Riyadh Flight Ticket

Riyadh Flight Ticket

Fly to Riyadh at the Best Prices

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Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)








General Information on Riyadh

Riyadh, the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia, is also the country's commercial, bureaucratic and cultural center. The city stands out with its population of more than 6 million, historical regions and unique lifestyle and also it hosts many historical monuments.

Touristic destinations of travelers who prefer the winter season to visit the city, which has a desert climate; Masmak Fortress, Al Faisaliah Centre, Riyadh Museum of History and Archeology, Murabba Palace and Royal Saudi Air Force Museum are to name but a few.

How to go to the City Center from King Khalid International Airport?

King Khalid International Airport is 35 kilometers from Riyadh city center. The airport has been in service since 1983 and it covers an approximate area of 225 square kilometers. The fully equipped King Khalid International Airport serves as a gateway to other regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This facility has 5 terminals and it meets the increasing international and domestic air transportation requirements of the Riyadh region. Even though there are no public transportation alternatives to the city center, there are other vehicle services that will take you wherever you want.


You can reach the city center by taking a taxi through the taxi desks in the Arrivals Hall. If you intend to take a taxi from passenger exit gates of the airport, make sure that the vehicle has an airport logo on it. This logo evidences that the taxi is licensed. You will reach the city from the airport in about 35 minutes by taxi. You are advised to ask for taxi fare in advance.

Car Rental

You can plan your private travel through car rental companies located at Terminal 1, 2 and 3 of King Khalid International Airport. You can comfortably travel both to the city center and the surrounding areas by the car you rent.

What to eat in Riyadh?

The Arabian people have been eating the similar dishes for thousands of years in the vast geography they have spread over. You can see the influences of the Middle East cuisine clearly in this city, too. However, differently from the rest of the country, the Riyadh citizens are rather keen on traditional food. Here, the local flavors are given the priority. Although it is dominated by meat dishes, generally, the Riyadh cuisine offers you numerous kinds of flavors. In this way, you can quite easily find food that meets your palate here.

Madfoon tops the list of popular dishes in Riyadh. This dish is prepared by cooking lamb together with roasted hazelnuts and raisins. You can find this dish in all restaurants in the city.

Kabsah is another dish that is popular in Riyadh. The local people like this dish made of rice and meat very much. If you would like to taste stew dishes, you must make sure to try gursan that includes lots of vegetables, spices, and meat.

Where to stay in Riyadh?

In Riyadh, mostly the hotels are preferred for accommodation. You can find hotel options for all budgets big and small everywhere in the city. Most of the accommodation options in Riyadh are located in El-Batha zone. You can find both the most affordable and the most premium hotel options all together in El-Batha zone. We suggest you call the hotels in this zone and book your room at least 15 days before your Riyadh travel. The services offered by hotels may differ from hotel to hotel. Therefore, you can call and receive detailed information from the hotel you want to stay in before coming to Riyadh.

Must-Do's in Riyadh

One of the most visited cities of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a rather interesting travel destination for its palaces, natural parks, and museums. The historical buildings in the city may take you to a short time travel. Besides, you can spend time in the modern entertainment areas, cafes, and parks available in Riyadh. Prefer one of the Riyadh flight ticket options that suits you best and get ready for a travel full of history. Here are the things you must do absolutely in Riyadh:

  • Visit the Masmak Fortress located in the oldest settlement areas of Riyadh. You can feel the historical texture of the city here.
  • Have a day full of history in the National Museum of Saudi Arabia to know both Riyadh and Saudi Arabia better.
  • Visit the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum, another interesting point in the city. You can have entertaining time with the simulations you can find in the museum.
  • Do not leave Riyadh without seeing Al Faisaliah Tower that has become one of the icons of the city.
  • Have a peaceful day among greeneries in Salam Park, one of the most frequented social areas of Riyadh.
  • Visit King Abdul Aziz Center that is one of the historical points of the Riyadh.
  • If you are looking for an entertaining activity in Riyadh, Al Hokair Theme Park awaits you. Go to Al Hokair Theme Park and enjoy this complex that promises entertaining moments to people of all ages.
  • Add the Murabba Palace that is one of the biggest buildings of the city to your Riyadh travel list.
  • If you want to take a walk in the historical regions of Riyadh, you can visit El-Yammah Village.
  • If you would like to enjoy a unique view, you should visit Hanife Valley.

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