General Luggage Information

Which situations will cause your baggage not to be accepted?

Free Baggage Allowance and Excess Baggage

Our passengers are given certain allowance for the baggage that can be carried in the cargo compartment of the aircraft during domestic flights. As for the international flights, the baggage allowance varies by the flight package and the route of flight.

You can view the free baggage allowance menu for your free baggage allowance valid for domestic and international flights.

Also, you can find the excess baggage fares applicable to domestic and international flights on the excess baggage page.

Cabin Baggage

Cabin Baggage (Hand Baggage), which is 55x40x23 cm in size and 8 kg in weight, is under the responsibility and supervision of each passenger and carried in the passenger cabin for free of charge. Personal Items are the goods that the passenger is responsible for and carried in the cabin for free of charge. The cabin baggage is considered separately from the free baggage allowance.

Cabin Baggage Transportation

The baggage you are carrying must be of a size and weight that can fit in the overhead locker or under the seat. Within the measurements of 55x40x23 cm and 8 kg. All other cabin baggage will be received to be placed as registered baggage during check-in.

Passenger Type Number Maximum Weight Dimensions
Adult Passenger 1 8 kg 55x40x23 cm
Infants Passengers (0-2 ages) 1 8 kg 55x40x23 cm

Regardless of the flight class and card status, the items in the table below are referred to as "personal items" and are carried free of charge on condition that there are only one (1) piece.

Personal Items

Cabin Baggage Rules

Carrying Liquids in Cabin Baggage

All the materials such as liquids, gels, aerosols etc. which are carried in the cabin baggage are subject to some restrictions in accordance with the aviation regulations



Restricted Liquids:

Liquid Restrictions in Hand Baggage:

Transport of Liquid Items Purchased from Duty-Free Stores

Rejection of Cabin Luggage Transport

As Turkish Airlines, we reserve the right not to accept a cabin baggage under the following circumstances:

Damage Liability

If your cabin baggage is damaged due to the negligence of AnadoluJet, your damages will be covered according to the relevant rules. However, if there is no negligence of AnadoluJet in the incurrence of the damage, the responsibility of the damage belongs only to our passengers.

Sports Equipment

The right to carry sports equipment can be purchased from the AnadoluJet mobile application or website without going to the sales offices or the airport.

Click here to reach the rules and conditions.

Sports equipment is not considered within the scope of Free Baggage Allowance. Each equipment is charged according to the Sports Equipment Fee Tariff. Sports equipment can be carried in the cabin or in the luggage compartment of the aircraft for a fee, depending on weight or size.

Domestic Flights

Snowboard 300 ₺
Ski Set 300 ₺
Golf Set 300 ₺
Diving Set 300 ₺
Surf 300 ₺
Waterski 300 ₺
Parachute 300 ₺
Hockey 300 ₺
Canoe 300 ₺
Bike 300 ₺
Archery 300 ₺
Horse Riding 300 ₺
Fishing 300 ₺
Sporting Firearms 300 ₺
Rafting / Inflatable Boat 300 ₺
Climbing / Camp Equipment 300 ₺

Undefined Other Sports
300 ₺

Sports equipment transportation service fee on Northern Cyprus flights is 450₺.

Click to purchase the right to carry sports equipment on domestic and Northern Cyprus flights without going to the sales offices or the airport!

International Flights (Northern Cyprus Excluded)

Golf Set 40 €
Ski Set 40 €
Snowboard 40 €
Diving Set 40 €
Surf Board 40 €
Camping Equipment 40 €
Parachute 40 €
Inflatable Boat 40 €
Hockey Equipment 40 €
Canoe, Rafting Equipment 40 €
Bicycle 40 €
Other sports equipment not specified 40 €
Archery equipments 40 €

Tennis and Squash Equipment

Tennis and squash rackets together with their special bag (max one pair) are accepted as hand luggage. However, if there are more than 2 rackets in more than one bag or more than two rackets in one bag, tennis and squash rackets are charged under the title Other Sports Equipment.

Golf Equipment

A golfing set consists of golf club, golf ball, a pair of golf shoes, golf tee and golf bag. Personal belongings shall not be put in golf bag. The weight of one set shall not exceed 23 kg.

Skiing / Snowboard Equipment

One set of skiing equipment consists of one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski boots and one helmet or one snowboard, a pair of boots and one helmet. Personal belongings shall not be put in ski bag. The weight of one set shall not exceed 23 kg.


