Tehran Izmır Flight Ticket

Tehran Izmır Flight Ticket

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Izmir, one of Turkey’s most developed and crowded cities, is a city astonishing its visitors with its modern social life, delicious tables, surrounding holiday resorts, and rich cultural and historical heritage. Kordon that is the first place that springs to one’s mind when it comes to waterfront, Alsancak that is famous for its flavors, the Clock Tower that is the icon of the city, its historical bazaar Kizlaragasi Inn, and Cesme-Alacati, Foca, Urla that are the favorite destinations for summer holidays will meet you in your Izmir travel.  

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How to go to Imam Khomeini Airport from Tehran City Center?

Located within the city limits of Tehran, the capital of Iran, Imam Khomeini Airport has been giving service since 2005. From Imam Khomeini Airport that is Iran’s most dynamic airport, reciprocal flights are performed with many different geographical regions of the world. In the airport where the passengers’ all needs are considered, there are passenger lounges, information centers, ATMs, shopping stores, cafés and restaurants, and car rental firms. You have different alternatives to go from the city center to the airport that is 40 km to the city center.


Metro line is one of the most preferred options to go to the airport from the city center in Tehran. You can go to Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport from the city center directly by metro, which is a quite important means of transport in the city center. The metro line that is rather economical serves 24 hours a day. You can go to the airport from the city center by metro within 45-50 minutes on average.


Another public transport option you can use to go to the airport from the city center in Tehran is the buses. With the airport buses that depart from many different points in the city center, you can go to the airport economically and rapidly. It takes 1-1.5 hours on average to go to the airport from the city center by bus in Tehran.


Those who do not want to go to Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport from the city center by public transport prefer taxi. You can go to the airport comfortably and rapidly by riding one of the taxis you can find almost everywhere in the city. It is possible to go to the airport from the city center within 40-45 minutes on average depending on the traffic conditions. However, no taximeter is used in this city. Therefore, we suggest you do some bargain before getting in the taxi. 

Car Rental

Another option you can prefer to go to the airport from the city center in Tehran is to rent a car. In order to make a more private and pleasant trip from the city center to the airport, you can rent a car on hourly or daily basis. You can rent a car that meets your budget from the reliable firms in the city center, and if you wish so, you can save time by making an online reservation before your journey.

General Information on Izmir

Known to be Turkey’s third most developed and most crowded city, Izmir is one of Turkey’s most livable places with its warm people, dynamic city life, and the Mediterranean climate.

In this city that was cradle to numerous civilizations throughout its history that goes back to circa 6500 B.C., it is possible to follow the traces of history. One of the biggest features that makes Izmir unique is that numerous different cultures, beliefs, and life styles are lived side by side.

Izmir that has an energetic urban life with its young population hosts millions of tourists every year with its deep blue sea and holiday resorts that meet all your expectations from a summer holiday. The entertainment life that is always dynamic in both holiday resorts and the city center every season offers you numerous options so that you can have fun as you wish.

Renowned for the seafood and olive oil dishes as well as the agricultural products like fig, olive, and grape, Izmir is indispensable for gourmets also with its many street tastes like kumru, boyoz, bomba, and gevrek. With its deep-rooted history of thousands of years, fascinating nature, and cultural heritages, Izmir is the right address for domestic and foreign visitors who have different areas of interest.

How to go to the City Center from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport?

Active since 1987, Adnan Menderes Airport is located in Gaziemir district of Izmir. The airport that provides domestic and international flights is 14 km to the city center. There are numerous options for transfer between the city center and Adnan Menderes Airport, which is one of Turkey's busiest airports in the summer months especially.


You can use the taxi option for a fast and comfortable transfer from the airport to the city center. The taxis you can find 24/7 in front of the arrivals exit charge the same rate every hour of the day.


The public transport alternative for transfer from Adnan Menderes Airport to the city center is the municipality buses. You can go to certain parts of the city by riding the buses you can find easily in front of the airport terminal exit. You can get to Mavisehir by the bus number 200, or Alsancak - Republic Square by the bus number 202, or Bornova - metro - bus terminal region by the bus number 204, all three of which depart from the airport.


One of the fastest options for those who want to go from Adnan Menderes Airport to the city center by public transportation is train.

IZBAN, which operates between Halkapinar - Cumaovasi and Aliaga - Salhane, provides transfer to almost everywhere in the city with its numerous connecting stops. IZBAN that serves from Adnan Menderes Airport accepts passengers with urban transportation cards.


