Odesa Dalaman Flight Ticket

Odesa Dalaman Flight Ticket

Book the Most Affordable Odesa Dalaman Flight Ticket

Dalaman is included in many travelers’ route thanks to its natural beauties in particular. With its idyllic coves, lush green nature, ancient heritage, historical buildings, and delicious tables, get ready to explore Dalaman! AnadoluJet accompanies you on Odesa-Dalaman route to turn the flight into a pleasant travel activity. 

In your flights with AnadoluJet, you can make an economical journey with the most affordable Odesa-Dalaman flight ticket price. AnadoluJet that offers its passengers economic advantages as well as safety and comfort is beside you on the Odesa-Dalaman route as well.
In order to utilize the opportunities of AnadoluJet and book cheap Odesa-Dalaman flight ticket for your Dalaman travel, firstly, you should plan your travel program. After setting your travel date range, you can benefit from the advantageous cheap Odesa-Dalaman flight ticket prices of AnadoluJet. In AnadoluJet, you can book your ticket with a single click thanks to online channels. To do that, the only thing you should do is to select your planned travel day and time ranges in the “Search Flight” section of AnadoluJet. 
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How to go to Odesa Airport from City Center?

Located within the city limits of Odesa, Ukraine, Odesa International Airport has been giving service since 1961. The airport that has an important role in Ukraine’s air transport is 7 km to the city center. In Odesa International Airport built on a large area of 570 hectares, there are numerous services the passengers may need. You can find numerous services like various cafés and restaurants, stores, lounges, and ATM in the airport.


Bus tops the list of the most popularly used options to go to the airport from Odesa city center. With the airport buses you can get on at numerous different stops in Odesa city center, you can go to the airport economically and comfortably. It takes 15-20 minutes on average to go to Odesa International Airport from the city center by bus.


Another option you can prefer to go to Odesa International Airport is trolleybus. It is possible to go to the airport directly with the trolleybus that passes through many points in the city center. You can go from the city center to Odesa International Airport within 25-30 minutes on average.


In Odesa, those who do not want to use public transport to go to the airport from the city center prefer taxi. If you wish so, you too can take a taxi to go to the airport from the city center more comfortably. You can go to the airport from the city center in 10-15 minutes by taxi.

Car Rental

For a more private travel to Odesa International Airport, you can receive car rental service. You can rent the car that suits your budget best from the firms in the city center and arrive at the airport in 10 minutes.

General Information on Dalaman

One of the first districts coming to mind when it comes to nature, history, and vacation, Dalaman is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts where you can get rid of the whole year's fatigue. This district, which had been ruled by Lycia, Rome, Byzantium, the Seljuks, and the Ottomans during its history going back to circa 5,000 B.C., is virtually an outdoor museum with the historical traces it bears. Dalaman, which has become a popular route for both the yacht tourism and the lovers of rafting, promises its visitors who look for exciting and entertaining activities an unforgettable vacation. Numerous cultural heritages in addition to the coves with stunning scenes, resting natural atmosphere, pleasant yacht tours, colorful nightlife await you in Dalaman. In addition to all these, your taste buds will be delighted with its cuisine smelling the Aegean tastes abundantly.

How to go to the City Center from Dalaman Airport?

Serving since 1982, Dalaman Airport is the second airport within the borders of Mugla. Functioning as a bridge to the vacation sites like Fethiye, Marmaris, Gocek, Datca, Kas, Akyaka, Dalaman Airport is 8 km to the city center. It is known as one of the busiest airports in terms of air traffic, in summer season especially, due to its closeness to Türkiye's important tourist destinations. There are various options of transportation to go to the city center and many other points from Dalaman Airport that serves the domestic and international flights 24 hours each day of the year.


Taxi is one of the options you have to go to Dalaman city center or anywhere you want from Dalaman Airport. Even though it may vary by traffic density, you can go to the city center in 15 minutes on average by taxi.


You can go to Dalaman city center and many other points most economically by riding one of MUTTAS buses through which Mugla Metropolitan Municipality gives public transport service. It is possible to go from Dalaman Airport to Mentese Bus Terminal, Yatagan Bus Terminal, Milas Ucyol, Ortaca, Marmaris, Bodrum Bus Terminal, Fethiye Bus Terminal, and Koycegiz by MUTTAS buses giving service separately for each flight. MUTTAS buses depart from the exit of Dalaman Airport terminal.

Car Rental

If you are looking for a comfortable and private option for transfer from Dalaman Airport to anywhere you want, you can use the car rental options.

You can ensure that your car is prepared in advance by booking one online before arriving at Dalaman Airport where you can find the offices of numerous national and international car rental firms, and when you have completed your travels, you can deliver your vehicle to the car rental office from which you have received service.

What to eat in Dalaman?

It is a well-known fact how delicious the Aegean cuisine is. In Dalaman, meat accompanies the marvelous vegetables of the Aegean cuisine. We can say that here you can eat lots of fish, vegetable dishes in olive oil, and salads.

The “thicklip grey mullet”, one of the most beloved dishes in Dalaman, is served with vegetables, and its grilled version is famous. In some restaurants, you can find this fish as steamed or pilaki. Colloquially known as “big head”, this fish type can be found in the menu of almost every restaurant. The “blue crab” is one of the most popular tastes of Dalaman cuisine. With this crab consumed as boiled or grilled, appetizers in olive oil are preferred. In addition to the local appetizers like sea beans or yogurtlama, diced lamb meat fried on iron plate is also one of the frequently eaten meals.

In Dalaman, a restaurant serving delicious meals will meet you whether you are in the city center or villages. You may also prefer the fish restaurants on the coastline, buffets near the beach, and the hotel restaurants in the city center.

Where to stay in Dalaman?

Renowned for its connection to the strongest routes of the summer vacation and holiday resorts, Dalaman offers its visitors lots of accommodation options. There are hotel options for every budget.

In addition to the 5-star and city hotels near the city center, mostly the boutique hotels are preferred around the coves and holiday resorts. Dalaman, which also allows renting a house, meets the needs of the travelers who want to break the rules with its tent camps.

Must-Do's in Dalaman 

Be ready to see the most beautiful examples of nature’s unique beauty in Dalaman! With its virgin coves enchanting with their blue, spotlessly clean sea, beaches renowned for their golden sands, rivers, and ancient heritage, you are invited to an unforgettable Dalaman travel. AnadoluJet will accompany you with Odesa-Dalaman flight ticket in your journey from Odesa to the hot coasts. Here is our list of must-do’s in Dalaman for those who want to explore nature and history thoroughly. 

  • Enjoy the sea-sand-sun trio on the 7 km long Sarigerme Beach, one of Türkiye’s longest coastlines.
  • Camp in the lush green forest of the Gokgemile Cove, and experience waking up with the sound of nature in the morning.
  • Start on a journey into the past of Dalaman in the Ancient City of Hippokome.
  • Stay in one of the hotels renowned for their unique sea view in Gunluklu Cove.
  • Put out to blue sea in Kille, Sarsala, and Bedri Rahmi coves, and let yourself into the ice-cold Aegean waters
  • Visit the Ancient City of Kaunos. Examine the historical artifacts surviving from the Ancient Age.
  • Make sure to see the Iztuzu Beach that is 22 km to Dalaman city center, and visit the Caretta Caretta turtle center.
  • Taste the dishes of the Aegean cuisine, each more delicious than the last, in Dalaman’s local restaurants.

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