Bicycles shall be carried in sturdy paperboard/cardboard boxes or their special packages in a way preventing damage

The tyres shall be deflated if deemed necessary. 

In order to provide that the bicycle does not occupy too much space and ease handling, the handlebars are folded longitudinally, saddle’s height is adjusted to the lowest setting, the pedals are separated and all parts with extensions are removed.

Motorized or battery-powered bicycles are not permitted as these items exceed lithium battery limits set under the Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Water Skiing, Surfing, Windsurf, Canoe, Rafting / Inflatable Boat Equipment

Water skiing equipment consists of a pair of standard water skis or a single slalom wakeboard. Personal belongings shall not be put in ski bag.

Surfboard’s maximum length shall be 292 cm (115 inches) and width shall be 60 cm (24 inches).

One surfboard, one wooden spar, one mast and one sail constitute windsurfing equipment. Personal belongings shall not be put in windsurfing bag. Its maximum length shall be 292 cm (115 inches) and width shall be 60 cm (24 inches). Windsurfing masts/sails are accepted if they are detachable and foldable.

Canoeing equipment consists of one canoe and one set of rows. The maximum length of canoe is 3.5 meters. It is not possible to carry motor or electrical components of canoes.

Rafting equipment consists of one deflated inflatable boat, one rowing set and one inflating device. It is not possible to carry pneumatic inflating devices, motor or electrical components.

Diving Equipment

Diving equipment consists of diving suit, buoyancy vest (BC), mask, fins, underwater flashlight, knife, snorkel, harpoon, diving socks, diving cylinder and regulator.

Diving cylinders shall be empty. The meter shall read zero.

The air in buoyancy vest shall be emptied.

Equipment such as underwater flashlight (diving lamp) and soldering iron can be carried as hand baggage or checked baggage. In order to prevent an unexpected situation during flight, the heat generating section or power source of the equipment shall be separated, and packaged to restrict activation. The removed batteries shall be protected against short circuit.

The harpoon shall not be set and its tips shall be packed separately.

Parachute, Paraglider Equipment

This equipment should be carried in its special case packaged. Personal belongings shall not be put in the bag.

Hockey, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse Equipment

Hockey equipment consists of a helmet, a pair of skates, one stick, ball (puck or lacrosse ball) and a set of protective materials (shoulder, arm, knee pads, etc). Total weight shall not exceed 32 kg. Personal belongings shall not be put in the bag.

Archery Equipment

Archery equipment consists of a special bag, bow and arrows.

Mountaineering Equipment

Your mountaineering equipment consists of a bag with special protection, a pair of poles, one ice axe and a pair of mountaineering boots or shoes. It is prohibited to transport equipment included to the dangerous materials.

Tenting Equipment

Tenting equipment consists of a tent, metal poles and apparatus.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing equipment consists of fishing rod, reel, bucket, a pair of waders and fishing gear bag.

Bowling Equipment

Bowling equipment consists of one bowling ball, bowling bag and a pair of bowling shoes.

Hunting Equipment

Hunting equipment consists of tools such as hunting knives, all kinds of shotguns, pump rifles and pocket knives and charged as  “Other Sports Equipment not specified”. You may find out what you need to do in order to carry your rifle and cutting tools used for sports and hunting at the airport by clicking here.

IATA rules and conditions will be applied for other sports equipment which are not listed above.

Transportation of Special Equipment

Please click on the headings below for detailed information about transporting the medical equipment, musical instruments or equipment for babies.

Health Equipment


Oxygen Tube:

* In both cases, there must be a medical report explicitly stating the usage rate, i.e. liter/minute, of the oxygen cylinder on board the aircraft.

Dialysis Machine:



Passenger on a Stretcher:

Musical Instruments

Our standard cabin baggage rules apply for the transportation of musical instruments in cabin.

Small instruments like guitars, saz etc. the total dimensions of which do not exceed 118 cm(width+length+height) can be transported in cabin free of charge.. Apart from these dimensions, you can carry your cello in the cabin for a fee. Width, length and depth (including case) should not exceed 140x42x25 cm and weight should not be more than 75 kg. Please note that you are required to make a reservation for transporting your cello at least 48 hours before your flight. Large musical instruments in the aircraft hold as checked baggage for a fee.

