Moscow Flight Ticket

Moscow Flight Ticket

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With the architectural structures that look like as if they had sprung out of fairy tale books, the historical heritage that lets you feel the spirit of the history, the world-renowned Red Square, and many other unique beauties, Moscow awaits you! In order to explore Moscow, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, review the comfortable, safe, and advantageous Moscow flights of AnadoluJet.

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General Information on Moscow

The capital of Russia, Moscow is a city to the full, located between the rivers Oka and Volga and always attracting attentions throughout the history. Outstanding for its 12 million population, historical beauties, dynamic city life, and museums, Moscow is an important representative of both the country administration and culture-art. Another hero that makes the culture of this city strong is its delicious cuisine. Here, you can find the most beautiful products of the Russian cuisine in almost all venues.

Tverskaya, the main street of the city; the Red Square, address of the magnificent historical buildings; Arbat Street or Nikolai Gogol Museum… With all its historical and modern details, Moscow is a city to explore thoroughly. You also book a flight ticket to Moscow by using the affordable price advantages, start to plan your vacation!

How to go to the City Center from Moscow Vnukovo Airport?

Vnukovo Airport is Moscow's 3rd big international airport together with Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. This airport is also Moscow's oldest airport, as it has been active since 1941. The airport that has 3 terminals has a heavy passenger traffic in every season of the year. The facility includes almost everything to ensure the guests' comfort: ATMs, foreign exchange offices, shopping areas, and food courts offer services.

There are numerous alternative means of transport to go to the city center from the airport located 28 km southwest of the city center.


You can go to the city center from the airport by Mosgortrans public buses. However, the buses departing from the airport do not take you to the city center directly. They take you to the metro stations from where you can ride a metro train to the city center. You can transfer from the buses 11 and 272 to Salaryevo metro station, and the buses 611/611c to Yugo-Zapadnaya, Troparyovo, and Rumyantsevo stations. In this way, you can go to anywhere you want to visit in Moscow first by bus and then by metro.


If you want to go to the city center from the airport uninterruptedly, you must choose metro. Aeroexpress available in the airport will take you to the city center directly. You can go to Kievsky by boarding one of the trains departing from the station across the Terminal A hourly in 40 minutes.


With the taxis you can take from the stands at the arrival exit of the airport, you can go to the city center in a short time. You can find the contact information of the taxis serving on 24/7 basis here.

Car Rental

You can rent a car if you prefer a private transport option. Renting a car will not only make it easier for you to go to Moscow city center, but also enable you to explore the city in detail. You can ensure that your car is prepared in advance by booking one online before arriving at the airport.

What to eat in Moscow?

For those who take pleasure in experiencing different flavors, Moscow hosts dishes each more beautiful than the last. Russian cuisine dominates the Moscow dining tables. However, Russian cuisine includes a rather rich culinary culture that may differ in every region. It is possible to see the most famous flavors of Russian cuisine in Moscow. Since Moscow is a touristic city, it is rather assertive about the world cuisines as well as the local dishes. The city has made a distinguished name for itself thanks to its success in Italian cuisine and French cuisine as well. During your Moscow visit, you should explore its most beautiful dishes in addition to its magnificent historical structures and squares.

To explore and understand Moscow thoroughly, it is necessary to go for a pleasant tour from the most famous restaurants to the street tastes of the city. In Moscow where there are numerous flavors from Kazakh, Turkish, Georgian, and Balkan cuisines, you can find a taste that appeals to your taste buds. Mostly the fish varieties and vegetable dishes constitute the indispensable flavors for the menus of Moscow restaurants and the dining tables.

Shchi, which is one of the most consumed soup types in Russia, is one of the delicious vegetable dishes. Known as cabbage soup, shchi is made of vegetables that are high in vitamins like carrot, onion, celery mushroom, and cabbage. When you visit Moscow in winter especially, shchi soup will be a good alternative to warm you inside and make you feel sated with flavor. If you would like to try a different soup, borscht moskovsky (Moscow-style beet soup) which is another famous flavor must be included in your list of flavors to be tasted.

Pelmeni, one of the most famous dishes of Moscow, can be likened to manti (dumpling) we know very well from Turkish cuisine. You can find pelmeni made by stuffing thin layers of dough with different materials like meat, chicken, mushroom in numerous restaurants in Moscow. Additionally, you must definitely try the famous Russian crepe blini, the indispensable element of Russian breakfast, the meat pastry piroshki, one of the most delicious snacks, and soft ponchiki, for a sweet closure, in your Moscow visit.

Where to stay in Moscow?

