Munich Flight Ticket

Munich Flight Ticket

Fly to Munich at the Best Prices

The capital of the State of Bavaria, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, Munich awaits you for a travel pleasure through and through! Its spectacular architectural buildings surviving from the Middle Ages, its museums mesmerizing with their rich collections, its entertaining eat & drink venues, gourmet tastes, and many other features make Munich a unique travel destination. For an unforgettable Munich travel, AnadoluJet Munich flight ticket accompanies you on the Germany route.

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General Information on Munich

Munich dates back to 1150's AD and it is one of the most important cities in Germany. Located on the banks of the Isar River, Munich has a rich cultural background, being home to many civilizations throughout the history. Munich is referred to as Home of the Monks and it is mostly populated by students.

This city is associated an intense entertainment culture and it is flooded by visitors throughout the year thanks to its world-famous festivals. You should definitely explore the peaceful atmosphere of Munich with its streets, intact architectural structures and big city parks.

How to go to the City Center from Munich Airport?

Granted Europe's first "Five-Star Airport" designation, Munich Airport maintains its existence in a way to prioritize the comfort of visitors. The airport is appreciated in terms of simplified processes, clear signs, easy navigation and hygiene in all phases of your flight, albeit a heavy passenger traffic. It is very easy to reach the city center by means of transportation facilities available at the airport, 40 km away from the city center.


You can take advantage of the rail system to get from Munich Airport to the city center. You will directly arrive at the central station in approximately 35 minutes by catching S8 line trains that depart every 10 minutes from the station at the airport.


It is possible for you to reach the city center in the easiest way on Lufthansa Express buses departing from Munich Airport. With these buses that run every 15 minutes, you can get to the city center in about 45 minutes.


If you do not prefer public transportation, you can reach the city center taking a taxi in front of the Departure and Arrival Halls of Terminal 1 or 2.

Car Rental

You can rent a car world's famous car-rental companies at the airport and you can opt for a practical means for both transportation to the city and also for your travel plans. You can rent a car online before flight.

What to eat in Munich? 

A brief journey to Munich will be sufficient for you to taste the most delicious dishes of German cuisine. Cookies, each more beautiful than the last, meat dishes that feast the taste buds with their sauces, the outstanding flavors of the global cuisines, and many other options await you in Munich travel. As is the case with the numerous cities of Germany, Munich is also a city where mostly the traditional tastes are preferred. Undoubtedly, the potato has the biggest say in this regard. The number of potato dishes on the menus of Munich restaurants may surprise you. However, they are very delicious.

The answer to the question “What to eat in Munich?” is obviously much beyond potato meals. Famous spaetzle that goes well with every dish, and also can be a rather filling dish alone with sauces like a mushroom, pesto must be included in your list absolutely. The famous German bagel pretzel you can find in Germany’s every city and delicious schnitzel that winks at Vienna cuisine are also two of the most loved dishes of Munich. When it comes to German flavors, do not forget to taste germknödel cake and Berliner cookies that are sold on Munich streets, each more delicious than the last.

Where to stay in Munich?

Visitors to Munich which is one of Germany’s most dynamic cities never end. Those who want to explore the streets of the city and shop as much as they want in the Christmas markets, those who come for a business trip, and hundreds of thousands of people who come to Munich for many other reasons within the year visit Munich. Therefore, Munich stands out as one of the cities that have the most accommodation alternatives in Germany. You can find accommodation alternatives, each more pleasant than the last, ranging from premium hotels to boutique hotels in the most beautiful place of the city.

There are principal regions preferred for accommodation in Munich. The first one is the Altstadt zone known as the heart of the city. The most touristic zone of the city, Altstadt includes the sights like the New Town Hall and Hofbräuhaus am Platzl. The most prestigious shopping malls and eat & drink venues of the city are also located in this zone.

Another most preferred accommodation zone in Munich is Maxvorstadt. This is a rather pleasant zone for more economical accommodation. Maxvorstadt mostly includes entertainment venues, educational institutions, and art museums. Therefore, it may not be the best option for a calm and quiet accommodation.

During your Munich visit, you may also prefer the zones like Ludwigsvorstadt – Isavorstadt, Au Haidhausen, and Schwabin West, which are a little bit out of the city center but convenient in terms of transportation thanks to the means of mass transport. You can benefit from the early reservation opportunities for affordable accommodation in Munich. You can make an online reservation by selecting your hotel in advance, thus obtaining more advantageous accommodation opportunities.

Must-Do's in Munich 

The capital of the State of Bavaria, Munich awaits you with travel destinations each more pleasant than the last. Get ready to explore its spectacular historical heritage resisting the centuries, public squares that are dynamic all seasons of the year, and shopping avenues decorated with glittering lights! While the gourmet tastes the scents of which fill the streets of Munich make you admire German cuisine, the architectural structures will take you on time travel. For an unforgettable travel to Munich that is one of Germany’s crowded cities, AnadoluJet will accompany you with Munich flight ticket.

  • Spend some time in the English Garden that is one of the most beautiful public parks of Munich. Get some rest in the shadows of the trees, rent a bicycle, make a vigorous start to the day on the running track.
  • Explore the Marienplatz Square, the heart of the city! Sip your coffee in the cafes encircling the square.
  • See the Neues Rathaus building that is one of the iconic buildings in the Marienplatz Square.
  • If you visit the city during Christmas, take a brilliant shopping tour in the gigantic Christmas market established in front of the New Town Hall.
  • Make a journey to the life in Munich in the 15th century in the Nymphenburg Palace that enthralls its visitors with its Baroque architecture.
  • Feel yourself like a gourmet in Viktualienmarkt, the most famous food market of the city!
  • Visit the Munich Residenz Palace to observe the royal life in Munich.
  • Examine the products, each more beautiful than the last, displayed on the market stalls of Flohmarkt antique market.
  • Explore the booksellers, vintage shops in Schwabing.
  • Buy Bavaria porcelain products that decorate the shop windows on Munich streets for your beloved ones as well as yourself.
  • Explore the streets with Pretzel, the indispensable street flavor of the city!

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