Book Tehran Flight Ticket

Book Tehran Flight Ticket

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Tehran is the capital of Iran and it is one of the most populous and modern cities of the country. Tehran's economy has developed considerably due to its vast amount of oil and today it has a strong city life.

You can observe the intermingling of historical and modern life in the city, divided into two parts as the north and the south, and have an enjoyable trip among impressive texture of the Persian culture accompanied by spice smells.


730 km2




Time 27.02.2021
Saturday / 03:56

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GMT+2 (Kış saati) - GMT+3 (Yaz Saati)




How to Transfer from Tehran Airport to Tehran City Center

Imam Khomeini Airport is located 40 km from the city center of Tehran and it has been in service since 2005. Imam Khomeini Airport is considered as the biggest airport in Iran and it draws attention with its modern structure. The airport facilitates transportation to the city center by public transportation and offers a comfortable travel experience to its visitors.


It is very easy to reach the city center with 24-hours working metro line from Imam Khomeini Airport. Using the metro line that you can take from the airport station, you can quickly reach the desired point either directly or changing metros.


Although bus is not preferred against metro, it is another alternative to take you to the city center. You can reach the city center of Tehran by taking the city buses departing from the bus stops at the exit of Imam Khomeini Airport. It is possible to reach the city center after an average of 60-80 minutes journey by bus departing running every hour.


Another alternative for transportation in Tehran is taxis. Taxis, usually old vehicles, are lined at the exit gate of the airport. However, we would like to remind you that you will travel making negotiation because there are no taximeters in taxis in Tehran.

Car Rental

Imam Khomeini Airport also offers facilities for car rental for a comfortable transport to the city center. You can rent vehicles with or without a driver from the offices located in the airport.

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