Samsun Flight Ticket

Samsun Flight Ticket

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General Information on Samsun

One of the largest and most developed cities of the Black Sea with a population over 1 million, Samsun stands out with its unique nature in the arms of the green and the blue, and deep-rooted history going back to 60,000 B.C. It is a fascinating city with its cuisine that has a broad range of tastes, beaches, and city life. Regarded as an important harbor city thanks to its geographical location advantage, Samsun is on the way to becoming the most important trade center of the Central Black Sea.

One of the most important symbols of the Republican history, Samsun had also played important roles for numerous civilizations, such as Rome and Byzantium. This city where Bandirma Ferry had dropped anchor is known as “Ataturk City” now.

Samsun, which welcomes numerous domestic and foreign tourists with its splendid Amisos Hill, ancient cities, and special tastes, is on the fast-track to becoming a tourism area.

How to go to the City Center from Samsun Carsamba Airport?

Giving service since 1999, Samsun Carsamba Airport is 25 km to the city center. Samsun Carsamba Airport, which welcomes both domestic and international flights passengers in a single terminal building, serves 2 million passengers a year. Besides, this is an airport that holds Barrier-Free Airport Certificate given to the airports that give the disabled passengers the best service. Moreover, it is very easy to go to the city center from Samsun Carsamba Airport.


You can go to the city center from Samsun Carsamba Airport by taxi. It is possible to find the taxis 24/7 in front of the domestic and international flights arrivals exit gates. You can have a comfortable transfer by using the taxis that charge the same fares day and night.

Passenger Shuttle Buses

Another practical way to go to the city center is to ride Bafas shuttle buses that will meet you at the airport exit. By following the shuttle bus departure times set to flight times, you can go to the Atakum, Ataturk Cultural Center, Bafra, Engiz Police College routes. 

Car Rental

You can go to everywhere in the city through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available at Samsun Carsamba Airport.

You can ensure that your car is prepared in advance by booking the right car for you online before arriving at Samsun Carsamba Airport.

What to eat in Samsun?

Samsun, which is the address of "Black Sea pita with minced meat", "anchovy in paper", “rice with mushrooms", "vine leaves stuffed with broad beans", and numerous other tastes, leaves the memory of unforgettable tastes. The local dishes cooked with the fresh vegetables grown in the mountains and around the springs constitute an important factor that makes the visitors revisit Samsun. The "hanged goose" and "oymaagaç kebab”, which unite meat and lavash bread and you can prefer for dinner, leave a unique taste in the mouth, as the meat is cooked for a long time and fried in its own fat, and obtains the consistence of Turkish delight in its own steam.

You can find the snacks like “Turkish manti with cheese and walnut”, “kivratma”, and special “Samsun pita” in the local restaurants of Samsun. You can find the “poppy seed pastry”, “katik pastry”, and “lokul” cooked by the local people in the houses you visit. Besides, you can also eat these meals in the local restaurants. You cannot know Samsun without sitting down to a meal that includes the salads made of the vegetables harvested from the gardens and greenhouses in the villages, soups made by using the dried spices, and the butter, yogurt made of the animal products. Remember to eat “mihlama”, an indispensable Black Sea food made of corn flour, cheese, and butter, for breakfast in Hayal Kahvesi.

Where to stay in Samsun?

The city has numerous hotels appropriate for the region you will visit. These hotels that appeal to different budgets and tastes have all types of comfort. You can relieve the fatigue of the day during your stay in the hotels that offer the full board and half board options, do not compromise on quality, and have adopted comfort.

If you want to have a holiday in touch with nature and consider staying in nature, you can also prefer the village boarding houses in the villages and towns. You can have village breakfast and local dinner in the boarding houses in the villages of Samsun, which are in touch with nature. These boarding houses that are the best alternative for those who want to enjoy nature have numerous options that appeal to every budget and taste. The suitable and comfortable houses and apart-hotels that are preferred for those who stay for a long period or season are available in the city center and the centers of the surrounding villages.

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