Reservation and Ticketing

Reservation and Ticketing

Reservation and Ticketing

General Rules

1. Ticket Fee and Preferred Track: Ticket fees are valid in the country where the trip starts and when the ticket is purchased from another country, the fee may vary depending on the fee rule and the season. If you wish to purchase your ticket from a country other than Turkey, please call the Turkish Airlines Sales Office in that area to find out the applicable fee. Fees for domestic flights in Turkey displayed as Turkish Liras are applicable if you purchase your ticket via our website.
2. Maximum number of passengers and flights:You will be able to make bookings for up to 9 passengers and six flights at a time during your bookings via our website.
3. Ticket Change: For transactions on the Online Ticket page, reservations and ticket changes for domestic flights can be made through the “Change on Ticket Reissue” heading on the website or mobile application under the specified circumstances.
You can also apply to Call Center or THY Sales Offices.
4. AnadoluJet reserves the right to change the aircraft type and seat selections.


Reservation Time and Fees:

Time to Flight
Reservation Time Period Reservation Domestic and Northern Cyprus
0-5 Day None None
5-10 Day 24 Hours 6 ₺
10+ Day 72 Hours 6 ₺

Please use the Pay&Fly option under Online Transactions on our website or mobile application to make payment and ticketing transactions for your domestic reservations in Turkey.


You can view your e-ticket document, which is an invoice and contains your electronic ticket information, by clicking on the link or receive it by contacting the nearest THY Sales Office (until after max. 7 days from the flight date).


Contracted Banks and Payment Options

İş Bankası

Ziraat Bankası

Garanti Bankası

Other Domestic Banks

Other Banks Abroad

Payment by Credit Card

Payment by Debit Card

Payment by AMEX Credit Card


Internet banking

Installment Options:


Card Program

Number of Installments




Türkiye İş Bankası



T.C. Ziraat Bankası



Yapı Kredi





















It will be continued to offered 2-6 installments to contracted bank cards for ticket* transactions of 250 TRY or more. In case of transactions less than 250 TRY, only Miles & Smiles cards will be offered 2-3 installments and no other installments will be provided for other bank cards.

*Any installments will not be provided to the prices of the additional services purchased.

Payment by Credit Card

Payment by Debit Card

Payment by American Express Credit Card

3D Secure

3-D Secure is an authentication system developed by card issuers so that online shopping transactions can be done securely. The application of the system for Visa credit cards is called "Verified by Visa" and the one for MasterCard credit cards is called "SecureCode".

3D Secure membership:

Usage of Application:

Payment by EFT / TRANSFER

Other points to note:
(I) As the Banks do not provide services on official holidays, EFT / TRANSFER cannot be used as a payment option in the purchases made through the website on these days.
(Ii) The passenger is responsible for transferring the fee of the purchased ticket to the THY account within the given option period. THY is not responsible for any delays incurred by the banking system and its applications or for any other disruption (incomplete / excessive EFT / TRANSFER amount, transfer limitations or any kind of disruptions apart from these) during the EFT / TRANSFER operations. In case of dispute, THY records constitute definite evidence.
(Iii) Payments cannot be made from İş Bank through EFT/TRANSFER. You can make payments with İş Bank by selecting the Internet Banking payment method.

Internet Banking

Package Feautures and Fare Notes

In the table below you can find the package details according to your package choice





Seat Selection X
Baggage Allowance 15 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Cabin Baggage 8 kg 8 kg 8 kg
Free Catering
Reissue 0-2 hours √ (150 TRY Fine) * √ (100 TRY Fine) * √ (100 TRY Fine) *
2-12 hours √ (100 TRY Fine) √ (50 TRY Fine) √ (free)
12+ hours √ (100 TRY Fine) √ (50 TRY Fine) √ (free)
Cancel 0-2 hours X X X
2-12 hours X X √ (free)
12+ hours √ (100 TRY Fine) * √ (100 TRY Fine) * √ (free)
Special Discounts




