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Book Vienna Flight Ticket

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Vienna is one of the most famous cities of Austria and it is also known as one of the most visited cities in Europe. Vienna, which is also a state, is one of the most developed regions of Europe in the field of culture and arts. Vienna is one of the most populous cities of the country and hosts thousands of tourists every year with its historical monuments and modern living spaces.

Vienna is one of the most favorite touristic destinations for cultural and historical sightseeing tours and it is like a city in a fairy tale with its antique stores, thousands of years old palaces and libraries etc.

In this city, you can watch a classic play of Shakespeare in ancient theaters. While walking though the greatly illuminated streets of Vienna, you can taste delicious desserts in the famous bakeries of the city.


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How to Transfer from Vienna Airport to Vienna City Center

Vienna International Airport is the entry point of passengers into the city. The airport is approximately 18 km away from the city center. This airport handles more than 240 thousand flights every year and has many stores and world-famous restaurant chains for shopping and eating. You can use public transportation or private vehicle alternatives to get from the airport to the city center. 


One of the fastest ways to reach Vienna city center is the CAT train line. Express transportation from the airport to the city center takes only 16 minutes on CAT. The train runs regularly between 05:37 and 23:38. When you get on the train that goes directly to the city center, you can get off at the City Air terminal, in the heart of the city.


You can also reach the city center from Vienna International Airport taking the S-Bahn (Schnellbahn) underground metro line. It takes 20-30 minutes to reach the city center by metro. You can get off at the Vienna Central Station after taking metro directly from the airport, or transfer from the metro to the train to reach the nearby cities.


It is also very easy to get from Vienna Airport to the city center by bus. You can get to the city at any time taking the airport buses that operates 24 hours. You can reach the city center after a 20-minute journey by the buses known as Vienna Airport Lines or Potbus, which depart from the bus stops in front of the exit gates of the airport at regular intervals.


Taxis at the exit gates of Vienna Airport are available 24/7. Taxi fares may vary depending on your destination. You can also use Airport Shuttles for direct transfer from the airport to your hotel.

Car Rental

When you arrive at Vienna Airport, you can also rent a car from global car rental companies. You can rent the car you want available at parking lot no. 4 located on the ground floor of the airport.

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