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Tabriz Flight Ticket

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Tabriz, one of the cities that reveal Iran’s historical texture most clearly, awaits you with its magnificent bazaars included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, its streets that appetize with spice scents, its traditional culture, and its delicious tables!

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Come on, let your Tabriz travel start with the flight ticket advantages and comfortable services of AnadoluJet! Get ready to explore Tabriz, with its traditional bazaars, thousands of years old enchanting heritage, delicious cuisine, and many other details that are worth exploring!


324 km2



Iranian Rial (IRR)


Persian, Azerbaijani Turkish


GMT+3:30 (Winter Time) - GMT+4:30 (Summer Time)




General Information on Tabriz

Capital of the East Azerbaijan Province of Iran, Tabriz is also the fourth biggest and most developed city of the country. With a deep-rooted history going back to 5 thousand years ago, Tabriz is a city that has hosted the world’s most important civilizations for thousands of the years. Ruled by many administrations throughout its history, it is possible to see important historical heritage on every street of the city. The heritage of different administrations, which has survived to the present day, include numerous unique architectural masterpieces ranging from religious buildings to palaces.

The majority of Azerbaijani Turks, who have a considerable population in Iran, live in Tabriz. Therefore, the number of those speaking Turkish is rather high in this city. Tabriz Bazaar, which is the world’s largest bazaar included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the most popular tour site of the city. You can make a pleasant tour at many points of the city in addition to this 7 km long bazaar, make a time travel in the historical heritage of the city, and taste the delicious dishes of the Iranian and Azerbaijani cuisines.

How to go to the City Center from Tabriz International Airport?

Located in Tabriz, one of the biggest and most developed cities of Iran, Tabriz International Airport serves at a location that is 8 km to the city center. From the airport, which is used as a base of the Iranian Air Forces in addition to international civil aviation, reciprocal flights are made for numerous destinations. It is possible to go to the city center from the airport that is rather near the city center by bus, taxi, and car rental.


Taxi is the most preferred option to go from Tabriz International Airport to the city center. After landing at the airport, you too can go to the city center by riding one of the taxis waiting for passengers in front of the arrivals terminal exit gate. However, let us warn you that no taximeter is used in Tabriz, as is the case with many cities of Iran. We suggest you check if it bears the airport’s logo and bargain a price with the driver before getting in the taxi.


You can also use public transport to go to Tabriz city center from the airport. You can ride one of the buses going directly to the city center from the bus stops in front of the airport’s arrivals terminal exit. Going from the airport to the city center by bus takes 20-25 minutes on average.

Car Rental

Another alternative for those who do not prefer public transport or taxi to go from the airport to the city center in Tabriz is to rent a car. For a more comfortable and personal travel in the city center, you can rent a car from the firms in the airport. If you wish so, you can ensure that your vehicle is made ready for you before you arrive at the airport by making an online reservation.

What to eat in Tabriz?

In Tabriz dominated by the Iranian, Azerbaijani, and Turkish cuisines, delicious tables will meet you. Renowned for their hospitality, people of Tabriz also like to offer treats. When you visit or just stop by a place in the city, you can see numerous flavors of Tabriz cuisine through these treats. In Tabriz appetizing with its rich tables, we suggest you make sure to try the saffron pilaf that is one of the most popular flavors of the Iranian cuisine. In the city that offers a unique exploration opportunity to those who want to try different tastes with its bazaars that smell spices, you can see many dishes added with saffron. The saffron soup in particular is one of the local tastes that are most popular among the visitors of Tabriz.

In Tabriz, you can find many varieties of kebab, which is one of the most popular dishes of the Turkish cuisine. In the city that has a rather popular meat culture, every dish cooked with meat has its own unique flavor. The famous Tabriz meatball, chelow kebab, Abgoosht are just a few of the local flavors you can taste in the city. You can find the traditional tastes at many points of the city. However, we suggest you try the local restaurants in Tabriz Bazaar that is the most famous site in the city.

Where to stay in Tabriz? 

In Tabriz that has always hosted guests from other cities since it has been on the Silk Road throughout its history, the accommodation alternatives are rather economical today. There are various accommodation alternatives at many points of the city, but we suggest the visitors of city prefer the hotels at the city center for a comfortable travel. There are not many luxurious hotels in the city. Mostly the hostels, apart-hotels, and the guest houses that are preferred by the visitors for their traditional texture serve. You can prefer the hotels or guest houses at the city center when you are in Tabriz, too. You can make an online reservation before arriving for a more economical lodging.

Must-Do's in Tabriz

Astonishing for its deep-rooted history going back to thousands of years ago, Tabriz offers its visitors a traditional travel opportunity with its historical heritage and ethnic texture. Explore Tabriz with bazaars smelling spices, handcraft products decorated with traditional patterns, museums, palaces, mosques, and its delicious tables offering a blend of the Turkish, Azerbaijani and Iranian cuisines! In this journey you will take with AnadoluJet Tabriz flight ticket, a pleasant travel experience will meet you! Here are the things you must certainly do when you are in Tabriz:

  • Tour the 7 km long Tabriz Bazaar that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Buy Tabriz souvenirs for yourself and your beloved ones after an exploration tour in company with spice scents.
  • Visit the Sky Masjid admirable for its blue tiles and one of the most famous historical buildings of the city.
  • Make a journey in the history of the city in Azerbaijan Museum.
  • See the Mausoleum of Poets, one of the icons of Tabriz also known as the city pf poems and literature.
  • Go for a walk around the Lake El. Sip your tea in one of the tea gardens around the lake while enjoying the landscape.
  • Visit the Tabriz Fortress that is one of the iconic buildings of the city.
  • Ride a cable from the city center to the Mount Eynali.
  • Taste the local flavors of Tabriz cuisine in the traditional restaurants in Tabriz Bazaar.

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