to a future date, upon the application of the passenger to the THY Sales Office. No refunds or exchanges will be made in cases of passenger- related situations.

İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Ankara Esenboğa, İzmir Adnan Menderes, Bodrum Milas Airport, Adana Airport, Gaziantep Airport, Hatay Airport, Rize - Artvin Airport, Trabzon Airport, Kayseri Airport, Muğla Dalaman Airport, Antalya Airport and Moscow Vnukovo Airport are the airports where (CIP) lounge services are offered.

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen (International), Hatay and Gaziantep CIP Lounges are temporarily closed.

Our passengers who wish to use lounges can purchase lounge service through AnadoluJet web & mobile app, or agencies.

Passengers who will purchase CIP lounge service via AnadoluJet web and mobile application must complete their transactions at least 2 hours before their flight.

Infant passengers can only travel accompanied by a guardian. The guardian must be at least 18 years old and each guardian can only accompany 1 infant passenger. If traveling with more than one infant, an infant ticket (sitting on the companion’s lap) will be issued for the first infant, and a child ticket (paid, in a separate seat) will be issued for additional infants. Infants sitting in seats must be in a carrier in order for their seatbelt to be fastened.

All child passengers between 2 and 12 can travel with a guardian, but they are also able to travel unaccompanied. However, unaccompanied child passengers between 2 and 7 must be under the supervision of one of our cabin staff (for a fee).

Passengers between 7 and 12 years of age may board the domestic and international direct flights as Unaccompanied Minors if they are not accompanied by a first degree relative or guardian. If request a companion flight attendant can be assigned (for a fee). However, for domestic flights and international flights with connecting flights, all passengers between 7 and 12 years of age may board the flight if they are accompanied by a parent, first degree relative or guardian.

All passengers between 12 and 18 years of age may board the flight alone.

Infants are not accepted to AnadoluJet flights within the first 48 hours after birth. Infants in the 2-7-day range will be admitted to the flight if there is a doctor's report on the "there is no problem with the flight".

No. Infants who have not completed their second year can only travel with their families or legal representatives.

A mother, father or adult aged 18 or over can accompany up to one infant on a single flight. If traveling with more than one infant, an infant ticket (sitting on the companion’s lap) will be issued for the first infant, and a child ticket (paid, in a separate seat) will be issued for additional infants. Infants sitting in seats must be in a carrier in order for their seatbelt to be fastened.

No baby food is given on AnadoluJet flights.

No. Baby cars can be brought to the door of the plane; But only the car-type baby carriage is taken into the cabin. Movement of the porter is not subject to consolidation.

2 years old is considered as upper age limit for infant passengers (Including 0-24 months). Passengers who are two years old but not 12 years old are accepted as passengers.

Yeah. Seating is required on board for children between 2-12 years old.

  • Unaccompanied child passengers between 2 and 7 must be under the supervision of one of our cabin staff (for a fee).
  • Children between 07 and 12 years of age can travel on our flights alone or with a companion flight attendant.
  • All procedures can only be proceeded from counters at the airports for children’s passengers ages between 7 and 12.
  • In order for the child passenger to travel unaccompanied, one of the parents or the legal representative will fill in and sign the ‘Authorization Certificate for the Unaccompanied Child Transportation’. With this document, the child will be handed over unaccompanied and delivered to the authorized person indicated in the document in return of his or her signature.

Yes. However, it must be done 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the plane.

  • No reports are required for travel from pregnant passengers who have not completed the twenty-eighth week (seven months).
  • Passengers pregnant to one baby can travel with reports stating "there is no inconvenience in traveling by plane" from their doctors from the beginning of the 28th week until the end of the 35th week that. After thirty-six weeks and later, pregnant passengers are not allowed to travel even though there is the doctor's report.
  • Passengers pregnant to two or more babies can travel with a report on stating " there is no inconvenience in traveling by plane" from their doctors from the beginning of the 28th week until the end of the 31st week. After thirty-two weeks and later, pregnant passengers are not allowed to travel even though there is the doctor's report.
  • The date of the doctor's report cannot be older than seven days.
  • The note must be on headed paper belonging to the doctor or a health center. It must contain the doctor’s name, surname, diploma number, and signature along with the date the note was written.
  • The language of the report should be Turkish or English.

If your pet's weight exceeds 6 kg (with cage / box) or the cage / box size is greater than 23x40x55 cm, your pet will be transported in the cargo area.

Yes. Our hearing impaired passengers can travel alone. Our passengers can travel by themselves or their guide dogs. No reservation conditions are required for these dogs.

On request, escort and whellchair service is provided for the passengers who need it (elderly, language problem, phobia, visually and hearing impaired, etc.) during check-in after the completion of check-in procedures, entering the plane and upon the arrival of the plane to the airport.

Yes, you should book at least 48 hours before your flight. 

Passengers with stretchers cannot travel unaccompanied or without written permission from the doctor. The companion must be an adult and should be able to look after the passengers during flight. There is also no escorting flight attendant by our company. In order for the patient to fly, a report prepared in Turkish or English language will be required to indicate the type of the disease and that this disease will not interfere with the flight. Reports prepared outside these two languages will not be accepted unless approved by the notary public. The report date should not be earlier than 10 days.

Ambulance service is provided from the terminal gate to the plane at the departure point (at the departure airport) and from the plane to the terminal gate at the arrival point (at the arrival airport).

Our passengers who require a wheelchair to buy tickets from our website are provided with 3 different types of wheelchair service depending on the condition of the passenger. You can request this service by clicking on the "Special Service Request" link on the passenger information page at the online ticket purchase stage. 

Yes. But you have to make reservations before the flight. In our planes, passengers can only have cats, dogs, and small herring birds (budgerigar, canary) as pets. Live animals that are in poor health (restless, aggressive, etc.) in terms of health and appearance may not be accepted for transport.

If the total weight of the pet and cage/bag exceeds 8 kg or size exceeds 23cmx30cmx40cm, they are taken into the cargo compartment.

Yes. You can move your pets for a fee. Your pets are weighed together with the cage / box. You can find detailed information about transportation fees on our pet page.

You can keep your musical instrument with you on your flights. Your musical instrument is transported in the cargo area, if it is not in the cabin size. You need to purchase extra seats for your large-sized musical instruments that you want to carry in your cabin. You can consult to THY Sales Offices to purchase extra seats.

Small instruments like guitars, saz etc. the total dimensions of which do not exceed 118 cm(width+length+height) can be transported in cabin free of charge.. Apart from these dimensions, you can carry your cello in the cabin for a fee. Width, length and depth (including case) should not exceed 140x42x25 cm and weight should not be more than 75 kg. Please note that you are required to make a reservation for transporting your cello at least 48 hours before your flight.

You can take the baby strollers with you on our flights. You need to submit your baby stroller to the officers in front of the door while boarding the plane.

For more information on transport charge  for camping and sports equipment, please click here.

No, wheelchairs are transported free of charge.

Travel with a dialysis machine is not allowed on AnadoluJet flights.

Infants in the incubators are not transported on AnadoluJet flights.

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