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About AnadoluJet

AnadoluJet is a Turkish Airlines brand established in Ankara on April 23, 2008 to interconnect the Anatolia and to meet Anatolia's airline transportation needs in a more economical way and to bring the larger masses together with air.

Adding value through innovative approaches to developing technology, AnadoluJet today increased its fleet of 5 crafts to 38 crafts, in the airway transportation that it started with the aim of "Let no one left behind without flying"; continues to travel on Anatolian skies as an airline brand that flies to 42 airports and 67 destinations and broadens its flight network day by day. AnadoluJet has provided more than 58 million passengers the safe flight in 8 years since the day they started to fly.

With its free catering and free luggage services; airport car parks, private passenger lounges, affordable car rental facilities and hotel reservation services for more comfortable and affordable travel experience, AnadoluJet continues to offer quality service without sacrificing the quality.

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