Vienna Flight Ticket

Vienna Flight Ticket

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General Information on Vienna

Vienna is one of the most famous cities of Austria and it is also known as one of the most visited cities in Europe. Vienna, which is also a state, is one of the most developed regions of Europe in the field of culture and arts. Vienna is one of the most populous cities of the country and hosts thousands of tourists every year with its historical monuments and modern living spaces.

Vienna is one of the most favorite touristic destinations for cultural and historical sightseeing tours and it is like a city in a fairy tale with its antique stores, thousands of years old palaces and libraries etc.

In this city, you can watch a classic play of Shakespeare in ancient theaters. While walking though the greatly illuminated streets of Vienna, you can taste delicious desserts in the famous bakeries of the city.

How to go to the City Center from Vienna Airport? 

Vienna International Airport is the entry point of passengers into the city. The airport is approximately 18 km away from the city center. This airport handles more than 240 thousand flights every year and has many stores and world-famous restaurant chains for shopping and eating. You can use public transportation or private vehicle alternatives to get from the airport to the city center. 


One of the fastest ways to reach Vienna city center is the CAT train line. Express transportation from the airport to the city center takes only 16 minutes on CAT. The train runs regularly between 05:37 and 23:38. When you get on the train that goes directly to the city center, you can get off at the City Air terminal, in the heart of the city.


You can also reach the city center from Vienna International Airport taking the S-Bahn (Schnellbahn) underground metro line. It takes 20-30 minutes to reach the city center by metro. You can get off at the Vienna Central Station after taking metro directly from the airport, or transfer from the metro to the train to reach the nearby cities.


It is also very easy to get from Vienna Airport to the city center by bus. You can get to the city at any time taking the airport buses that operates 24 hours. You can reach the city center after a 20-minute journey by the buses known as Vienna Airport Lines or Potbus, which depart from the bus stops in front of the exit gates of the airport at regular intervals.


Taxis at the exit gates of Vienna Airport are available 24/7. Taxi fares may vary depending on your destination. You can also use Airport Shuttles for direct transfer from the airport to your hotel.

Car Rental

When you arrive at Vienna Airport, you can also rent a car from global car rental companies. You can rent the car you want available at parking lot no. 4 located on the ground floor of the airport.

What to eat in Vienna? 

In Vienna travel, you will meet one of the world’s most beautiful cuisines as well as exploring a city full of art and history. Let us tell you that your taste buds will feast in Vienna that hosts the outstanding flavors of Austrian cuisine. Vienna is one of Europe’s most-visited touristic cities. Therefore, it is possible to find numerous flavors from the global cuisines in all over the city. We even can say that there is a considerable number of Turkish restaurants here. However, one of the most pleasant activities to carry out while you are in Vienna is to explore the cuisine of this city. You will feel like a gourmet in Vienna that is admired by its visitors for its aesthetic texture.

Vienna, where you can see the flavors of different cultures, has a rich cuisine that can appeal to everyone’s taste buds. Meat dishes that are feast to taste buds with their sauces, cookies each more delicious than the last await you in Vienna travel. The famous schnitzel tops the list of the best-loved dishes of Vienna. The schnitzel, which is one of the indispensable flavors of Vienna cuisine, is made of chicken or veal, as per order. In addition to schnitzel that is served with potato puree in general, you must also add the cordon bleu that is cooked by placing salami in schnitzel in your list of the flavors to taste.

Vienna is a city that is renowned for its restaurants and food markets accompanying its flavors. It is sufficient for you to go on a tour on the streets to feel like a gourmet in Vienna. However, you must visit Naschmarkt, one of the most famous food markets of the city, to taste the local flavors especially. In the market where over 120 food stalls are opened, you can find the organic cheeses, fresh vegetables brought from the rural Austria. Do not forget to taste the marvelous cookies sold here especially.

In a city like Vienna renowned for its cafes and pastry shops, the list of the desserts to be explored is also rather long. Surpassing numerous European cities in dessert, Vienna mesmerizes its visitors with its world renowned historic pastry shops. If you visit these unique venues during your Vienna visit, we suggest you make sure to try very fruity kaiserschmarrn, the apple tart apfelstrudel, and marmalade zwetschgenknödeln.

Where to stay in Vienna?

