Prishtina Flight Ticket

Prishtina Flight Ticket

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Located on the foot of Goljak Mountain, at a point overlooking the Kosovo Field, Kosovo’s beautiful city Prishtina is a much wondered-about tourism city for its historical heritage of thousands of years, historical buildings, and warm-blooded people. Get ready for an unforgettable travel to Prishtina that promises a pleasant journey to its visitors with all its beauties!

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To book a Prishtina flight ticket, you are required to select the date range you want to go to Prishtina in line with your travel program from the online “Search Flight” section of AnadoluJet. You can check in the ticket you have booked, through the online channels, before going to the airport.

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572 km2



Euro (EUR)


Albanian, Serbian


GMT+1 (Winter Time) - GMT+2 (Summer Time)




General Information on Prishtina 

Capital of Kosovo that became independent from Serbia in 2008, Prishtina is also known as the biggest and the most modern city of the country. In Prishtina whose history goes back to thousands of years ago, it is possible to see the traces of all civilizations. The city in which almost 250 thousand people live today is Kosovo’s political, commercial, economic, and cultural capital. You can make a pleasant travel in Prishtina thanks to its rich tables at which you will taste delicious dishes of Kosovo cuisine, its ethnic texture, and its modern social life.

How to go to the City Center from Prishtina International Airport? 

Prishtina International Airport, Kosovo’s only airport, has been serving since 1965. The airport located in the Vrella district of the city and at a distance of 15 kilometers to the city center is a quite important transportation center, as both military and civil flights are performed there. In the airport that serves with an annual capacity of 1 million passengers on average, there are lounges where the passengers can get some rest, various stores, ATMs, rent-a-car offices, cafés, and restaurants.

In the airport that underwent comprehensive renovation and development works in the year 2010, it is possible to find the services that will meet passengers’ all needs. You can go to the city center from Prishtina International Airport by using numerous options like mass transport, taxi, and car rental.


The most preferred option to go from Pristine International Airport to the city center is the mass transport. In the city, the mass transport service to the city center from the airport is given by buses only. However, you need to change vehicles for the reason that the buses do not go directly to the city center. After coming to a certain point by riding one of the buses departing from the airport arrivals exit gate, you can change to another bus going to the city center. It takes approximately 1 hour to go to the city center from the airport by bus.


Taxi is the most comfortable way of going to the city center from Pristine International Airport. You can go to the city center by riding one of the taxis waiting at the taxi stand in front of the airport arrivals exit gate 24 hours a day. The taxi fares are not much high in the city. However, if you tell where you want to go before getting on the taxi cab, you can receive information on the average fare from the driver. Depending on the traffic, you can go to the city center from the airport in 20-25 minutes on average.

Car Rental

Renting car is one of the most comfortable and safest ways of going to the city center from the airport. After landing at the airport, if you do not prefer the mass transport or taxi to go to the city center, you can utilize the car rental service. There are many car rental firms that give service in the airport. You can rent a car from these firms on hourly or daily basis, or for the whole time you will stay in Prishtina if you wish so. We suggest you make early reservation for a more affordable renting.

What to eat in Prishtina?

Kosovo cuisine is under the influences of both the Albanian and Serbian food cultures. This diversity is one of the reasons that make Kosovo one of the best places for flavor exploration. In Prishtina, whose culinary culture is rather similar to Turkish culinary culture, you will meet, rather frequently, the dishes you know and have tasted previously.

Pastries have a quite important place in Kosovo cuisine. They are rather assertive with respect to phyllo pastry varieties. The pastries made of manually spread dough are always the honor guest of the tables. The pastry called bakllasarm and served with yogurt and garlic is the most famous one of these flavors. When you are in Prishtina, the fried zander, qebapa made with lamb and veal, and the lamb chops called tave, which are the indispensable flavors of the Kosovo cuisine, must absolutely be included in your list of flavors to be explored. After tasting these dishes, you can try the famous tres leches dessert.

Where to stay in Prishtina?

In Prishtina, you can easily find numerous hotel options, both five-star and economical ones. Besides, the guesthouses and boarding houses in Prishtina are favorites of the visitors of the city, since they are affordable and reflect the traditional Balkan hospitality.

The travelers coming to Prishtina generally prefer the famous central districts for accommodation like Fehmi Agani, Maliq Pasha, Agim Ramadani, and Ali Kelmendi Avenues. You can find hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, and stores that appeal to every budget on and around these avenues. By staying in these districts that are quite near the most famous tour sites of the city, you can make a pleasant travel.

Must-Do's in Prishtina

The capital of Kosovo, Prishtina is admired by travelers for its magnificent tour routes. Prepare your suitcases to explore the historical buildings and natural beauties in both the city center and around the city! Here are the things you must do absolutely in this travel you will make with AnadoluJet Pristine flight ticket:

  • See the famous Imperial Mosque surviving from the Ottoman era and built at the behest of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.
  • Visit the Clock Tower had built by Skopje Governor Jashar Mehmet Pasha.
  • Go on a journey in the history of Kosovo in the Kosovo Museum built in Austro-Hungarian architecture.
  • Know the traditional lifestyle of the city more closely in Prishtina Ethnography Museum.
  • Have your photographs taken in front of the Newborn and Bill Clinton statues decorating the city squares.
  • Take a walk in Germia Park to discover numerous plant species and wildlife.
  • Enjoy shopping in the most famous avenues of the city.
  • Taste the flavors of Kosovo cuisine in the popular local restaurants of Prishtina.

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