Baby Car - Stroller etc.

Travel Bag Type Baby Carriage belonging to the passenger

Car type Baby Carriage


Dangerous and Prohibited Items

1. Weapons and Firearms
All kinds of hot firearms, all kinds of shotguns and pumped rifles, imitations of firearms and similar items, air guns, all kinds of toy weapons, hidden and camouflaged weapons (lighters and pen weapons etc.), launch weapons, weapon parts (Excluding telescopic sights and sights), ball-throwing weapons (plastic and metal), signal pistols, catapults and slings, electric shockers, gun-like lighters, industrial bolts, nails and harpoons, bow and arrows, animal stunning equipment, paint Throwing weapons, mushroom guns and capsules.

2Pointed / Sharp Pointed Weapons and Items

Diving equipment (diving knife), axes and types, arrows and darts, spears, hornets, harpoon, hooks, ice axes, rows, throwing stars, wedge, dagger, attack, snap and butterfly knives, sword, saber, kasutura, pointed and arrowed knife, Knife and razor blade, metal cutter, sewing needle, knife, multipurpose knife, nail scissors (larger than 6 cm), scissors (pointed and bigger than 6 cm) Corkscrews, mountaineering materials (crampons, cutters, hammers, ice axes, etc.), ski walking and climbing canes, rasp (greater than 6 cm), skewer, pointed umbrella, model knife, martial arts, All kinds of materials used in defense (long sticks, swords, telescopic coils, knuckles, knobs, knobs, knobs or chains, swollen canes etc.), ice skates, pen knives, hunting knives, all kinds of carpentry tools ), Medical cutting tools (scalpel, scalpel etc.), hypodermic needles (portable when it is proved to be medical), cordless screwdrivers and drills and tips, electric saw, tip 6 cm ' Den large all kinds of knives (including rotary knives and ceramic knives).

3. Explosives and Flammable Substances

Explosive and explosive systems (including their imitations), detonators and wicks, dynamite and real imitations, fireworks, hand bombs and real-like imitations, plastic explosives, mine gunpowder and other military explosives, ammunition and ammunition, flammable liquids , Spray lacquers, thinner and turpentine, gas and gas cylinders (excess oxygen, propane gas, butane gas, acetone), lighter fluids and gases, torch flaming lighters (only in the USA), gasoline, diesel, alcohol, ethanol, (Cologne etc.), smoke-emitting products (fog bombs etc.), alcoholic beverages (alcoholic beverages, etc.), simulated flammable materials, any unsafe match (matchable on all surfaces)

4. Sharp and non-pointed materials

All kinds of sticks (golf, cricket, baseball, hockey, lacrosse sticks), paddles (canoes etc.), handcuffs, all kinds of cues (billiards), skateboards, fishing equipment and fishing tackle, bludgeons and sticks (in accordance with the passenger profile, these kind of equipment may be allowed after being scanned), skis, tether, rope, steel rope, all kinds of surf boards.

5. Chemical Biological Nuclear (NBC) and Toxic Substances

Acids and liquid batteries, radioactive substances (except those used in health care), dry ice (more than 2 kg), sparkling substances, fire extinguishers, dog-repelling sprayers, poisons and pesticides (pesticides, rat poison, etc.) (VHFs that cause high fever such as mustard gas, sarin, anthrax, flower, cyanide, tularemia, botulism, Ebola, Marburg), crippling and biohazardous substances (microbial blood, bacteria and viruses) (Cesium and gases in the form of key chains), solvents, abrasives and detergents (irritants such as chlorine, bleach, saline etc.), pressurized gas cylinders, oxygen cylinders (chemical oxygen generators, diving tubes), heat-producing vehicles, all kinds of liquids (gel, toothpaste, lotion, solid / liquid mixtures, perfume, shaving Foams, aerosols, hair jellies, drinks, soups, syrups, etc.)if they do not exceed 100 ml in volume and not containing one liter of transparent, openable and closable plastic bag.

Items Prohibited to be Transported in Aircraft Hold Baggage

Detonators and wicks, all kinds of explosive and explosive systems, fireworks, signal flares, mines and military explosives, hand bombs, fireworks, high risk flammable and sparkler, smoky equipment, chemical biological nuclear (nbc) substances (Except for medical purposes).

