Book Madīnah Flight Ticket

Book Madīnah Flight Ticket

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Medina, the most important city of Saudi Arabia along with Riyadh and Mecca, is considered a holy city by Muslims. Madīnah is an important route for Umrah and Hajj and it is always a crowded city since it is on a religious route.

The city came under domination Seljuks during the reign of Malik-Shah and was ruled by the Ottoman Empire thereafter. For this reason, you can also see the traces of Ottoman in the city. The following can be listed  among the most visited places of Madīnah, which will always maintain its importance for the Muslim world: Al-Masjid an-Nabawī (Prophetic Mosque), Masjid al-Qiblatayn (Mosque of the Two Qiblas), Masjid Qubā (Quba Mosque) and Masjid al-‘Anbarīyah (Anbariya Mosque or Hamidiye Mosque built by the Ottoman).

In Medina, you will meet great shopping venues, delicious sherbets and the greatest examples of world-renowned Arab cuisine.


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Time 02.03.2021
Tuesday / 07:21

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GMT+2 (Kış saati) - GMT+3 (Yaz Saati)






How to Transfer from Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport to Madīnah City Center

The airport of Madīnah- the holy land for the Muslim- namely Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport has heavy passenger traffic. The airport is one of the best examples of modern structuring and catches attention frequent domestic flights as well as increasing number of international flights in recent years.


You can reach the city center in a short time by private shuttle buses of Madinah Region Development Authority. These buses are located just outside the terminal building and journey time is 30 minutes. The price of the bus ticket arrives near the Prophetic Mosque is 10 SAR. 


You can also take a taxi as an alternative to get from the airport to the city center. If you want to take advantage of standard taxis, you can take the licensed vehicles in front of the terminal gate. Click here to get information about fares.

Car Rental

You can also opt for car- rental as an alternative to get from Madīnah airport to the city center. You can find car rental companies at the Meet & Greet Area - Arrivals Hall section of the airport to take advantage of this option, which offers flexibility for your short or long term travels.

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