Skopje Flight Ticket

Skopje Flight Ticket

Fly to Skopje at the Best Prices

Known as the city of statues, Skopje is among the must-see places to visit in Europe with its touring routes, delicious food, accommodation options, and natural beauties. For this unforgettable travel you will make to Skopje that stands out with its simultaneously historical and modern texture, the advantageous Skopje flight ticket options of AnadoluJet await you.

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571,5 km2


571,5 km

Macedonian Denar (MKD)




GMT+1 (Winter Time) - GMT+2 (Summer Time)




General Information on Skopje

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia that is the country of Macedonians who lived under the rules of different civilizations for long years, is the social and economic center of the country. The city, where most of the modernization steps of the country that proclaimed its independence in 1991 have been taken, is a dynamic city with a population of almost 700 thousand.

Skopje, which includes numerous popular touring sites like the historical buildings surviving from the Ottoman era, the Archaeological Museum, and the Macedonia Square, is also defined as a budget-friendly city. With its natural beauties, famous museums, eating & drinking venues full of flavors, and affordable accommodation options, Skopje is a wonderful place to explore for those who look for different routes.

How to go to the City Center from Skopje Alexander the Great Airport?

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport is located in Petrovec district and 17 kilometers from the city center. Launched in 2011, Alexander the Great Airport is the biggest airport and transfer point of the Balkans for cargo traffic. To go to the city center from the airport that welcomes passengers from all over the world within the year, there are various alternatives such as bus, taxi, and car rental.


You can use the mass transport to go to the city center from Skopje Alexander the Great Airport. Two different firms give service at the bus stops next to the airport arrivals exit gate. The Vardar Express and Manora Express buses go to the city center and the neighboring districts at all hours of the day and night. It takes 30-35 minutes on average to go to the city center from the airport by riding the transfer buses, which are one of the most preferred options for an economical and comfortable transportation.


Another transportation option used to go to the city center from Skopje Alexander the Great Airport is taxi. Taxis await customers at the taxi stand in front of the arrivals exit gate of the airport 24 hours a day. You can go to anywhere in the city by taxi comfortably.

Car Rental

You can also utilize the car rental services to go to the city center from Skopje Airport. On the arrivals floor of the airport, numerous world-renowned car rental firms give service. You can rent a vehicle from these firms in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly car rental packages. If you wish so, you can both receive a more affordable rent-a-car service and ensure that your car is made ready for you before you arrive at the airport by making an online reservation before your travel.

What to eat in Skopje?

Skopje is a city full of flavors, where you can taste the most beautiful dishes of the Balkans. Balkan cuisine is mostly composed of vegetable dishes and pastries. However, do not let it make you think that the dish varieties are limited. In Balkan cuisine, a rich table with dishes rather similar to Turkish dishes will meet you. In Skopje where many nations of different cultures live together, this situation has found its reflection on the cuisine of the city as well.

The most beautiful dishes of all the Balkans can be seen in the menus of almost every restaurant in the city. Moreover, let us specify that the restaurants and local eating places in Skopje give service at rather affordable prices. When you are in Skopje, we recommend you make sure to taste their famous phyllo pastries, Skopje meatball, lamb casserole with yogurt, and stew with plums. After tasting the famous dishes of the city, remember to taste their famous dessert tres leches cake as well.

Where to stay in Skopje?

In Skopje, it is possible to find hotels and boarding houses at many points of the city. In the city that offers alternatives within different price ranges to its visitors whose budgets are all very different from each other, the city center tops the list of the places preferred for accommodation. The guests who want to be close to the most popular and touristic touring sites of Skopje prefer generally the hotels around the old city center and Macedonia Square.

In both of these two districts, you can find the most famous luxury hotels and boutique boarding houses in the city. If you wish so, you can have a more economical holiday by making an online reservation before coming to Skopje.

Must-Do's in Skopje

Enjoy a very interesting journey in Skopje with its historical city center that hosts many sights, museums, flavor stops, and natural beauties! With the Skopje flight ticket you will book from AnadoluJet, a unique travel experience awaits you. Here are the things you should do to know the city better when you are in Skopje:

  • Shop in the Turkish Bazaar, the biggest shopping center of the city, which is actually an Ottoman heritage.
  • Visit Skopje Archaeological Museum renowned for its collection ranging from the prehistoric period to the Medieval Age. Go on a pleasant journey in the history of the Balkans.
  • Have yourself photographed on the Stone Bridge over the Vardar River, which has survived from the Ottoman era, and enjoy the scenery.
  • See the Alexander the Great Statue that is the icon of Macedonia Square and obtain information on Alexander the Great, the most famous Macedonian in the history.
  • Visit Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Sultan Murad Mosque, Ghazi Isa Bey Mosque, Davud Pasha Bathhouse, Sulu Inn, and Kursunlu Inn.
  • Have a pleasant day in the Macedonian Village renowned for its houses that are the most beautiful representatives of the traditional Macedonian architecture, cobblestone streets, and cute restaurants.
  • Visit the Skopje Fortress surviving from the Roman era and enjoy the cityscape.
  • Take the cable car to the Vodno Mountain. View a unique scenery from the peak of the mountain.
  • Taste the flavors of the Macedonian cuisine in the famous restaurants of Skopje.

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