Great Deals for Spring from AnadoluJet!

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Great Deals for Spring from AnadoluJet!

Great Deals for Spring from AnadoluJet!

Book your flight at AnadoluJet with a 30% discount to enjoy traveling in the spring months and take the opportunity to fly at the most affordable prices both for domestic and Northern Cyprus flights. Explore cities, each more beautiful than the last, with AnadoluJet in the company of the beauties offered by the spring!

Book your flight between March 09 and 11, and do not miss the privilege of traveling with a 30% discount.

In addition, you can benefit from the right of change without penalty for the tickets purchased in the campaign in accordance with the flexible travel advantages of AnadoluJet.

Booking Dates: March 09 - 11, 2021
Flight Dates: March 19 - May 06, 2021

How can you benefit from the campaign?

Book your flight on or its mobile application. In your payment transactions with your credit/bank card, enter the discount code “AJBAHAR30” in the ‘Promotion code’ field on the payment page and click the Apply button to benefit from the campaign. (When the “Apply” button is clicked, the discounted amount will be displayed on the screen.)

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Enjoy spring with AnadoluJet!

Now is the time to get the travels you always miss! 30% discount opportunity awaits you in all domestic and Northern Cyprus flights between March 19 and May 06, 2021, which you will book from or our mobile application between March 09 and 11, 2021. Get into action now to fly at affordable prices to the popular destinations where you can enjoy the spring; experience your travel with AnadoluJet.

Izmir Flight Ticket

Izmir, one of the cities the spring suits the most, awaits you for an unforgettable journey! In Izmir that meets its visitors with different beauties in every season of the year, you can have a wonderful holiday in both the city center and the districts, each more beautiful than the last. Explore the calm texture of Urla and Foça, the mesmerizing streets of Çeşme and Alaçatı with the spring campaign of AnadoluJet! For the opportunities of cheap Izmir flight tickets on the campaign, you can visit our Izmir Flight Ticket page.

Istanbul Flight Ticket

How about exploring Istanbul with its historical heritage of thousands of years, rich cultural texture, and dynamic social life? This old city Istanbul that hosted the world’s most important empires for centuries promises you a very interesting journey now. For an unforgettable travel to Istanbul, AnadoluJet will accompany you with its spring campaign. For detailed information on the most affordable Istanbul flight ticket and the city, you can visit our Istanbul Flight Ticket page.

Bodrum Flight Ticket

It gives another pleasure to explore Bodrum, the indispensable destination of holidays, in spring! Renowned for its deep blue coves, enchanting antique heritage, and traditional tastes full of flavors, Bodrum awaits you for a wonderful travel. For the 30% discounted Bodrum flight tickets through the AnadoluJet spring campaign, you can review our Bodrum Flight Ticket page.

Antalya Flight Ticket

Antalya, one of the cities where the spring is experienced most beautifully, awaits you with its lush green nature, beaches, heritages of thousands of years, and entertaining social life! In Antalya that hides enthralling beauties in each one of its details, you can plan a travel in the heart of nature, or enjoy the dynamic social life in the city center. Click on our Antalya Flight Ticket page to benefit from the 30% discounted tickets of AnadoluJet in your travel to Antalya!

Alanya Flight Ticket

The Red Tower that welcomes its visitors next to a deep blue sea, the Cleopatra Beach enchanting with its sand, cooling Dim Stream, and many others… Alanya, which is a unique travel destination for those who want to rest their souls, awaits you to enjoy the spring. In this pleasant spring travel of yours, AnadoluJet will accompany you with the advantageous Alanya flight ticket prices. To benefit from a 30% discount for Alanya flights between March 19 and May 06, 2021, and obtain detailed information on the most affordable Alanya flight ticket, you can visit our Alanya Flight Ticket page.

Northern Cyprus Flight Ticket

Explore Northern Cyprus whose spring and summer are equally nice with AnadoluJet! Get ready for a pleasant spring journey in Northern Cyprus with its golden beaches, natural beauties, and antique heritage! To explore Northern Cyprus, you can benefit from the 30% off flight ticket opportunities between March 19 and May 06, 2021, with AnadoluJet. You can find all details of the cheapest Northern Cyprus flight ticket and the city on our Northern Cyprus Flight Ticket page.

Istanbul-Bodrum Flight Ticket

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey to Bodrum, one of Turkey’s most beautiful holiday destinations? On your travel from Istanbul to Bodrum, AnadoluJet will accompany you with its spring campaign. To explore the coves, each more beautiful than the last, unique nature, and entertaining life of Bodrum, do not miss Istanbul-Bodrum flight ticket opportunities! You can find all details of the 30% discounted Istanbul-Bodrum flight ticket with the spring campaign of AnadoluJet on our Istanbul-Bodrum Flight Ticket page.

Ankara-Alanya Flight Ticket

Explore Alanya, one of the most beautiful holiday routes to go from Ankara to reach the blues, in spring! Standing out for its refreshing sea air, waterfalls, enchanting antique heritage, museums, and flavor stops, Alanya awaits you for new travel experiences. With AnadoluJet spring campaign, benefit from 30% discounted Ankara-Alanya flights. To benefit from the campaign and obtain detailed information, click our Ankara-Alanya Flight Ticket page!

Istanbul-Dalaman Flight Ticket

To take a pleasant break from the crowded and stressful city life in Istanbul, Dalaman will be waiting for you with its unique nature. One of the most preferred visiting points in the spring and summer seasons, Dalaman is also a transit point for the popular Aegean districts. For a wonderful spring holiday in Dalaman standing out for its nature, culture, and historical heritage, do not miss AnadoluJet opportunities. For more information on Dalaman flight tickets within the scope of the campaign, you can visit our Istanbul-Dalaman Flight Ticket page.

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