Urumiyeh Flight Ticket

Urumiyeh Flight Ticket

Fly to Urumiyeh at the Best Prices

The capital of the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran, Urumiyeh awaits you with its delicious local food, historical bazaars, and famous gardens. In your Urumiyeh travel that offers you an opportunity for a different travel with its ethnic texture, AnadoluJet accompanies you. AnadoluJet that serves with in-flight catering and expert cabin crew offers you a safe and comfortable as well as pleasant journey in your Urumiyeh travel.

In AnadoluJet that offers its passengers economic advantages through the cheapest Urumiyeh flight ticket prices, you can travel at affordable prices without compromising on your travel quality. After making your travel plan and setting your dates of arrival in and departure from the city, you can visit the “Search Flight” section of AnadoluJet. In the “Search Flight” section, you can select the one that suits you best among the flights that offer the affordable Urumiyeh flight ticket opportunity.

If your date range is flexible while booking your ticket, you can fly to Urumiyeh more economically with the early season opportunities. By booking your ticket a certain time before your travel date, you can benefit from the most affordable Urumiyeh flight ticket price advantages. If you have not finalized your Urumiyeh travel date yet, you can make a selection among the monthly flights by selecting the whole month in the “Search Flight” section. Thanks to AnadoluJet online flight ticket system, you can book your ticket easily. Moreover, you can check in through the online system before going to the airport.

In your Urumiyeh travel you will make with AnadoluJet, you can also benefit from the Urumiyeh flight ticket reservation opportunity before purchasing your flight ticket if you wish so. The price of the ticket you have chosen is fixed at the fare on the date of your reservation. In AnadoluJet, you can reserve your Urumiyeh flight ticket anytime between 355 days and 72 days to the flight. After booking your flight ticket, you can pack your baggage for a pleasant travel for Iranian culture in Urumiyeh!


11.000 km2



Iranian Rial (IRR)


Persian, Azerbaijani Turkish


GMT+3:30 (Winter Time) - GMT+4:30 (Summer Time)




General Information on Urumiyeh

The capital of the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran, Urumiyeh is located in the northwestern part of the country. The city, which is one of Iranian cities closest to Turkey, is just 50 km to the border. The city established 1340 meters above the sea level hosts the Lake Urumiyeh, the world’s largest salt lake. Urumiyeh, which is one of the important stockbreeding and agricultural centers of the region thanks to its fertile lands and rich water sources, has a rather big Azerbaijani Turkish population. In this city that was famous for its lush green gardens once, people live on trade today. In Urumiyeh, the most of whose population can speak Turkish, you can taste Iran and Azerbaijan flavors, and have a different travel experience in a city where different cultures blend with each other.

How to go to the City Center from Urumiyeh Airport?

Urumiyeh Airport, located on the borders of Urumiyeh city accepted as the center of the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran is also known as Shahid Bagheri Airport. One of the important flight points of the region in spite of its small size, Urumiyeh Airport was built 1324 meters above the sea level. From the airport where only the domestic flights were performed in the past, flights to different destinations are performed today.

At the airport, there are a waiting lounge where the passengers can spend time comfortably, masjid, ATM, market, café and restaurant services. It is possible to go to the city center from Urumiyeh Airport that is 14 km to Urumiyeh city center by taxi and private car.


There is no mass transport option to go from Urumiyeh Airport to the city center. Therefore, it is possible to go from the airport to Urumiyeh city center by taking a taxi or renting a car. For a comfortable and safe transportation to any point you want in the city, you can use the taxis available at the airport arrivals exit gate. However, we suggest you pay attention to that there is the commercial taxi logo on the taxi. Bargaining is very popular in Urumiyeh. After determining where to go, you can bargain for a fixed rate with the taxi driver.

Car Rental

Another option you can prefer for a comfortable and safe transportation from the airport to the city center and the neighboring regions in Urumiyeh is to rent a car. In the airport, there are hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly car rental packages. You can rent a car more economically by making an online reservation before arriving at the airport if you wish so, thus ensuring that your car is prepared before you come.

What to eat in Urumiyeh?

With its tables dominated by Iran and Azerbaijan cuisines, Urumiyeh is an ideal place for flavor exploration. In the city in the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran, it is possible to also see numerous flavors from Turkish cuisine. Chelow Kebab that is very similar to Adana kebab, famous kufteh tabrizi made with vegetables and meat as per order, abgoosht stew made with lamb, onion, and potato, and saffron pilaf, one of the most famous local flavors of Iran, are some of the famous dishes you can eat in Urumiyeh.

In numerous restaurants in the city center, you can find the local dishes of Iranian and Azerbaijani cuisine. After tasting the famous flavors, we suggest you try kanafeh, saffron dessert of Tabriz, and the nougat dessert.

Where to stay in Urumiyeh? 

We cannot say that there is a well-ordered urban structure in Urumiyeh. The city that is scattered in various regions is composed of the surrounding villages in addition to the central district. These villages where settled families live do not include facilities where the tourists visiting the city can stay.

The best place in Urumiyeh to explore its famous touring points, visit the bazaar of the city, and taste the local food is the central district of Urumiyeh. You can stay in affordable hotels and boarding houses in this district. However, we suggest you make reservation before coming to Urumiyeh for a safe and comfortable stay.

Must-Do's in Urumiyeh

Iran’s city at its border with Turkey, Urumiyeh stands out for its traditional flavors, historical heritage, and ethnic texture. Explore the city that offers a rather interesting travel experience for those who want to explore different destinations with AnadoluJet Urumiyeh flight ticket. Here are the things you must do absolutely in your Urumiyeh visit:

  • Taste the traditional Urumiyeh flavors that blend the Azerbaijani and Iranian cuisines.
  • Take a shopping tour in the historical Urumiyeh Covered Bazaar located in the city center. By following the spice scents covering the entire bazaar, you can buy the famous spices of the city.
  • Visit the Urumiyeh Lake that is the world’s largest salt lake. If you go there early in the morning, you can see the lake in pink color.
  • Visit Se Gonbad, one of the historical monuments surviving from the Persian Empire in the city.
  • Visit Saint Mary Church built in 1881, one of the famous buildings of the city.
  • Visit Urumiyeh Jame Mosque built by the Ilkhanids in the 13th century.
  • Enjoy the green and tranquility in Urumiyeh Ellarbaghi Park.

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