Muş Flight Ticket

Muş Flight Ticket

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General Information on Mus

Known as "Turks' Door to Anatolia", Mus has been the scene of numerous events that affected the flow of history. Ruled by numerous civilizations throughout its history, this city sheds light on the past with its rich history and historical buildings whose textures have been preserved until today. Worth seeing for its culture and nature, Mus was established in a valley on the slopes of Kurtik Mountain, through which the rivers Car and Karni flow. This city, whose borders had been created in Nairi land of the Urartians, came under the protection of the Seljuk State in the wake of the Battle of Manzikert, at the end of its story that stretches from the Persians to the Macedonians, from the Romans to the Byzantines.

Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Mus is an ideal option for numerous tourists looking for something different with its unique nature, historical buildings that have survived from numerous civilizations, tulip gardens, local cuisine, and climate suitable for winter sports.

How to go to the City Center from Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport?

In service since 1992, Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport is the transportation bridge for Mus and the neighboring cities. It is possible to take a direct or connecting flight to numerous cities of the country from Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport located 35 km to the city center. There are different options of transportation from Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport, where reciprocal direct flights to Ankara and Istanbul are performed every day, to the city center and numerous other points of the city.


Taxis can be preferred to go to the city center from Sultan Alparslan Airport. You can go to the city center in 40 minutes approximately by taxi that will serve you any time of the day.


You can also use the buses as the public transport alternative to go to the city center from Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport. The buses that await passengers in front of the airport exit gate depart regularly at 1-hour intervals regardless of the passenger number.

Car Rental

If you want to go to the city center from Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport by using a private means of transport, you can benefit from the car rental option. You can go to the city center or any point you want in the city by renting a car.

What to eat in Mus?

Mus, which has a rich cuisine dominated by cereals and meat, keeps lots of varieties on its plentiful tables. In the restaurants that will meet you once you are in the city, you can have a really good feast at economical prices. You can see great meat dishes in the menus of the venues you visit. The meals that describe Mus cuisine best can be listed as Mus meatball made by tenderizing the lean meat machine-minced for two or three times, hez roll made by stuffing boiled cabbage leaves with rice and minced meat, and corti (a type of pickle) and crispy Mus pastry, which are indispensable for Mus tables.

Where to stay in Mus?

Mus, which welcomes visitors coming for tourism and business purposes, definitely has economic options for accommodation. Mus hotels are generally positioned in the city center. And the visitors also prefer the hotels in the city center for easy transportation. While the city has standard urban hotels in general, there are also options for those looking for luxurious hotels.

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