Seat Selection

Seat Selection

Seat Selection

You can select your seat for your AnadoluJet domestic and international flights. You can increase your travel comfort by selecting the standard (window, middle, aisle) or emergency exit row or extra legroom seats before your flight.

Please click here for more information about seat selection.

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*For selecting a seat on our international flights, you will be directed to Turkish Airlines website.

Seat Type Fares Seat Selection Fares Selection Period
AnadoluJet Domestic Flight and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Flight Seats 59.00 ₺ - 249.00 ₺ 355 days - 6 hours before flight
AnadoluJet International Flight (except for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) Seats $ 9.00 - $ 21.00 355 days - 6 hours before flight

*If the flight package of the purchased ticket does not include free seat selection, the fares in the table apply.

With the domestic and international flight packages of AnadoluJet, you can enjoy the advantages like free baggage allowance and flexible ticket rights in addition to free seat selection.

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