For an unforgettable journey in the company of the cultural attraction of Moscow, the location and comfort of the place you stay in constitute a very important criterion. Most of the touristic regions of Moscow are close to each other. Besides, the Moscow metro is one of the world’s oldest metro networks, and the mass transport lines in the city are rather developed. Therefore, you can get to the touristic touring points of the city easily regardless of where you stay.

One of the world’s most visited touristic cities, Moscow has numerous alternatives from boutique boarding houses to five-star premium hotels. In Moscow that offers its guests a comfortable travel opportunity with diversified accommodation alternatives, you can find a hotel, boarding house, or apart-hotel option for every budget.

The most famous hotels of Moscow are mostly located around tourist touring points. The Tverskoy district is the most preferred accommodation zone in Moscow. This district, which we can call the place where the heart of nightlife beats, is also quite close to famous touristic points of the city. Tverskoy also includes many stops of the metro network, you can get to many places like the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Hermitage Park within a short time.

Another famous district where you can stay during your Moscow visit is Arbat. Arbat, which has become one of the most popular accommodation regions of the city, appeals to every budget with alternatives ranging from premium hotels to affordable boarding houses. Besides, let us tell you that the most famous shopping avenues, art museums, and the next generation coffee shops of the city are here. If you are planning to focus your Moscow travel on culture and shopping, the Arbat district is tailor-made for you. A brief walk from the Arbat district will take you to the Red Square, the symbol of Moscow.

Kitay-Gorod, one of the districts mostly preferred by the first-time visitors of Moscow, is one of the oldest settlements of the city. In the Kitay-Gorod district renowned for its shopping opportunities and historical buildings, you can find more affordable accommodation opportunities compared with the other districts of the city. For family travel, Basmanny, one of the safest districts of Moscow, can be a good alternative with its clean streets, city parks, ponds, and cultural points.

The Yakimanka district of Moscow, from where you can go to the Red Square and the other touristic points easily, has risen to the top ranks in the list of most preferred districts in recent years. One of the most important reasons behind that is the fact that the hotels in the district have different price scales. In the Yakimanka district from where you can get to the famous shopping malls and museums of the city quickly, you can find the hotel that suits your budget best. You can benefit from the early reservation opportunities for the most advantageous accommodation in your Moscow travel.

Must-Do's in Moscow

Russia’s fable city Moscow promises travelers an unforgettable experience with the most spectacular architectural structures in the world. In this city where you can see the most beautiful examples of Russian architecture, the colorful domes built centuries ago, luxurious shopping malls, and the museum-like metro stops will meet you. Its pleasant avenues accompanying the cold climate of Russia, its restaurants full of flavors, and many more beauties will warm you inside. Get ready for an unforgettable Moscow travel in which you will be sated with art in the magnificent opera houses and galleries, with history in the museums, and with shopping in the crowded avenues of the city! A unique journey where you will open the doors of Russian culture with an AnadoluJet Moscow flight ticket awaits you. Do not forget to take a look at our list of the things you must do in the city absolutely for a thorough Moscow travel. Here is the sine qua non of Moscow travel:

  • Explore the Red Square, the heart of Moscow! Have a souvenir photograph taken in front of the historical buildings in the square. Buy Moscow souvenirs for yourself and your beloved ones from the hawker stalls.
  • Visit St. Basil's Cathedral, the icon of the city. Do not forget to visit the museum in the cathedral.
  • Take a journey to Russian history in the State Historical Museum that mesmerizes the onlookers with its crimson architecture. Make sure to see the Medieval Russia Exhibition in the museum.
  • Visit GUM, the oldest shopping mall in Moscow. Visit the stores in the mall. Take some rest in the most luxurious restaurants and cafes in the city.
  • Take a pleasant tour in the most famous galleries of the city for a day full of art.
  • Go on a nature walk in Gorky Park, the green face of the city. Ride a bicycle along the Moscow River. Take a pleasant boat tour on the lake.
  • Ride the Moscow metro, which enthralls with its architecture making people feel like they are in a museum. Take your time to tour the stops and see their beauties in addition to going from one place to another.
  • See the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky and the Lenin's Mausoleum in the Red Square.
  • Visit the Bolshoi Theatre, the heart of art in Moscow. Take an opportunity to watch a show on this unique stage by following the events schedule.
  • Climb up the Sparrow Hills that hosts the Moscow State University. Witness the most beautiful view of Moscow in the company of the city lights coming on after the sunset.
  • Taste the flavors of Russian cuisine in the most famous historical restaurants of Moscow: Cafe Pushkin and Oblomov.
  • Buy a Moscow souvenir from the souvenir shops on the Arbat Street. Have a look at the souvenirs with interesting concepts in the Skazka shop especially. Make sure to buy a Matryoshka doll, a Moscow classic.
  • Tour the Izmaylovo Market for the pleasure of economical shopping. Examine the secondhand and antique products on the stalls.

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