You can prefer Havas shuttle buses for an easy transfer to the city center and the neighboring cities from Adnan Menderes Airport. Havas shuttle buses you can find in front of the airport terminal exit depart for each aircraft that lands at Adnan Menderes Airport. There are shuttle buses going from the airport to Alsancak-Karsiyaka-Mavisehir, Cesme-Alacati, Aydin-Nazilli, Kusadasi-Soke, and Manisa.

Car Rental

You can go anywhere you want through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available at Adnan Menderes Airport.

You can ensure that your car is prepared in advance by booking one online before arriving at Adnan Menderes Airport where you can find the offices of numerous national and international car rental firms, and when you have completed your travels, you can deliver your vehicle to the car rental office from which you have received service.

What to eat in Izmir?

Although the salads and the olive oil vegetable dishes are the first meals that spring to mind when it comes to the Aegean cuisine, there are different types of meals in Izmir cuisine. “Boyoz” is the first one of them springing to mind, and this pastry is a taste that belongs to Izmir. Although you can find this taste in many other cities, too, the best “boyoz” is eaten in Izmir. It is one of the tastes you must try absolutely when you are in Izmir.

Likewise, another food special to Izmir, “kumru” is a kind of sandwich, and it is the delicious form of cheese, tomato, and green pepper placed into a low-salt chickpea yeast bread. “Izmir tulum cheese” that is one of the tastes that belong to Izmir and rather hard to find in other places is one of the most important tastes in the region. Remember to buy these products, which you can find easily in the local markets, for your beloved ones, too.

The papaz stew made by cooking the veal until it becomes very soft as well as the green beans in olive oil, kol filo pastry generally made with spinach, and tomato soup with rice are also among the foodstuffs to be tasted in Izmir. Made by roasting the meatballs together with potatoes, tomatoes, and pepper in the oven, “Izmir meatball” is famous across the country. Besides, tarhana soup and tomato soup with rice are also the delicious meals in the city. “Gerdan dessert”, which is a meat dessert made of sacrificed animal’s meat especially in the feast of sacrifice, shredded kadaifi, and vanilla ice-cream are some of the delicious tastes you can try from their masters in this city. We also suggest you try the “chicory salad” made of the chicory herb growing in Izmir and its surroundings.

Where to stay in Izmir?

Since there is a dynamic life in numerous different parts of the city, you can find hotels, boarding houses, and apart-hotel rooms almost everywhere in the city. In Izmir where there are many options that meet your budget and tastes you can enjoy a comfortable Aegean holiday in any hotel you want.

You can find easily the luxurious hotels, wooden houses, bungalows, apart-hotel rooms, and many other accommodation options in Cesme, Alacati, Foca, Urla and Bergama that are famous for their coastlines.

If you want to have a holiday in touch with nature, make trekking, mountain climbing, nature walks, and stay under the unique view of the sky, you can use the campsites in Bozdag and the permitted regions in the national parks. In the chalets in Sirince district, you can enjoy sleeping in nature in company with a marvelous natural landscape.

Must-Do's in Izmir

With its entertaining social life, modern tissue, rich cultural and historical heritage, delicious tables, and holiday resorts that are natural wonders, Izmir is one of Turkey’s most visited cities. Get ready for an entertaining exploration to the full in Izmir that offers its guests a pleasant travel experience with its unique travel routes! Here are the things you must absolutely experience in this travel you will make with AnadoluJet Tehran-Izmir flight ticket:

  • Visit Izmir Clock Tower, one of the icons of the city.
  • Witness the cityscape of Izmir from the Historical Elevator in Karatas, the historical district of the city. Take a coffee break in the cute cafés on the famous Dario Moreno Street at the end of the elevator.
  • Take a walk on Kordon waterfront. Read a book on the grass. Tour Kordonboyu by renting an electric scooter.
  • Taste the flavors of Izmir in the famous restaurants of Alsancak. Catch the entertaining texture of Izmir nights in entertaining venues.
  • Visit Sevgi Yolu, the famous street of Alsancak. Do not forget to shop from the stalls!
  • Visit Atatürk House in Alsancak free of charge.
  • Make sure you visit Izmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum. Explore the past of the city.
  • Get on board Karsiyaka ferry at Pasaport Quay. Tour Karsiyaka coast.
  • Taste Izmir’s famous tastes like boyoz, lokma, and Izmir bomb.
  • Visit the Ancient City of Ephesus, one of the most important settlements of the Ancient Age. Do not forget to visit Sirince Village!
  • Visit the famous holiday resorts of the city like Alacati-Cesme, Urla, Foca, and Dikili. Enjoy deep blue sea and sun.

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