Firearms Transportation Service

Our domestic passengers (who are not on the exemptions list) will be charged TRY 200 for the service that they will receive regarding the transportation of registered gun, rifle and/or ammunition on AnadoluJet flights. Sport and hunting equipment transportation service is charged for domestic flights and we carry your 1 hunting equipment for 300 TRY.

Within this context;

*Passengers can also make the payment on our sales offices. Passengers who will make payment on sales offices must go to counter for check-in transactions.

Passengers on the Exemption List:

Other Issues;

Baggage Delays

Please click on the topics below to get detailed information about the things you need to do about the baggage delays that may occasionally happen.

Please click here to report a luggage delay and to follow up your notification.

Lost Baggage

You must apply to the Lost and Found Items Office before leaving the arrival hall, with the following documentation, if your luggage did not arrive to the airport:

The "Lost Baggage Report (PIR)" will be issued here for your baggage and the baggage will be investigated via the World Tracer system, with over 2.200 member airports.

Your baggage will be delivered to you free of charge as soon as possible.

The investigation of lost baggage is under the responsibility of the Lost and Found Items Offices at the airport for the first five days.

However, if the baggage is not available within the first five days, the file of the missing baggage will be sent to the Baggage Services Administration together with the following documents.

If the detailed investigations to be carried out here are also negative, the lost baggage file is evaluated for compensation.


You must apply to the Lost and Found Items Office with the following documents before leaving the arrival hall for the type of damage that will be immediately noticed at the moment of damage to the baggage (broken wheels or handles, tears, missing items, etc.)

Here a report of damaged baggage and / or missing items for your baggage will be issued.

You must apply in person or in writing within 7 days of your travel date for unrecognized damage and lost items

Late Delivery

If you have received your baggage late, you can apply to AnadoluJet either personally or in writing, along with the documentation of the expense you have made until the delivery of your baggage. You have to do your application within 21 days from the date of receipt of the baggage.


Click here to contact us regarding baggage problems.

Airports With Customs Control

İstanbul (IST)

İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen (SAW)

Ankara (ESB)

Eskişehir (AOE)

İzmir (ADB)

Antalya (AYT)

Adana (ADA)

Kayseri (ASR)

Bodrum (BJV)

Diyarbakır (DIY)

Dalaman (DLM)

Denizli (DNZ)

Edremit (EDO)

Erzincan (ERC)

Erzurum (ERZ)

Elazığ (EZS)

Alanya (GZP)

Gaziantep (GZT)

Hatay (HTY)

Kahramanmaraş (KCM)

Kars (KSY)

Kocaeli (KCO)

Konya (KYA)

Kütahya (KZR)

Malatya (MLX)

Nevşehir (NAV)

Ordu-Giresun (OGU)

Rize-Artvin (RZV)

Samsun (SZF)

Sinop (NOP)

Sivas (VAS)

Şanlıurfa (GNY)

Trabzon (TZX)

Tekirdağ/Çorlu (TEQ)

Tokat (TKJ)

Airports Without Customs Control

Adıyaman (ADF)

Ağrı (AJI)

Amasya Merzifon (MZH)

Batman (BAL)

Bingöl (BGG)

Çanakkale (CKZ)

Isparta Süleyman Demirel (ISE)

Iğdır (IGD)

Kastamonu (KFS)

Mardin Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar (MQM)

Muş (MSR)

Siirt (SXZ)

Şırnak (NKT)

Uşak (USQ)

Van (VAN)

Bursa (YEI)

Hakkari (YKO)

Zonguldak (ONQ)

For the Passengers who will come from abroad and continue their domestic flights with a transit flight; If the final destination is a city with customs control, it is necessary to go to the domestic terminal at the first entry point to Turkey by completing passport transactions but without getting their baggage.

Example: Lefkosa / Ankara / Istanbul

For the passengers who will come from abroad and continue their domestic flights with transit flight; If the final destination is a duty-free city, they will take their baggage after completing their passport transaction at the first entry point to Turkey.

* Passengers, the first entry point to Turkey is ANKARA after leaving their baggage to the domestic transfer desk,

Example: Lefkosa / Ankara / Bingöl

1. This rule applies if all flights are actualized through AnadoluJet flights.
2. Passengers who do not have a boarding pass for continuing flights should go to the check-in counter on the domestic routes.

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