Jetgenç is the meeting point of young people who are dynamic and loves travelling between the ages of 13-25, and is an airline youth loyalty platform that offers special discounts, campaigns and events through, where you can be included with your own mobile number, earn award tickets on flights that you or someone you know made.

JetGenç is the first youth platform established for young people among all world airlines.

How to Become a Member of Jetgenç?

If you are between the ages of 13-25 (turned 13, not 26), you can become a member by clicking on the "Become a Member" link at the official website of Jetgenç at, and filling in your information completely. No activation is required for membership, you can start using your membership immediately. The phone number you gave when filling the membership form will also be your JetGenç member number; it is used without zero, ten adjacent digits.

What are the advantages of Jetgenç?

Jetgenç passengers can travel at 10% discounted from adult passenger prices excluding taxes and prices. 10% Jetgenç discount is valid only for domestic and Northern Cyprus (Ercan) flights.

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