Baggage Tracing

Baggage Tracing


At AnadoluJet, we take great care to ensure that the baggage arriving at your destination is undamaged and complete. However, rare though it may be, there are times when baggage becomes lost or damaged. This page provides details on the steps you need to take if your baggage is lost, damaged, delayed or incomplete.

To make claims regarding any baggage problem you encounter or to track a previous claim, please visit the baggage tracing page.

Lost and delayed baggage

If you are unable to find your baggage at the end of your flight, contact the Lost Property Office of your destination airport. Once your journey, and baggage information is recorded at the Lost Property Office, a referral will be made and you will be given a reference number. You can monitor the status of your baggage by entering this reference number into the baggage tracing. The number consists of 5 letters and 5 numbers and can be found on the baggage discrepancy report.

Within the first 5 days, the search for lost baggage is the responsibility of the airport Lost and Found Office. If your baggage is not found within the first 5 days, please visit the baggage tracing page and make a claim with the required documents.

Compensation for expenses incurred due to missing baggage

Whatever the reason for your missing baggage, we will write a lost baggage report and offer you our essential needs pack. If you received your baggage late, you can make a claim via the baggage tracing page and submit evidence of the costs incurred during that time. You must make your claim within 21 days of receiving your baggage.

Damaged baggage/missing possessions

If you notice the damage to your baggage at the airport, you just need to contact the Lost Property Office. Your journey details will be recorded and a “Damaged baggage and/or missing possessions report” will be issued. 

If you notice damage to your baggage or possessions missing after you have left the airport, you can notify us by visiting the baggage tracing page within 7 days and making a lost baggage or missing possessions notification.

Misplaced baggage

We keep a record of all property left behind in our aircraft, service counters, or Lounge Istanbul. To find out the latest status of your lost property, you can get in touch with Turkish Airlines by filling out the form on the baggage tracing page.

To make a claim for lost or damaged baggage, the baggage label provided to you must be completed in your own name. Don’t forget to completely fill in the label given to you during check-in and attach it to your baggage.

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