Seat Selaction X
Baggage Allowance 15 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Cabin Baggage 8 kg 8 kg 8 kg
Free Catering
Reissue 0-2 hour √ (150 TRY Fine) * √ (100 TRY Fine) * √ (100 TRY Fine) *
2-12 hours √ (100 TRY Fine) √ (75 TRY Fine) √ (free)
12+ hours √ (100 TRY Fine) √ (75 TRY Fine) √ (free)


0-2 hour X X X
2-12 hours X X √ (free)
12+ hours √ (100/200 TRY Fine) ** √ (100/200 TRY Fine) ** √ (free)
Special Discounts

* Not allowed in classes F/U/W/P/V
** Fines of 200 TRY in B/M/A/H/S and 100 TRY in O/E/Q/T/L classes are applied.

Special Discounts
F/U/W/P/V classes are not eligible for special discounts.
Special discounts applied to L/T/Q/E/O/S/H/A/M/B classes are given below.

(Jetgenç discount is valid for ticket purchases through and AnadaoluJet mobile application).

Payment through online banking

Payment through BKM Express
BKM Express is a payment system that enables you to make transactions without having to share your card information with the workplace during online shopping. You do not have to carry your card with you, and you do your transactions quickly and easily. You can confidenTRYy complete your shopping with the pasward you will specify. Moreover, you can make installments and continue to earn rewards / points from your transactions. Click to become a member and get more detailed information.

Ticketing Services Fee

Online (Web/Mobile) Sales Office/Call Center/Agency
Standard ExtraJet ComfortJet Standard ExtraJet ComfortJet
B - - - 25 ₺ 30 ₺ 35 ₺
M 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺ 35 ₺
A 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺ 35 ₺
H 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺ 35 ₺
S 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺ 35 ₺
O 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺
E 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺
Q 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺
T 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺
L 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 5 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺ 30 ₺
V - 15 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺
P 15 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺
W 15 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺
U 15 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺
F 15 ₺ 20 ₺ 25 ₺


Sales Office/Call Center/Agency Online (Web/Mobile)
V, P, W, U, F 30 ₺ -
O, E, Q, T, L 40 ₺ 5 ₺
B, M, A, H, S 50 ₺ 5 ₺

General Rules for Ticketing Service Charge

Seat Selection

Seat Selection Price

Seat Type Fees Selection Period
All domestic (Include Northern Cyprus) seats 15.00 TRY - 40.00 TRY Until 6 hours before the flight
All international (Except Northern Cyprus) seats 6.00 $ - 21.00 $ Until 26 hours before the flight

Emergency Exit Seat Selection Special Rules
According to "Passenger Placement Circular for Emergency Exit Seats" of the Civil Aviation General Directorate;

Changes to Seats


Although airline passengers have tickets and reservations, passengers may not come to their flights for various reasons. In order to reduce the effects caused by these passengers (no show) and to provide all the passengers with the desired flight, AnadoluJet sometimes sell these overbooks like all the world airlines.
Even thought transporters take precautions to avoid an unintended situation, there is a risk that some passengers cannot be flown even though their flights are reserved and confirmed. When such a situation is encountered, AnadoluJet provides compensation and additional services to those passengers in accordance with the solidarity system directive. You can also get detailed information from our offices and check-in counters.
Double Booking
All reservations made from our website and other sales channels are automatically controlled by our system. Only one of your reservations that have been determined to be repeated will be valid according to the booking rules and all the other records will be canceled without notice. Please be careful not to make double reservation.
Solidarity System
Airlines can sometimes sell more than their capacity on their flights. For this reason, passengers who could not fly despite having a reservation and a confirmed ticket should apply to the check-in counters to make use of the AnadoluJet Solidarity System.

For the attention of our minor passengers who will travel to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus;
Pursuant to the agreement between the Turkish Republic and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on “the Traveling of the Turkish Citizens to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Traveling of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Citizens to the Turkish Republic with an Identification Document instead of a Passport”, minors and interdicted persons who have come to the border crossings with their identity to enter the TRNC need to submit their notorized and officially confirmed letter of consent which indicates the permission of their legal representatives for the exiting procedure.

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