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Van Flight Ticket

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Since it was established on the fertile soils by the Lake Van, the biggest closed basin in Anatolia, Van has come under rule of numerous civilizations throughout the history. According to the archaeological researches, the history of Van goes back to circa 5000-3000 B.C., the beginning of the Chalcolithic age. Rumor has it that the name of Van comes from "Bianian", the word the Urartians who had ruled those territories for long years used for themselves. The Urartians gave the name Biane/Viane to numerous cities in their own era. The must-see places in Van that has a deep-rooted history and extraordinary natural beauties are countless, but the most frequently visited ones are as follows: Lake Van, Van Fortress, Zernek Fortress, Ayanis Fortress, Hosab Fortress, Cavustepe Fortress, Ercek Lake, Akdamar Island, Akdamar Church, St. Bartholomeus Church, Adir Church, Kaya Celebi Mosque, Husrev Pasha Mosque, Halime Hatun Cupola, Suleiman Beg Cupola, Twin Cupolas, Galip Pasha Cupola, Hasan Beg Cupola, Old Van City, Ercis Doganci Spa, Catak Sheik Curuh Spa, Baskale Kelegom Spa, Baskale Dereici Spa, Van Hoodoos, Van Museum, and Van Cat House. While talking about Van, we cannot omit the marvelous local tastes special to the East. Some of them are avanit, belheviz, bostaniye, cracked wheat sile, cag fry, cilbir, roasted ciris, cracked wheat pilaf with ciris, pastry filler, Persian meatball, gavut, helise, date kalbura bandi, zucchini borani, zucchini cirtmasi, zucchini gagi kaki, stuffed lamb ribs, and kade pastry.

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General Information on Van

Established between Iran and Lake Van and one of the biggest cities of the Eastern Anatolia Region, Van is worth seeing with its climate enabling to experience four seasons simultaneously and its unique nature. Lake Van that softens the snowy mountains and harsh climate of the city with its beauty is regarded as Türkiye’s largest lake. Lake Van, which is the symbol of the city, is known to be a healing source for its highly alkaline water.

The city that bears the traces of many civilizations in its deep-rooted history has been an important city in every civilization it has hosted for centuries. Ruled by the Macedonians, Armenians, Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottomans throughout its history estimated to be going back to circa 7000 B.C., Van has maintained its culture and historical texture until today.

Flooded by tourists for its lake, fortress, cat, nature, history, cuisine, breakfast, and even legends, Van hosts thousands of tourists every year.

How to go to the City Center from Van Ferit Melen Airport?

Giving transportation service since 1943, Van Ferit Melen Airport is the first airport that is operated by Directorate General of State Airports Authority. Van Ferit Melen Airport that started to give international transportation service in 2009 became Türkiye's first airport that has the satellite-based landing system in the year 2012. The airport where direct or connecting flights are performed to numerous destinations in Türkiye and the world hosts numerous service areas like lounge, café, and restaurant for its passengers. Van Ferit Melen Airport that is 8 km to the city center is rather advantageous with numerous transfer options.


Taxi is one of the fast and comfortable options to go from Van Ferit Melen Airport to the city center. You can go to the city center and anywhere you want in the city by taxi you can find 24 hours a day in front of the exit gates of the domestic flights and international flights terminals. You can go to the city center from Van Ferit Melen Airport in 15 minutes on average.

Municipality Buses

The municipality buses can also be preferred for a fast and economical transfer from Van Ferit Melen Airport to the city center. Departing from the airport, the bus number 351 follows the route of Airport Junction, Ipek Yolu Avenue, Sabaniye Avenue, Vegetable Wholesale Market Junction, Hacibekir Avenue, Maras Avenue, and Besyol Public Education Center.


Another public transport alternative to go from Van Ferit Melen Airport to the city center is minibus. You can go to the central points of the city by minibus that departs from the Airport Junction stop that is 900 meters to Van Ferit Melen Airport terminal building. The minibuses you can get on at this stop depart on the hour. By riding these minibuses, you can go to the points like the city center, bus terminal, marina, and train station through direct or connecting ride.

Car Rental

It is also possible to rent a car at Van Ferit Melen Airport. You can select a car in any segment from numerous car rental firms under the roof of Van Ferit Melen Airport and go to the city center or anywhere in the city.

You can save time by reserving the car you have selected online and ensuring that it is prepared before you arrive at the airport.

What to eat in Van?

The breakfast meals like “murtuga”, “braided cheese”, “gencirun”, “sengeser”, “eksili”, and “ilitme” are special to Van. Van cheese (herby cheese) is a delicious cheese into which 25 different types of herbs can be added. “Van fish” (pearl mullet) is a delicious species of fish with less bones but plenty of caviar, which grows in the region and must be tasted by everybody who visits Van.

“Sour rhubarb with roasted meat” made with coriander, and “sengeser” made with kurut are the leading ones among the local tastes. “Kurut asi” made with lentil, kurut, and noodle, “kurut meatball” made with kurut and roasted meat will satisfy those who want to eat filling and delicious meals while they are in Van. The “tandoor fish”, which is cooked by sticking its tail to tandoor walls and covered with a mixture made of ayran and flour, appeals to those who want to taste a different fish meal. “Kurdish meatball” blended with bulgur, kurut, and basil, “eksili” made with patience dock or spinach, “ciris mihlasi” made with fresh asphodel leaves, and “helise” made with chicken or Türkiye meat and blended with dogme are the traditional tastes of Van.

“Van breakfast” that stands out in the region includes herby cheese, “murtuga” that is an egg meal, rose jam, honey, “kavut”, cacik, and butter absolutely. The herby cheese identified with Van breakfast includes the following herbs: “sirmo”, “heliz”, “mendo”, “siyabo”, thyme, wild mint, and “Persian hogweed”. A food made of flour produced by roasting and then grinding the wheat called “gavut” and served hot and mixed with oil when it will be eaten is consumed as bread.

Among the local desserts, the “fried plum” and “spoon dessert” are rather delicious.

Where to stay in Van?

The hotels in the city center serve the visitors who come to Van for travel or business purposes in the best way. Some of the hotels that meet every budget and every expectation also give guidance service to the domestic and foreign tourists who come for traveling purposes. The hotels that are sufficient for the events like meetings, seminars, trainings, or invitations will provide you with great ease in terms of transportation thanks to their locations.

If you want to experience the comfort of your home in Van too, you can add “Van Martyrs’ and Veterans’ Families Guest House” in the city center to your accommodation list. From the guest house that is 15 minutes to Edremit district of Van and Van Fortress by car, you can go to the marketplace in 5 minutes on average by foot.

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