Trabzon Amman Flight Ticket

Trabzon Amman Flight Ticket

Book the Most Affordable Trabzon Amman Flight Ticket

In this pleasant journey from Trabzon renowned with the unique nature of the Black Sea to Amman, the capital of Jordan, AnadoluJet will accompany you! The cheap flight ticket opportunities for your Amman travel are in AnadoluJet! You can start planning your travel with the cheapest Trabzon-Amman flight ticket you look for.

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1,680 km2



Jordanian Dinar (JOD)




GMT+2 (Winter Time) - GMT+3 (Summer Time)




How to go to Trabzon Airport from the City Center? 

Located 6 km to the city center, Trabzon Airport is one of the airports that are closest to city center, thanks to its location. Trabzon Airport, which offers wonderful flight scenes to the passengers thanks to its location on the coastline, has been providing Trabzon and the neighboring cities with domestic and international air transport since 1957.


The most frequently used alternative for a fast and comfortable transfer to the airport from the city center is taxi. You can find vacant taxis in front of Varlibas Shopping Mall, Forum Trabzon, or the hospitals easily.

Buses and Minibuses

Public transport is another option to go to Trabzon Airport. The airport buses departing from the Square or the front of Forum Trabzon will provide you with the most practical transfer to the airport. You may also prefer the minibuses that depart from the central points of the city every 5-10 minutes.

Havas Shuttle Buses

One of the most frequently used options in the city center-airport transfer is Havas shuttle buses. Departing from the front of Besirli Uzunkum Hotel and Orhan Petrol Office, Havas shuttle buses arrive at the airport in half an hour approximately. If you are coming from Tirebolu and Hopa-Ardesen-Rize directions, you can use Havas shuttle buses on these routes as well.

Car Rental

You can also prefer car rental services as a private option to go to the airport. You can go to the airport by selecting the right car for you from the car rental offices in the city center.

General Information on Amman

One of the outstanding cities of the Middle East, Amman is a rather important city for being the capital of Jordan. The city that develops on a daily basis with a population over 4 million preserves its traditional texture with the historical heritage of thousands of years. The city that attracts the visitors who wonder about the history, architecture, and flavors of the Middle East offers the travelers an ethnic travel opportunity full of different experiences. It welcomes its visitors with a cuisine where you can taste the flavors of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines simultaneously, its marketplaces and bazaars renowned for their traditional texture, its ancient cities that defy the ages, and its dynamic social life.

How to go to the City Center from Amman Queen Alia International Airport?

Queen Alia International Airport that serves passengers within the city borders of the Jordanian capital Amman is one of the most dynamic airports of the region. From the Queen Alia International Airport that is also the biggest airport of the country, reciprocal flights are performed to different geographical regions in the world. The airport that provides its services in a rather luxurious and comfortable area that meets the global standards contains Duty Free shops, passenger lounges, luxurious restaurants and cafés, prayer room, clinic, ATMs, and rent-a-car offices. From the airport located 30 km to Amman city center, you can go to numerous points in the city comfortably by preferring one of the bus, taxi, and car rental options.


You can ride the Sariyah buses to go to Amman city center from the airport. Much more economical than the taxi option, the municipal buses pass through numerous stops between the city center and the airport. Housing Bank Complex, Fifth Circle, Fourth Circle, and North Bus Station are some of the stops of the Sariyah buses. You can go to the city center by buses that operate from 06.30 to 00.00 o’clock every day of the week.


Taxi is one of the most preferred options to go from Queen Alia International Airport to the city center in Amman. You can go to the city center 24 hours a day by riding one of the taxis you can find in front of the airport’s arrivals terminal exit. Taximeter is not widely used in the city. Therefore, you can see the average fare of your destination from the taxi fare tariff determined by the Jordan Transport Organization Council and applicable to the entire country. You can check the taxi fare tariff from the panel available at the airport taxi stand.

Car Rental

For a more comfortable travel from Queen Alia International Airport to the city center or the surrounding districts, you can rent a car. You can receive the car rental service, which is preferred frequently by the visitors of the city, from the car rental offices in the airport. If you wish so, you can rent the vehicle for the whole period you will stay in the city, thus enjoying a more efficient and comfortable Amman travel.

What to eat in Amman?

In Amman, which welcomes you with the rich flavors of the Middle East, the dishes of the Jordanian cuisine are dominant in general. The tables of the city, on which the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines are blended, are always set with various flavors. In this city where every meal of the day is rather important, you can taste the flavors blended with culture. In Amman, which is liked for the diversity of the dishes it offers to its visitors coming for business or entertainment, you will see kebab very frequently, as is the case with numerous Middle Eastern cities. In Amman where shish kebab is very popular, you can find the kebab varieties in the menu of almost every restaurant. In addition to kebab, the famous shawarma that is prepared with red meat or chicken in the lavash bread, the meat dish mansaf served with sauce and rice, houmous and falafel, which are indispensable for Jordanian tables, qalayet bandora, which is very similar to sautéed meat, and the eggplant mutabbal and pita bread are some of the local flavors you must make sure to taste in Amman. After tasting the famous dishes of the city, do not forget to try its famous kanafeh and baklava in company with fresh tea!

Where to stay in Amman?

The Jordanian capital Amman is also the biggest and the most crowded city of the country. The city that welcomes both business and touristic visitors every season of the year has numerous hotel options. In Amman that includes numerous accommodation alternatives ranging from luxurious hotels to boutique boardinghouses and guest houses, you can find different hotel options that meet your budget. In the city, most of the hotels preferred for accommodation are located in the Old Town district where you can feel the traditional structure of the city most clearly. Additionally, you can also consider the 5th Island district that stands out for its modern texture and luxurious hotel options for a comfortable and pleasant accommodation in Amman.

Must-Do's in Amman

Amman travel awaits you for a pleasant travel in company with the traditional texture in Jordan. In your journey from Trabzon to Amman with AnadoluJet, enjoy an ethnic travel in company with the local traditions and customs in Amman, an outstanding Middle Eastern city. With its thousands of years old historical heritage, delicious dishes, spice-scented bazaars, Amman is a good exploration destination for travelers. You too get ready for a new experience with Trabzon-Amman flight ticket of AnadoluJet! In your Amman visit during which you will explore the impressive world of the Middle East, remember to have a look at our list of the things you must make sure to do!

  • See the Antique Roman Theater that meets the visitors of the city in the city center. Have a souvenir photo taken on the stairs of this magnificent theater that can contain 6 thousand people.
  • Tour the historical Bukharia Bazaar located opposite the King Abdullah Mosque
  • Visit the Amman Fortress that is one of the historical icons of Amman. Witness the unique landscape of the city from the Amman Fortress that has survived from the Roman era.
  • Taste the famous kanafeh of the city in Habibah Sweets that is one of the first places coming to mind when talking about Amman.
  • Visit the art gallery Darat Al Funun in Jabal Luweibdeh district where mostly the youth spend their time.
  • Tour the streets of Al Balad, the city center of Amman. Visit the Souq district that hosts the famous bazaars of the city. We suggest you to bargain always while shopping in Amman.
  • See the magnificent King Abdullah Mosque built instead of the oldest mosque of Amman.

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