Nevşehir Flight Ticket

Nevşehir Flight Ticket

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Established by the Hittites under the name of Nissa, Nevsehir had also been ruled by the kingdoms of Phrygia and Lydia. Nevsehir, whose history goes back to 3000 B.C., is famous for Cappadocia, which was called Katpatuka by the Assyrians. Most tourists come to this part of the city to visit the hoodoos, which are called “Fairy Chimneys" by Turkish people. Having a deep-rooted history, Nevsehir’s historical riches other than Cappadocia are the Ihlara Valley, Fort Uchisar, Nevsehir Museum, Zelve Outdoor Museum, Ozkonak Underground City, Red Valley, Haci Bektas Veli Museum, Aios Vasilios Church, and Gore Ruins. The city is also famous for its underground cities. Some of these underground cities are the following: Derinkuyu Underground City, Kaymakli Underground City, Mazı Underground City, Ozkonak Underground City, Tatlarin Underground City, Ozluce (Zile) Underground City, Acigol Underground City, and Sivasa Gokcetoprak Underground City. Some of the local tastes of Nevsehir that has a rich cuisine are tarhana, dugu, kesme, sutlu, potato soup, katma, soganlama, divil, cacık, stuffed quinces, canak, Nevsehir pan, zerdi rice, and sizgit. Mostly, the meat dishes are preferred in the city. However, since vegetable growing is rather widespread, numerous dishes include vegetables.

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General Information on Nevsehir

Nevsehir, which has a marvelous ambiance thanks to hoodoos and valleys shaped by the miraculous impacts of nature over time 60 million years ago, is the most tourist visited part of the Central Anatolian Region. Outside the touristic areas, the life in the city is rather humble and calm.

This city that has numerous cultural heritages like the Cappadocia hoodoos, Ihlara Valley, and Haci Bektas-i Veli Museum is also renowned for its local drinks, handicraft and ceramic products. Walking tours, horse riding tours, balloon tours top the list of tourism activities in Nevsehir. Nevsehir promises you an unforgettable vacation with its unique scenes you can especially see in balloon tours, underground cities, marvelous nature, cultural heritage, urban life, and local cuisine.

How to go to the City Center from Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport?

Active since 1998, Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport is located in Gulsehir district. The airport is 25 km to Nevsehir city center, 35 km to Goreme and Avanos, 40 km to Urgup, 70 km to Kirsehir, and 100 km to Kayseri. There are different options of transportation to the city center and many other points of the city from Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport that has domestic flights and international flights terminals.


If you are looking for a fast and comfortable option to go from Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport to the city center or any point you want, you can prefer taxis. You can go to the city center in 30-35 minutes approximately by taxi you can find easily in front of the terminal exits of the airport.

Passenger Shuttle Bus

You can also use the passenger shuttle buses to go from Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport to the city center. The passenger shuttle buses that serve separately for every aircraft that has landed go to the city center by following the route of Forum, Tahta Bufeler, Gulbahce, University.

Car Rental

If you are looking for a comfortable and private option for going to the city center or any point you want from Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport, you can use the car rental services. You can go every point in the city or the neighboring cities by selecting a car in any segment you want from the car rental offices at the airport.

What to eat in Nevsehir?

As is the case with almost every Turkish city, Nevsehir cuisine also includes peculiar dishes. In Nevsehir cuisine, where meat consumption is rather high in general, a considerable amount of vegetables is also consumed.

In the city that is an important center of pottery, the meals are cooked in earthenware pots and thus taste much more delicious. "Agpakla" tops the list of these meals. "Agpakla", which is haricot bean cooked in earthenware pot and includes bone-in meat, is one of the tastes you must try absolutely when you are in the city. Likewise, we meet manti (Turkish ravioli), which is one of the meals peculiar to the Central Anatolian cuisine, as "Nevsehir manti" in the cuisine of this city. The "stuffed apricot" is one of the most interesting tastes in Nevsehir. The meal prepared by filling sweet apricot with minced meat or normal meat tops the list of local tastes. Even if it sounds strange to you, we suggest you try this taste on site. The "stew with chickpeas" cooked in earthenware pot, "gendime soup" made of cracked wheat and bone broth, "milk soup" made by adding milk to boiled bulgur, and "jelly paste" made by cooking flour and molasses together are the other tastes peculiar to the region.

Where to stay in Nevsehir?

In Nevsehir, authentic cave style hotels and modern hotels will meet you. Other than these hotel options, you can have a peaceful Nevsehir vacation with your family and beloved ones in the apart-hotels and boarding houses in the city center. There are also accommodation options for those who want to stay in the Cappadocia zone away from the city center, which satisfy their preferences and budgets. Additionally, you can also visit the region by pitching a tent in the permitted areas and witness all magnificence of Nevsehir livingly.

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