Sulaymaniyah Flight Ticket

Sulaymaniyah Flight Ticket

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One of Iraq’s most developed cities after Erbil, Sulaymaniyah has been attracting visitors in recent years for its deep-rooted history. In the city that has hosted numerous civilizations for ages, thus boasting a strong history and culture, a travel experience that will allow you to taste its local tastes and observe the traditional texture arising from a mixture of Iraqi and Iranian cultures awaits you!

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20,144 km2



Iraqi Dinar (IQD)


Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish








General Information on Sulaymaniyah

One of Iraq’s favorite cities, Sulaymaniyah occupies an important place in history for being one of the most important settlements of the Middle East throughout centuries. Named after Suleiman Pasha, father of the Ottoman Governor of the region Ibrahim Pasha, Sulaymaniyah is known to be a settlement for numerous civilizations that have lived in Mesopotamia. With its historical heritage reaching from past to present, rich cultural texture, delicious local flavors, and social life developing every day, Sulaymaniyah is one of the cities visited by those who want to explore different destinations.

Located in the northern Iraq, the city also stands out among the country’s most rapidly developing cities in the areas of trade, industry, and tourism. Having become an important educational center in the country with Sulaymaniyah University, the city is an excellent location for those who want to buy traditional products thanks to its economical shopping opportunities and those who want to taste the Arab-Persian cuisine.

How to go to the City Center from Sulaymaniyah Airport?

One of Iraq’s important airports, Sulaymaniyah Airport is one of the most dynamic flight areas of the region. Although it does not occupy a large area, the airport from which reciprocal flights to numerous different geographical regions are performed every season of the year includes all facilities the passengers may need. The airport serves the passengers with passenger lounges, cafés, restaurants, ATMs, information center, car rental offices, and various stores in it. Located 15 km to the city center, the airport has three different terminals. In the city where the public transport network is not much widespread, you can go to the city center by selecting one of the options such as private shuttle service, taxi, and car rental.


It is not possible to say that Sulaymaniyah has a well-developed urban transport network. Therefore, there is no public transport option to go to the city center from the airport. The option mostly preferred by Sulaymaniyah visitors to go to the city center is taxi. You can go to the city center from the airport 24 hours a day by riding one of the taxis waiting for customers in front of the airport’s arrivals terminal exit gate.

Private Shuttle Service

Another preferred option to go to Sulaymaniyah city center from the airport is the private shuttle service. In the city, most of the hotels give their guests airport-hotel transfer service upon their requests. If you wish so, you can also request this service from your hotel before going to Sulaymaniyah, and go to your hotel by your transfer vehicle after landing at the airport.

Car Rental

Another option you can prefer to go to Sulaymaniyah city center is to rent a car. You can receive this service from the car rental firms in the airport by selecting the vehicle that meets your budget in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages. If you wish so, you can reserve your vehicle online before your travel.

What to eat in Sulaymaniyah?

In the city where Iraqi cuisine stands out, the traditional flavors allow the visitors to have a wonderful experience. Since it is located on the border with Iran, it is also possible to see the traces of Iranian cuisine in Sulaymaniyah. In this city where you can find various Persian, Middle Eastern, and European flavors all together, you will encounter with lots of kebab varieties. Additionally, you can taste in Sulaymaniyah the famous kibbeh, small samosa pastries made of phyllo dough, and houmous and falafel, two indispensable flavors of the Middle East.

Where to stay in Sulaymaniyah?

Located on the Iraq-Iran border, Sulaymaniyah city hosts visitors coming to the city for business or traveling every season of the year. Although there are different accommodation facilities in many points of the city, the city center is the most-preferred district. Due to the social opportunities and the famous tour sites located in the city center, you can find the most famous hotels of the city in the city center. In Sulaymaniyah that hosts numerous options ranging from luxurious hotels to boutique boardinghouses, you can accommodate more economically by making an early reservation.

Must-Do's in Sulaymaniyah

A travel experience in company with history and traditional texture awaits you in Sulaymaniyah, one of Iraq’s favorite cities. Explore Sulaymaniyah with its historical heritage of thousands of years, appetizing tables created through a blend of Arab and Persian cuisines, and traditional bazaars! Take a look at our list of must-do's for your travel you will go to with AnadoluJet Sulaymaniyah flight ticket!

  • Visit Dukan Town that is one of the most visited places in Sulaymaniyah. See the famous Dukan Lake that presents the most beautiful scenes of the city.
  • Visit the Hazar Merd Cave that constitutes the oldest history of the city with a past of thousands of years.
  • Have a day full of nature in Sarchnar Park. See the ponds and waterfalls in the Park.
  • Visit the Sulaymaniyah Museum that is one of the most important museums of the city.
  • Visit Amna Suraka that is one of the world’s most impressive museums, which reveals Iraq’s history full of sorrow.
  • Taste Sulaymaniyah’s famous flavors standing out with Arab and Persian cuisines in the local restaurants located in the city center.

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