Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

The Gulf Travel Insurance offered by AnadoluJet is designed to guarantee your travel from medical assistance to flight delay, loss of the luggage, travel cancellation and unexpected situations.

Whether you are on vacation or on biztrip, you may experience with unexpected situations, have to cancel your trip, or need emergency medical treatment.

Gulf Travel Insurance, specially created for AnadoluJet, secures you during your travel. Gulf Insurance supervised by T.R. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury General Directorate of Insurance.

Domestic Travel Health Insurance is underwritten by Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. who has the authority and licence to issue policies at the starting point of travel

Domestic Travel Insurance

Gulf Insurance Domestic Travel Insurance covers all your trips within Turkey, and between Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Gulf Insurance Domestic Travel Insurance coverage and claim limits, per passenger, are explained in the table below.

Policy breakdown

Coverage Coverage limit
Treatment costs resulting from an accident and/or illness (urgent medical evacuation is included in the cover limit) TRY 15,000
Repatriation of the deceased’s body Unlimited
Baggage loss and/or damage (only while flying) TRY 2,500
Mugging TRY 250
Baggage delay TRY 500
Missing a scheduled flight TRY 500
Delayed flight TRY 500
Canceled trip* TRY 1,500

*If the contracted travel is cancelled before its starting date in case insured, insured's immediate family member have a situation preventing insured from taking the trip, get injured or die provided that this situation lasts until travel period and certified with an official report by a doctor, part of paid tour price that insured cannot take back shall be paid by insurer up to total limits stated in coverage limits.

Provided that reservation and advance payment is made before the said illness, injury or death occur, insurer shall pay to insured back advance payments that insured make to hotel and/or transporter firm and insured do not use and which are impossible to return. Reservation or ticket cancellation terms of travel agency, airline or hotel shall be considered while making payment within coverage limits and amount out of or above the rate that is necessary to be paid by travel agency, airline or hotel shall be paid within maximum coverage limit written on the policy.

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Actions to be Taken In Case of a Damage

Dear Insured,

First of all, we wish to submit our get well soon wishes. Actions to be taken in case of a damage are indicated below. The following aspects will make it easier for you to track your damage. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

In AnadoluJet Travel Insurance Compensation Requests:

Ankara Regional Directorate                  İzmir Regional Directorate Adana Regional Directorate Bursa Regional Directorate                   
Cinnah Cad. Göreme Sk. Halit Ziya Bulvarı. Kayhan Reşatbey Mah. Atatürk Cad.  Atatürk Cad. No:4 D.204
Nazmi Bey İş Mrk. No:1 K:3 İş Mrk. No:42 K6 D:601 Gen İşmerkezi No:22 Kat:6 D:18 Eser Emre İş Mrk. K:2
D:5B Kavaklıdere-Ankara Alsancak-İzmir Seyhan-Adana Setbaşı-Bursa
Tel: 0312 466 67 00 Tel: 0232 425 66 61 Tel: 0322 459 41 15 – 17 - 20 Tel: 0224 224 33 95
Fax: 0312 466 67 07 Fax: 0232 425 65 99 Fax: 0322 459 42 28 Fax: 0224 224 16 64

Documents Required on the Stage of Assessment of Travel Insurance Compensation Requests
1.Documents Required for the Guarantee of Treatment Costs as the Result of Accident and Illness

2. Documents Required for Luggage Loss/Delay Coverage

3. Documents required for travel delay/cancellation/abandon guarantees

4. Documents Required for Pick Pocketing Guarantee

5. Documents Required for Bankruptcy of the Agecy/Professional Liability Guarantees

6. Documents Required for the Return of the Funeral Guarantee

Compensation Request Form

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