Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

You can take your sports and camping equipment in the table below with you on your AnadoluJet flights. The transportation fees are determined in the table.

Sports equipment is not considered within the scope of Free Baggage Allowance. Each equipment is charged according to the Sports Equipment Fee Tariff. Sports equipment can be carried in the cabin or in the luggage compartment of the aircraft for a fee, depending on weight or size.

Domestic Flights

Snowboard 300 ₺
Ski Set 300 ₺
Golf Set 300 ₺
Diving Set 300 ₺
Surf 300 ₺
Waterski 300 ₺
Parachute 300 ₺
Hockey 300 ₺
Canoe 300 ₺
Bike 300 ₺
Archery 300 ₺
Horse Riding 300 ₺
Fishing 300 ₺
Sporting Firearms 300 ₺
Rafting / Inflatable Boat 300 ₺
Climbing / Camp Equipment 300 ₺
Undefined Other Sports
300 ₺


Sports equipment transportation service fee on Northern Cyprus flights is 450₺.

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International Flights (Northern Cyprus Excluded)

Golf Set 40 €
Ski Set 40 €
Snowboard 40 €
Diving Set 40 €
Surf Board 40 €
Camping Equipment 40 €
Parachute 40 €
Inflatable Boat 40 €
Hockey Equipment 40 €
Canoe, Rafting Equipment 40 €
Bicycle 40 €
Other sports equipment not specified 40 €
Archery equipments 40 €

The fee for Sports Equipment transportation service on Iran flights is 44 Euros.

Tennis and Squash Equipment

Tennis and squash rackets together with their special bag (max one pair) are accepted as hand luggage. However, if there are more than 2 rackets in more than one bag or more than two rackets in one bag, tennis and squash rackets are charged under the title Other Sports Equipment.

Golf Equipment

A golfing set consists of golf club, golf ball, a pair of golf shoes, golf tee and golf bag. Personal belongings shall not be put in golf bag. The weight of one set shall not exceed 23 kg.

Skiing / Snowboard Equipment

One set of skiing equipment consists of one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski boots and one helmet or one snowboard, a pair of boots and one helmet. Personal belongings shall not be put in ski bag. The weight of one set shall not exceed 23 kg.


Bicycles shall be carried in sturdy paperboard/cardboard boxes or their special packages in a way preventing damage

The tyres shall be deflated if deemed necessary. 

In order to provide that the bicycle does not occupy too much space and ease handling, the handlebars are folded longitudinally, saddle’s height is adjusted to the lowest setting, the pedals are separated and all parts with extensions are removed.

Motorized or battery-powered bicycles are not permitted as these items exceed lithium battery limits set under the Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Water Skiing, Surfing, Windsurf, Canoe, Rafting / Inflatable Boat Equipment

Water skiing equipment consists of a pair of standard water skis or a single slalom wakeboard. Personal belongings shall not be put in ski bag.

Surfboard’s maximum length shall be 292 cm (115 inches) and width shall be 60 cm (24 inches).

One surfboard, one wooden spar, one mast and one sail constitute windsurfing equipment. Personal belongings shall not be put in windsurfing bag. Its maximum length shall be 292 cm (115 inches) and width shall be 60 cm (24 inches). Windsurfing masts/sails are accepted if they are detachable and foldable.

Canoeing equipment consists of one canoe and one set of rows. The maximum length of canoe is 3.5 meters. It is not possible to carry motor or electrical components of canoes.

Rafting equipment consists of one deflated inflatable boat, one rowing set and one inflating device. It is not possible to carry pneumatic inflating devices, motor or electrical components.

Diving Equipment

Diving equipment consists of diving suit, buoyancy vest (BC), mask, fins, underwater flashlight, knife, snorkel, harpoon, diving socks, diving cylinder and regulator.

Diving cylinders shall be empty. The meter shall read zero.

The air in buoyancy vest shall be emptied.

Equipment such as underwater flashlight (diving lamp) and soldering iron can be carried as hand baggage or checked baggage. In order to prevent an unexpected situation during flight, the heat generating section or power source of the equipment shall be separated, and packaged to restrict activation. The removed batteries shall be protected against short circuit.

The harpoon shall not be set and its tips shall be packed separately.

Parachute, Paraglider Equipment

This equipment should be carried in its special case packaged. Personal belongings shall not be put in the bag.

Hockey, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse Equipment

Hockey equipment consists of a helmet, a pair of skates, one stick, ball (puck or lacrosse ball) and a set of protective materials (shoulder, arm, knee pads, etc). Total weight shall not exceed 32 kg. Personal belongings shall not be put in the bag.

Archery Equipment

Archery equipment consists of a special bag, bow and arrows.

Mountaineering Equipment

Your mountaineering equipment consists of a bag with special protection, a pair of poles, one ice axe and a pair of mountaineering boots or shoes. It is prohibited to transport equipment included to the dangerous materials.

Tenting Equipment

Tenting equipment consists of a tent, metal poles and apparatus.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing equipment consists of fishing rod, reel, bucket, a pair of waders and fishing gear bag.

Bowling Equipment

Bowling equipment consists of one bowling ball, bowling bag and a pair of bowling shoes.

Hunting Equipment

Hunting equipment consists of tools such as hunting knives, all kinds of shotguns, pump rifles and pocket knives and charged as  “Other Sports Equipment not specified”. You may find out what you need to do in order to carry your rifle and cutting tools used for sports and hunting at the airport by clicking here.

IATA rules and conditions will be applied for other sports equipment which are not listed above.

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