Our New Route, İzmir-Tabriz!

Our New Route, İzmir-Tabriz!

04.05.2021 Our New Route, İzmir-Tabriz!

AnadoluJet adds a new route to its ever-expanding flight network. With AnadoluJet, it is time to fly to Iran’s ancient city, Tabriz! Get ready to discover Tabriz with its history of thousands-of-year, traditional cuisine indulging our tastes and rich cultural texture! Discover many gorgeous structures with AnadoluJet privileges from Tabriz Bazaar, which is the largest bazaar in the world and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, to Gök Masjid, which amazes with its blue tiles.

A pleasant and comfortable journey awaits you with our reciprocal flights starting from İzmir on June 3, 2021, and from Tabriz on June 4, 2021! All you need to do is to book your İzmir-Tabriz flight ticket through AnadoluJet website or mobile app after planning your travel.


As AnadoluJet, we are aware of your sensitivity to travel during the pandemic and we continue to serve with increased hygiene and security measures to ensure a safe journey. You can learn about the precautions that are taken for healthy and safe travel from the Safe Travel Standards video that we have prepared for you.

To prevent problems that may occur in your travel plans during this pandemic period, we introduce you "flexible travel" advantages such as making changes without penalty or open ticket rights. You can learn about the flexible travel advantages that are specially offered for you on our “flexible travel” page.

From the table below, you can find the detailed schedule information of İzmir-Tabriz route.

İzmir Tabriz June 3 23.25 Thursday
Tabriz İzmir June 4 04.25 Friday

*Local Time

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