Sofia Flight Ticket

Sofia Flight Ticket

Fly to Sofia at the Best Prices

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492 km2



Bulgarian Lev (BGN)




GMT+2 (Winter Time) - GMT+3 (Summer Time)




General Information on Sofia

Regarded as the center of the Balkans, Sofia is capital and the biggest city of Bulgaria. One of the oldest settlements of the region for its history going back to thousands of years ago, the city has been functioning as a bridge between Europe and Asia for centuries. In the city that bears the traces of the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the Soviet era, it is possible to see the rich heritage of each nation and each culture.

Sofia, which is the country’s most developed city in terms of both tourism and economy, hosts a population over 7 million today. Ruled by the Ottoman Empire from the 14th to 19th centuries, the city hosts numerous Ottoman buildings from that era. The city center, on the other hand, contains mainly the monuments and squares surviving from the Soviet era. With its buildings resisting the time for centuries, its traditional culture, and Bulgarian dishes, each more delicious than the last, Sofia has been making a distinguished name for itself as one of the most popular travel destinations of the recent years.

How to go to the City Center from Sofia Airport?

Sofia Airport serves within the city limits of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The airport where reciprocal flights are performed to and from many other destinations in the world is the biggest and busiest airport of the country. The airport that welcomes guests from all over the world every year contains two separate terminals.

In the airport that offers numerous services so that the passengers can travel comfortably and securely, there are world-renowned stores, passenger lounges, ATM, café, and restaurant. Sofia Airport whose annual passenger capacity is 2.6 million is just 10 km to the city center. From Sofia Airport, you can go to the city center using numerous transportation options.


Metro is one of the most used options to go from Sofia Airport to the city center. It is possible to go to the city center directly by riding the metro departing from the Terminal 1 in the airport. If you wish so, you can also go to the peripheral districts of the city as well as the central coach terminal and city center by metro. It takes 15-20 minutes on average to go to Sofia city center from the airport by metro.


After landing at Sofia Airport, you can use the bus lines for an economical ride to the city center. There are bus lines to numerous places in the city from the bus terminal opposite the airport arrivals exit gate. You can ride the buses number 84 and 384 to go from Sofia Airport to the city center directly. You can go to the city center from the airport in 35-40 minutes on average by using the bus lines.


Another option you can use to go to the city center from the airport is taxi. You can go to anywhere in the city 24 hours a day by riding one of the taxis you can find in front of the airport arrivals exit gate. In Sofia, the taxi fare is the same for both daytime and nighttime. However, also as per the airport administration’s warning, we suggest you prefer the taxis at the taxi stand bearing the airport’s logo.

Car Rental

You can rent a car to go to the city center from Sofia Airport comfortably and individually. There are branches of many car rental firms in the airport. You can select and rent the vehicle that meets your budget from these firms in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages. If you wish so, you can ensure that your car is made ready for you before you arrive at the airport by making an online reservation.

What to eat in Sofia?

Bulgarian cuisine, which is rather similar to Turkish cuisine, hosts flavors that must absolutely be discovered during a Sofia visit. During your Sofia tour, although the names of the dishes in the menus seem unfamiliar to you, when one is served, you will notice that you know that dish very well. Cacik, an indispensable element of Turkish cuisine, is made differently here and colloquially referred to as “tarator”. When you see the word “kebapche” in a menu, you will easily know kebab, which is very well known to all.

Pileshka, the famous chicken soup of Bulgarian cuisine, stewed or grilled red meat, kashkaval cheese that adds flavor to salads and appetizers, the local bob soup, and shopska salad are just a few of the most famous dishes of Sofia. You can see many of these flavors in the menus of the famous restaurants of the city.

Where to stay in Sofia?

The popular and central districts of Sofia, which is visited by people from all over the world every season of the year, are the most preferred ones for accommodation. In Sofia where the visitors can both go on a nature excursion and a cultural and historical exploration, you can stay in the central districts of the city to be close to famous tour sites and get to most places on foot.

In order to be close to the popular tour sites, Sofia Centrum (city center) that hosts the most famous hotels, cafés, and restaurants is a great location. By staying in Centrum, you can easily get to the iconic points like the National Theater, National Palace of Culture, the Eagles’ Bridge, and the Russian Monument Square. The Vitosha district, which has the widest transport network in the city, is the favorite of the visitors for the Boyana Church included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the National Museum of History, and lush green parks.

For those who do not want to be much away from the city center, the Oborishte district, which is immediately upper neighborhood of the center, is preferable with its affordable hotels and just a walk distance to everywhere. The favorite of the travelers who prefer more luxurious places to stay, on the other hand, is the Lozenets district that stands out with its calmness and city parks. If you wish so, you can benefit from the early season advantages by making an online reservation before arriving in Sofia.

Must-Do's in Sofia

Sofia, one of Bulgaria’s most magnificent cities, awaits you with its rich historical heritage surviving from numerous different administrations, its famous flavors that appeal to gourmets, and its lush green city parks that relax the soul with their calmness. For an unforgettable experience of travel to Sofia that is one of the most popular cities of the Balkans, AnadoluJet will accompany you with Sofia flight ticket. Here are the things you must do absolutely during your Sofia visit:

  • Take a walk along the famous Vitosha Avenue located in the heart of the city. Enjoy shopping in the world-renowned stores, souvenir shops on the avenue.
  • Visit the National Palace of Culture, one of the city's most famous buildings, located on the Vitosha Avenue.
  • Visit the Banya Bashi Masjid, one of Sinan the Architect’s most important legacies in the city.
  • Visit the Old Royal Palace. Examine over 50 thousand works of art exhibited in the National Art Gallery in the palace.
  • Visit the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral that is one of Bulgaria’s historical icons.
  • Tour the antiques market located immediately opposite the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. You can buy Sofia souvenirs for your beloved ones by driving a hard bargain.
  • Watch a show in the Ivan Vazov National Theater. If you do not have any chance to watch a show, spend some time in the City Garden that hosts the theater.
  • Read a book in Borisova Gradina Park.
  • Taste the famous local flavors of Bulgarian cuisine in the famous restaurants of the city.
  • See the historical Bulgarian houses in the Tsar Ivan Shishman Street.

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