Fly Direct from Bahrain to Antalya and Trabzon!

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Fly Direct from Bahrain to Antalya and Trabzon!

26.08.2021 Fly Direct from Bahrain to Antalya and Trabzon!

AnadoluJet has started direct flights from Bahrain, the island city of the Middle East drawing attention with its developing economy, luxurious opportunities and modern social life to Antalya and Trabzon, the symbol cities of holiday and natural beauties of Turkey!

The reciprocal Bahrain flights have started to be operated from Antalya Airport as of August 27, 2021 and from Trabzon Airport as of September 6, 2021.

Plan your travel and book your Antalya-Bahrain and/or Trabzon-Bahrain flight through AnadoluJet website or mobile app with the most affordable prices.


If you wish, you can find all the food, travel, and accommodation information we have prepared for you that you may need during your Trabzon-Bahrain travel on Bahrain flight ticket, Antalya flight ticket & Trabzon flight ticket pages.

To prevent problems that may occur in your travel plans during the pandemic, we introduce you flexible travel advantages such as making changes without penalty or open ticket right. Visit our “flexible travel advantages” page for detailed information.

You can learn about the precautions that are taken by AnadoluJet for healthy and safe travel from the Safe Travel Standards video that we have prepared for you.

In the table below, you may find the schedule information of our direct flights from Bahrain to Antalya and Trabzon.

Antalya Bahrain August 27 Friday 01.35
Bahrain Antalya August 27 Friday 06.15
Trabzon Bahrain September 6 Monday 02.00
Bahrain Trabzon September 6 Monday 05.45

* Local Time

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