The Austrian capital Vienna is near the top of the list of Europe’s most visited cities. Its historical buildings where you can see the most beautiful examples of art and aesthetic, entertaining streets, and shopping avenues that enliven the spirit with their shop windows constitute a quite valid reason to explore Vienna. Therefore, Vienna is a city visited by millions of tourists every year, where every visit ends with admiration. Christmas travels or spring explorations... The hospitality sector is always dynamic in Vienna that offers different beauties in almost every season. When you start making a search for accommodation for your Vienna travel, you will see numerous options ranging from boutique hotels to the premium hotels in the city square. It is rather important to select a good hotel and make a good budget plan to explore Vienna. We suggest you accommodate more comfortably and more affordably by utilizing the early reservation opportunities in your Vienna holiday especially.

There are famous touring points everywhere in Vienna. Therefore, you must make the right choice regarding the accommodation district. The transportation facilities, its closeness to popular touring points as well as the city center are the most important factors that will make your Vienna travel pleasant. In Vienna that is a city composed of 23 different quarters, most of the visitors prefer the same districts for accommodation. The District 1 (Innere Stadt) that includes the iconic structures and avenues of the city is one of the most suitable places for accommodation. One of the indispensable points for touristic travels, District 1 is known as the heart of Vienna. The historical buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, broad shopping avenues, luxurious restaurants, and cafes are some best-loved features of this district. In the District 1 that hosts the oldest hotels of Vienna, the hotel prices are higher compared with the other districts. However, you can consider the options for a high-quality and comfortable accommodation.

One of the other districts preferred for accommodation in Vienna is District 4 (Wieden). In this district of the city that stands out with its culture-art centers and entertaining nightlife, there are rather pleasant shopping venues ranging from secondhand book sellers to vintage stores. In Wieden where you can explore the famous restaurants and cafes of the district, you can find numerous hotel options for different budgets. For more economical accommodation options not far from the city center in Vienna, you can prefer the District 3 (Landstrasse). In order to be close to the most famous art centers, galleries, and the 3rd generation coffee shops of the city, we suggest you check the District 7 (Neubau).

Must-Do's in Vienna

Austrian capital Vienna is a city that rightfully deserves the title of “The City of Palaces”. Learning what to expect in your Vienna journey and the things that must be done absolutely in this city will make your travel more pleasant. Its palaces that have been some of the world’s most spectacular buildings for centuries, shopping avenues, each more pleasant than the last, and its stylish restaurants and cafes will be enough for you to admire Vienna. Museums and opera houses that appeal to art lovers offer you wonderful opportunities to explore Vienna’s cultural aspect. You too explore one of the world’s most beautiful cities with AnadoluJet Vienna flight ticket, and enjoy this unforgettable atmosphere. Here are the things you must certainly do in Vienna travel:

  • Visit the Hofburg Imperial Palace that is one of the most spectacular imperial palaces of Europe.
  • See St. Stephen's Cathedral, one of the iconic buildings of the city. Do not forget to examine its 137-meter long white tower.
  • Have a day in Prater Amusement Park, one of the oldest amusement parks of Europe. Ride the famous ferris wheel used since 1897. Witness the view of Vienna at the height of 65 meters.
  • Take a walk in the lush green gardens of Schönbrunn Palace. Explore the Maze.
  • Take an opportunity to watch a performance in Vienna State Opera. Even if you cannot, make sure to tour the opera house with one of the guided tours.
  • See Europe’s rarest works of art in Vienna Art History Museum.
  • Visit Naschmarkt, one of the biggest food markets of Europe. Taste the organic flavors that decorate the market stalls.
  • See the Vienna Town Hall (Wiener Rathaus) regarded as the heart of the city.
  • Go on a pleasant tour in the Christmas market established in front of the Vienna Town Hall in December. Do not forget to taste the famous Christmas cookies and buy Vienna souvenirs for yourself and your beloved ones.
  • Take a tour to thousands of years back in time in Museum of Natural History Vienna.
  • Taste the famous apricot jams of Vienna. Eat dessert with coffee in the restaurants of the city, each more stylish than the last.
  • Go on a shopping tour from the world renowned stores to souvenir shops on the famous avenues like Graben, Mariahilferstrasse, and Kohlmarkt.

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