Stockholm Flight Ticket

Stockholm Flight Ticket

Fly to Stockholm at the Best Prices

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188 km2



Swedish Krona (SEK)




GMT+1 (Winter Time) - GMT+2 (Summer Time)




General Information on Stockholm

Stockholm is the most important and capital city of Sweden and is home to 21% of the total Swedish population. Being a hub of social life, industrial and commercial activities of the country, Stockholm also draws attention due to flood of tourists during the year.

The city is known for the endeavors to protect its historical heritage apart from its modern city life; the city resembles a wonderful painting with Lake Malaren, its canals, narrow streets and colorful buildings. Numerous initiatives are made in trade, education, culture and art and additionally the city attracts thousands of tourists every year with the charm of Gamla Stan, the medieval center, which stands the test of time since the 13th century.

How to go to the City Center from Stockholm Arlanda Airport?

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest airport in Sweden and the third largest in Scandinavian countries and it is known to be busy at all times. The airport is 37 kilometers away from the city center and it has 5 terminals. The airport is an exemplar with its easy access between terminals, convenient resting zones and modern structure and it also offers fast means of transportation to the city center.


The train line at the airport can take you to the city center in the fastest way.

This line is called Arlanda Express and it takes 18 minutes to arrive at Stockholm city center. You can purchase your train ticket at the airport's information desks or at the Arlanda Express self-service machines located next to the escalators / elevators. You can easily reach the station from all terminals.

If you wish, you can also travel by commuter trains departing from the 4th and 5th terminal. However, you must have an inner-city travel card to get on these trains.


You can reach the city center directly by private buses called Flygbussarna Airport Coaches and departing from all terminals of the airport.

These buses run once every ten minutes and the last stop of these buses is Stockholm Central. Your journey to the city center with these buses will take approximately 45 minutes.


In front of the exit gates of the Terminal you can find the vehicles of various taxi companies operating in Stockholm. When choosing one of the well-known taxi companies such as Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 and Taxi Kurir, pay attention to choose the best match for your budget.

Car Rental

You can easily rent a car to go to Stockholm city center or its surrounding areas. To benefit from the best deals offered by many international rental companies at the airport, you can make a reservation for car rental before your flight to the country.

What to eat in Stockholm?

You will have your time to the fullest in Stockholm known for its solemnity. You do not need to worry about what to eat when you are hungry after a dynamic city tour, because Stockholm offers you lots of food varieties. The meat dishes, sandwiches, desserts from Stockholm cuisine will be waiting for you. Moreover, you can find restaurants and cafes where you can taste these delicious flavors at every point in the city. In Stockholm, you will find mostly the fish, potato, milk, and meat dominated flavors. The local people who flavor the boiled food with different sauces consume fish sandwiches, cookies, beefsteaks, and pickles a lot.

The first taste you should try in Stockholm is the famous Swedish meatball. The Swedish cherry sauce, cream potato purée, and pickle accompany the fried round-shaped meatballs. This unique flavor is one of those you must definitely try. If you like to start a meal with soup, you can prefer the green pea soup. This soup that is as thick as a purée is rather filling. You can also consume this green pea soup as a meal alone. You must make sure to try the cinnamon cookies preferred for breakfast for an excellent start to the day in Stockholm. These cookies are so much loved that the 4th of October is celebrated as the Cinnamon Cookie (Kanelbulle) Day.

If you want a quick bite without pausing your Stockholm tour, the shrimp sandwich the local people like very much may be one of your options. Do not forget to taste the famous Swedish chocolate during your Stockholm travel.

Where to stay in Stockholm?

Stockholm receives tourists’ intensive attention in each season of the year. Therefore, there are quite many accommodation alternatives in the city. You can find accommodation options for every budget in the spectacular buildings and historical atmosphere of Stockholm.

If you would like to stay in a central place, you can prefer the Kungsholmen district that also hosts the Town Hall. You will not have any difficulty in finding a hotel that meets your budget. If you would like to stay in the most entertaining part of the city, we can suggest you the Södermalm district. In this district, you can explore the shops, each more interesting than the last, and the most entertaining venues of the city. If you would like to stay in the Norrmalm district of Stockholm, you can be cheek-by-jowl with the history and art of the city. You can also prefer Östermalm, the biggest district of the city, for accommodation. When you stay there, you can go to the city center easily.

Must-Do's in Stockholm 

Stockholm is generally known as a serious city, which is economic, political, and media center of Sweden. However, Stockholm is not limited to that. In order to describe this beautiful city, you must explore Stockholm in full detail. Stockholm hosts marvelous museums and historical buildings and promises a travel full of culture and art to its visitors. The colorful houses of the city, canals, dynamic avenues and life style of the city are definitely worth seeing. The city located in Northern Europe is rather cold in winter months. You may feel a bit cold in the city where winter is particularly harsh. However, everything you will see here is definitely worth it. If you too are getting impatient to see Stockholm, book a Stockholm flight ticket now and have a look at the things you must definitely do in this city.

  • Gamla Stan is the number one district that is worth seeing in the city. With its buildings surviving since the 1200s, Gamla Stan is definitely worth touring. Go to this district also known as the Old City, and enjoy the historical streets and cafes.
  • It is a must to see the most spectacular building in Stockholm. Visit Stockholm Royal Palace that is also one of the most splendid buildings of Europe.
  • Do not leave the city without seeing the Town Hall that has become the icon of the city. You can visit the palace where the Christmas banquet is organized annually with guided tours.
  • Visit Vasa Museum, the most interesting museum of Stockholm, which deserves that interest to the fullest. You will have an opportunity to see the ship sunk in 1628.
  • You can find everything about Nobel, one of the world’s most prestigious prizes, in the Nobel Museum. Make sure to add the Nobel Museum to your travel list.
  • If you want to know Stockholm as good as its citizens, visit Skansen Open-Air Museum. You can taste the traditional Swedish dishes in the restaurant next to the museum.
  • Visit the Riddarholmen Church that is known to have been built in the late 1200s and the only church surviving from the Middle Ages.
  • Have a day full of art in Moderna Museet that hosts the world-renowned artists’ works, each more beautiful than the last.
  • The metro stations of Stockholm are as popular as its cultural areas. Especially the Kungsträdgården, Solna Centrum, and Tekniska Högskolan stations are art galleries virtually and included among the places you must see absolutely.
  • After a pleasant Stockholm tour, do not return without eating Swedish meatball.
  • And a Stockholm tour without chocolate is unthinkable. Taste the famous Swedish chocolate in exactly the right place.

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