Tel Aviv Flight Ticket

Tel Aviv Flight Ticket

Fly to Tel Aviv at the Best Prices

Israel's second-biggest city Tel Aviv awaits you with its beaches, each more beautiful than the last, its antique heritage, and its modern city life that accompanies its historical texture! In Tel Aviv where you can see the most beautiful examples of the Eastern and Western cultures, you can experience Israeli cuisine and explore different traditions. For this unforgettable journey to dynamic city life of Tel Aviv, take a look at the advantageous Tel Aviv flight ticket options of AnadoluJet.

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52 km2



Israeli New Shekel (ILS)


Hebrew and Arabic


GMT+2 (Winter Time) - GMT+3 (Summer Time)




General Information on Tel Aviv 

Tel Aviv is one of the most developed cities in Israel. In this seaport, where history and modern city life are intermingled, commercial and economic wealth occupies an important place for Israel.

In Tel Aviv, referred to as the city that never sleeps in the Middle East, many sightseeing destinations ranging from the cultural life of the city to its historical structures are waiting for you. When you arrive in Tel Aviv, you can go for an evening walk in Jaffa Port and taste the famous dishes of Israel.

How to go to the City Center from Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion Airport?

Ben Gurion Airport, which is 19 km from Tel Aviv's city center, has heavy flight traffic at any time of the year. It is possible to find every opportunity from the resting zones to the stores where you can shop inside the airport, thus the airport welcomes visitors of Tel Aviv in the most beautiful way. You also have many alternatives for transportation from the airport to the city center.


The most preferred way of transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to the city center is the train line. You can reach the city center of Tel Aviv or the surrounding destinations catching the train located on the lower floor of the Terminal 3 section. You can get to the city center after a 20-minute journey purchasing a ticket from the automatic ticket machines at the airport.


There are multiple bus companies operating at Ben Gurion Airport. You can reach Tel Aviv by taking the buses to the city center. If you want to go directly from the airport, you can take the bus no. 5. You can reach any part of the city from the airport with the vehicles of Egged, Kavi and Metropoline bus companies located on the second floor of Terminal 3.


Taxi is yet another transportation alternative to get you to Tel Aviv city center. It is possible to reach the city center after a 15-minute journey by taxi that operates 24 hours a day departing from Ben Gurion Airport. You can also take the taxis in the exit section 3, 21 and 43 of the airport, if you wish, to share them with another passenger.

Car Rental

You can also prefer to rent a car for transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to the city center. You can make a comfortable journey by renting a car from the rental offices located in the airport.

What to Eat in Tel Aviv?

For those who are on good terms with the Middle Eastern flavors, Tel Aviv is a great destination. It is quite important to explore the local dishes of the city, each more delicious than the last, while you are in Tel Aviv. The city has a rich cuisine in which you can find the most favorite dishes of the Middle East. The rich spice varieties, on the other hand, constitute one of the most important things that add flavor to dishes.

In Tel Aviv, there are many traditional restaurants where you can find the local dishes. Falafel is the number one of the most preferred dishes in the menus of these famous restaurants. One of the most famous dishes of the Middle East, falafel is a rather filling snack you can consume during the day. Another practical and delicious snack you can eat during Tel Aviv travel is the famous Sabich. This flavor we can call a kind of Middle Eastern sandwich is prepared with different materials like potato, falafel put into lavash bread.

Another famous dish from Israeli cuisine, Shakshuka is a marvelous alternative for breakfast. Prepared with the materials like egg, tomato, onion, and spices, Shakshuka is a flavor we know from Turkish cuisine. Another familiar flavor you can taste in Tel Aviv is Shawarma. Shawarma, which is prepared in the same way with chicken and meat wrap, will meet you in numerous restaurants of Tel Aviv. In your Tel Aviv visit, you can taste Almodrote and Jachnun for a delicious pastry, or Knafeh, that is, the famous kanafeh that we know very well, for a nice dessert pleasure.

Where to stay in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv, the city located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for its modern texture. Visited by people from all around the world, the city addresses to people of all ages with its historical heritage and dynamic social life. Tel Aviv, which also occupies an important place in maritime trade, welcomes its visitors in four seasons a year. Its very long beaches are among the best-loved features of Tel Aviv for summer holidays.

Visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year, Tel Aviv is rather rich in accommodation alternatives. Since Tel Aviv is small in terms of the surface area, the central points are very close to each other. You can even walk to touristic places. The districts preferred for accommodation in Tel Aviv are Tayelet, Port, Old Jaffa, and the White City (Ha-Ir HaLevana).

You can prefer Tayelet to be close to the most famous touring points in the city center, or Old Jaffa to stay in the historical texture, or the White City (Ha-Ir HaLevana) to feel the modern spirit of the city. You can have a look at the hotels aligned along the coast to enjoy the beaches of Tel Aviv, each more beautiful than the last. In order to stay in Tel Aviv at more affordable prices, you can benefit from the early reservation opportunities of the hotels before starting your travel.

Must-Do's in Tel Aviv 

Explore Tel Aviv, a pleasant city with its historical heritage, cultural texture, and modern city life, with AnadoluJet! The historical district of Old Jaffa the past of which goes back to thousands of years ago, the White City (Ha-Ir HaLevana) that stands out with its architectural details, the city restaurants full of flavors, crowded avenues, and many other touring points await you in Tel Aviv. Get to know this modern city of the Middle East better with AnadoluJet Tel Aviv flight ticket. Here is the list of must-do’s in Tel Aviv travel, each more marvelous than the last:

  • Explore the streets of Old Jaffa where the roots of life go back to 4 thousand years ago. Have yourself photographed among historical houses.
  • Explore Israeli cuisine in the local restaurants in the alleys of Old Jaffa. Taste the flavors like Kanafeh, Falafel, Jachnun.
  • Visit the White City (Ha-Ir HaLevana) district that mesmerizes the people with its architecture and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Take a walk on the streets surrounded by the buildings constructed with the Bauhaus architecture.
  • Catch your breath in the next generation coffee shops opened in the Florentin Quarter. Have a souvenir photo taken in front of the street art paintings decorating the walls of the quarter.
  • Make a journey to the recent history of the city in Jewish Diaspora Museum.
  • Explore the streets of Neve Tzedek, the most colorful neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Spend some time in the famous cafes and restaurants. Shop in the boutique stores surrounding the neighborhood.
  • Stand in the lines in front of the most famous ice cream shops of Neve Tzedek. Taste the most delicious ice cream of the city.
  • Visit the Azrieli Observatory for the most beautiful view of Tel Aviv. Have a dinner in the company of the glittering view of the city in the restaurant on the 49th floor of the tower. Buy Tel Aviv souvenir from the souvenir shop for yourself and your beloved ones.
  • Take a rest in the park on the Rothschild Boulevard. Shop in the stores on the walking trail encircling the boulevard.
  • Visit the museum established in the house of Hayim Nahman Bialik, one of Israel’s most important men of letters. Have a souvenir photograph taken in front of the decorative pool across the Bialik House.
  • Enjoy the sea-sand-sun trio on the famous beaches of the city like Gordon, Frishman, Hof Hadatiyim, and Metzitzim.

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