International Flights Starting From $40!

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International Flights Starting From $40!

International Flights Starting From $40!

The travelers are opening up to the world with the international flights of AnadoluJet! With AnadoluJet that flies to numerous different geographies of the world as well as Türkiye, it is much easier to discover different climates and cultures now! With AnadoluJet that performs reciprocal international flights from Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen) & Ankara, new destinations meet you with each passing day! 

With the spring deals of AnadoluJet, you can travel to the Eastern Europe and the Balkans at the prices starting from $40, the Central Europe $49, the Northern & Southern Europe $59, and the Middle East $69!

Booking Dates: March 28 - 30, 2021
Flight Dates: April 11 - May 31, 2021


You can find the lowest fares of our international destinations determined according to the departure airports in the following tables.

Flights Departing From Türkiye:

Departure Arrival Lowest Fare
Istanbul Germany Berlin $49
Istanbul Germany Dusseldorf $59
Istanbul Germany Frankfurt $59
Istanbul Germany Hamburg $59
Istanbul Germany Hanover $69
Istanbul Germany Cologne $59
Istanbul Germany Munich $49
Istanbul Germany Stuttgart $59
Ankara Germany Berlin $79
Ankara Germany Dusseldorf $72
Ankara Germany Frankfurt $72
Ankara Germany Hamburg $82
Ankara Germany Cologne $78
Ankara Germany Munich $63
Ankara Germany Stuttgart $74
Istanbul Austria Vienna $49
Ankara Austria Vienna $59
Istanbul Belgium Brussels $59
Istanbul Holland Amsterdam $59
Ankara Holland Amsterdam $72
Istanbul Switzerland Basel $59
Istanbul Switzerland Zurich $59
Istanbul Denmark Copenhagen $59
Istanbul England London $77
Istanbul France Lyon $79
Istanbul France Paris $69
Ankara France Paris $87
Istanbul Italy Milan $59
Istanbul Azerbaijan Baku $109
Ankara Azerbaijan Baku $109
Istanbul Georgia Tbilisi $59
Istanbul Bosnia Herzegovina Sarajevo $59
Istanbul Kosovo Pristina $53
Ankara Russia Moscow $104
Ankara Ukraine Kyiv $40
Istanbul United Arab Emirates Dubai $99
Istanbul Iraq Baghdad $119
Istanbul Iraq Erbil $141
Istanbul Iran Tehran $103
Ankara Iran Tehran $103
Istanbul Iran Urumiyeh $69
Istanbul Israel Tel Aviv $69
Istanbul Kuwait Kuwait $75

Flights Departing From Other Countries:

Departure Arrival Lowest Fare
Berlin Türkiye Istanbul €59
Berlin Türkiye Ankara €79
Dusseldorf Türkiye Istanbul €59
Dusseldorf Türkiye Ankara €79
Frankfurt Türkiye Istanbul €79
Frankfurt Türkiye Ankara €89
Hamburg Türkiye Istanbul €69
Hamburg Türkiye Ankara €80
Hanover Türkiye Istanbul €69
Cologne Türkiye Istanbul €49
Cologne Türkiye Ankara €75
Munich Türkiye Istanbul €69
Munich Türkiye Ankara €75
Stuttgart Türkiye Istanbul €59
Stuttgart Türkiye Ankara €75
Vienna Türkiye Istanbul €59
Vienna Türkiye Ankara €72
Brussels Türkiye Istanbul €59
Amsterdam Türkiye Istanbul €59
Amsterdam Türkiye Ankara €81
Basel Türkiye Istanbul 59 CHF
Zurich Türkiye Istanbul 61 CHF
Copenhagen Türkiye Istanbul 614 DKK
London Türkiye Istanbul £69
Lyon Türkiye Istanbul €69
Paris Türkiye Istanbul €79
Paris Türkiye Ankara €95
Milan Türkiye Istanbul €62
Baku Türkiye Istanbul €109
Baku Türkiye Ankara €109
Tbilisi Türkiye Istanbul €49
Sarajevo Türkiye Istanbul €59
Pristina Türkiye Istanbul €51
Moscow Türkiye Ankara €105
Kyiv Türkiye Ankara $40
Dubai Türkiye Istanbul 349 AED
Baghdad Türkiye Istanbul $99
Erbil Türkiye Istanbul $125
Tehran Türkiye Istanbul $105
Tehran Türkiye Ankara $105
Urumiyeh Türkiye Istanbul $79
Tel Aviv Türkiye Istanbul $69
Kuwait Türkiye Istanbul 22 KWD

Terms and Conditions:

For detailed information on the country entry restrictions in the international flights, please visit our “International Travel Restrictions” page.

For detailed information on the flexible travel opportunities we have prepared by considering the potential changes in your plans during the pandemic period, please visit our “Flexible ticket rights” page.

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