Prague Flight Ticket

Prague Flight Ticket

Fly to Prague at the Best Prices

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496 km2



Czech Koruna (CZK)




GMT+2 (Winter Time) - GMT+3 (Summer Time)




General Information on Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most popular cities of the Central Europe. Neighbor to numerous countries like Poland, Austria, Germany, and Slovakia, Prague impresses its visitors with its deep-rooted history. It is possible to feel the spirit of art filling the streets of the city at every point of the city. Its splendid buildings defying the ages reveal how important the architecture was in the period they were built. The city that has hosted numerous world-renowned artists and performers in the fields of music, painting, and sculpture is known as the city of the artists and fables even today.

In the city that is under the influence of a warm continental climate, even though winter is rather cold and snowy, it is possible to say that the city is visited intensively even in the winter months. July and August when the air temperature is at the utmost level, on the other hand, constitute the top visit season for the city. In the city where traditional and modern are side by side, you will see numerous architectural buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and meet the most beautiful works in numerous fields of art.

How to go to the City Center from Prague Václav Havel Airport?

Located within the city borders of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel Airport is one of the most dynamic airports in Europe. Located within the city borders and formerly called Prague Ruzyne Airport, the facility was renamed as Prague Václav Havel Airport in 2012. At the airport that welcomes 13 million passengers on average every year, reciprocal flights are performed with the four corners of the world. In the airport that serves with three different terminal buildings, there are numerous social areas made available to passengers.

You can find numerous facilities ranging from passenger lounges to affordable shops, from cafés and restaurants to ATMs, information desks, and car rental offices in Prague Václav Havel Airport. In Prague, although the metro and tramline are rather widespread in the urban transport, the rail system is not used in airport transport. From the airport that is 17 km to the city center, you can go to anywhere in the city by using different transport options.


The most preferred option to go from Prague Václav Havel Airport to the city center is the municipal bus. You can get on the buses that go to the city center 24 hours a day from the bus stops opposite the airport’s arrivals terminal exit gate. If you wish so, you can depart from the airport by municipality buses and change to metro or tramline. You can find here the detailed schedule of the buses departing from Prague Václav Havel Airport.

Shuttle Service

Another option you can prefer to go to the city center from the airport is the private shuttle service. From the bus stops located opposite the airport’s arrivals exit terminal, the private Airport Express shuttle buses as well as the municipality buses go to the city center. The Airport Express shuttle buses that give service from 06.30 to 22.00 o’clock every day of the week depart every 15 minutes. You can go to the railroad terminal in Prague city center by Airport Express.


After landing at the airport, you can also prefer taxi if you do not want to ride a bus to Prague city center. You can go to the city center or the surrounding districts from the airport comfortably by riding a taxi you can find in front of the airport’s arrivals exit terminal on 24/7 basis. If you wish so, you can settle on a fixed fare by telling the driver where you want to go before getting on the taxi cab.

Car Rental

The most comfortable and private way of going to the city center from the airport in Prague is to rent a car. Numerous world-renowned and reliable car rental firms give service in Prague Václav Havel Airport. If you wish so, you can rent the vehicle that suits your budget best from these firms in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages. For a more economical renting, we suggest you book your car in advance.

What to eat in Prague? 

In Prague, where you can find the traditional flavors of the Czech Republic, the meat dishes, desserts, and pastries are rather popular. In the city that hosts visitors from different regions of the world in every season of the year, you can find numerous flavors of the global cuisine. However, we suggest the people who want to taste different flavors that make them feel Prague’s traditional texture particularly the Hungarian meat dish goulash, which is one of the most popular dishes in this city, too.

In addition to that, svíčková na smetaně made with beefsteak and offering a different taste compared with the other beefsteak styles due to its cooking method, kulajda soup made with plenty of vegetables, apple strudel, a dessert made with apple, and ovocné knedlíky, a sweet pastry stuffed with fruit, are some of the flavors you must try. We also suggest you taste the profiterole, soufflé, and cheesecake varieties that are indispensable in the patisserie menus in Prague.

Where to stay in Prague? 

Prague, which is one of the most visited cities of Europe, is a city that welcomes many visitors in every season of the year. In the city that stands out with its artistic texture and historical and cultural riches, the old buildings in the city center attract great attention. It is possible to find options that appeal to all kinds of budgets among these buildings used as hotels after restoration today. However, the hotels that are close to the city center and the popular museums, squares, and avenues of the city are more expensive than their alternatives.

Three different localities stand out among the districts preferred for accommodation in Prague. Located on the right side of Vltava River in Prague and harboring the most famous historical buildings of the city, the Stare Mesto (Old Town) district hosts the popular hotels of the city. You can accommodate more economically by making an early reservation with the hotels located around the Old Town Square.

In addition to the Stare Mesto district, you can also prefer the Malá Strana district on the other side of the river, which is a calmer region of the city, or the Nové Město (New Town) district in the southern part of the city, where the means of transport and shopping are widespread.

Must-Do's in Prague

Get ready for an unforgettable travel experience in Prague with its colorful festivals, streets full of art, museums, enthralling architectural buildings, magnificent temples, and many other details that are worth exploring! With Prague flight ticket from AnadoluJet, you are very close to one of the most splendid cities in the Central Europe! We have listed for you the most important details that will come in handy during your Prague travel. Here are the must-do’s of an efficient and pleasant Prague travel:

  • Visit the Old Town, which is regarded as the heart of Prague. Do not forget to see the iconic buildings on the square like Prague’s Old Town Hall and St. Nicholas Church.
  • Visit the Astronomical Clock Tower of the Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square. Witness the enthralling view of Prague.
  • Visit Prague Castle built in the 9th century, one of the most important historical heritages of the city.
  • Cross the Charles Bridge built across Vltava River, one of the first structures that spring to mind when it comes to Prague. Watch the painters and musicians performing their arts on the bridge.
  • See the Dancing House, an architectural wonder and one of the most interesting buildings in the city. Do not forget to be photographed in front of the Dancing House, which has become a classical activity in any Prague visit!
  • Go on a journey in the cultural and historical past of the city in the Prague National Museum.
  • Watch a ballet performance in the Prague National Theater building. Even if you cannot watch a performance, you can tour the theater building by participating in one of the guided tours.
  • Enjoy shopping in the stores at Wenceslas Square. Take a coffee break in one of the cafés surrounding the avenue after the shopping tour.
  • Taste the popular flavors of the city in Prague’s famous restaurants.

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