Şırnak Flight Ticket

Şırnak Flight Ticket

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The deep-rooted history of Sirnak city goes back to before the Noah's Flood according to Evliya Celebi's work “Seyahatname”. Rumor has it that the Noah's Ark rests on the peak of Mount Judi. Among the most important historic sites of Sirnak, Abdurrahman Aga Summer Palace, Cizre Great Mosque, the Red Madrasa, Abdaliye Mosque and Madrasa, Fort Cizre, Hamidiye Military Barracks, Dest ve Cezire’u Ibni Omer Bridge, Finik Ruins and Fort, Bazebde Ruins, Prophet Noah's Tomb, Kasrik Ruins top the list. Due to the regional geography, Sirnak cuisine includes meat and mountain herbs mostly. Some of the most renowned tastes of Sirnak are kadge difse, gulul, simsipe, Cizre food, suryaz, beytussebap soup, cimsipe, fireydin, mahmilatik, birinzer, meyre, hekehesandi, kipe, serbidev, and kutlik.

There are flights to this city from almost any city of Turkey, and the flights from Ankara and Istanbul are direct flights. If you are planning to go to this city, you can find very affordable promotional flight tickets.


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General Information on Sirnak

A mountain-locked border city in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, Sirnak is renowned for its nature. This city whose history goes back to the Noah’s Flood is neighbor to Hakkari, Siirt, Van, Mardin, Iraq, and Syria. It is believed that the Noah’s Ark rests on the peak of Mount Judi. Therefore, this place is also known as “Noah’s City”. These lands that have hosted numerous civilizations established in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Iran also host numerous cultural heritages that are witnesses to the history.

Sirnak also appeals to different branches of tourism with its geographical structure and climate. With its nature convenient for numerous activities like tableland tourism, trekking, and wild camping, this is one of the best-known routes for travelers and campers. Four peaks located 2,000 meters up the Mount Judi is a pleasant route for travelers, campers, and numerous tourists who look for something different.

How to go to the City Center from Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport?

Open to civil aviation traffic since 2013, Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport is located on Cizre-Idil highway. At Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport that is 9 km to Cizre and 54 km to the city center, only the domestic flights are performed. It is possible to go to numerous points in the city from the airport that receives passengers from the neighboring cities as well.


You can use the taxi option to go to the city center and other points in the city from Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport. You can go anywhere you want comfortably by taxi you can find easily at the exit gate of the airport.

Minibus & Passenger Shuttle Buses

You can prefer minibuses and passenger shuttle buses as an economical transportation option to go to the city center from Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport. With the services given in the morning and evening on the basis of the flight times, you can go to the central points in the city.

Car Rental

If you want to go to the city center from Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport privately, you can rent a car. You can go to everywhere in the city and the neighboring cities comfortably by selecting the right car in any segment you want from the car rental offices at the airport.

What to eat in Sirnak?

Sirnak, which has ethnic and geographical diversities, makes its guests enjoy tasteful moments at its rich tables on which perfect recipes come together. The meals dominated by sour, greasy, and bitter tastes are offered through perfect visual presentations. The most-renowned tastes of Sirnak cuisine are composed of meat dishes. The “wedding rice” especially, which is decorated with chicken, is one of the meals that must be tried due to its taste and pleasant appearance. You can try this unique taste in the restaurants of the city easily throughout your travel.

The meals made by blending with rice and bulgur occupy a large place in the local cuisine. “Kutlik”, which is made of bulgur and also known as stuffed meatballs, leaves a marvelous taste in your mouth with its stuffing made with minced meat. “Kipe”, which is made by filling cleaned sheep intestines with rice and minced meat, impresses you with its delicious taste despite its difficult preparation. “Tutmac soup”, “meyre”, “simsipe”, “serbidev”, and “suryaz” come to the forefront as the other meals that emphasize the authentic tastes of the city.

After the meals cooked to have different tastes in Sirnak, the dessert options coming to tables by going through many different phases also deserve admiration. “Fireydin” and “birinzer” are two desserts from the region, which have excellent taste. “Fireydin”, which is made of thin flatbread, is made into a bagel with walnut and sugar mixture, deep-fried in boiling oil, and then served. “Birinzer” that resembles rice pudding is served after decorating with cinnamon.

Where to stay in Sirnak?

In Sirnak, which has a rich potential in terms of history, culture, and natural beauties, there are numerous facilities where the visitors can stay comfortably. In the center and districts of the city, you can find numerous affordable hotels, boarding houses, and apart-hotels.

In Sirnak, other than the luxurious and modern accommodation facilities, there are also boutique hotels where you can stay at affordable prices. These boutique hotels are mostly preferred by those who will have a short holiday and want to stay without straining their budgets.

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