Kuwait Flight Ticket

Kuwait Flight Ticket

Fly to Kuwait at the Best Prices

One of the most popular travel destinations of the Middle East, Kuwait is located by the Persian Gulf. Many beauties that are worth seeing await you in Kuwait. You can start your Kuwait exploration with AnadoluJet's advantages.

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General Information on Kuwait

Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait and it draws attention due to the fact that it represents the rapidly developing economy of the country and the Middle East. The earliest settlements in Kuwait dates back to 1600s; in our day, with the initiatives in recent years, it is flooded with visitors with a view to business trips, import-export, shopping and travel.

Kuwait is one of the richest cities in the Middle East and its main focus is on oil. Apart from that, shopping is yet another aspect in this city where we witness the co-existence of the desert and the sea in the same geography. This city is especially suitable for buying electronic products with low taxes; and also it welcomes its visitors in the best way with its modern streets, magnificent buildings, sea and cuisine.

How to go to the City Center from Kuwait International Airport?

Kuwait International Airport is one of the most modern and important facilities of the Middle East and it has been in service since 1979. The airport is built on a large area and continues to expand with its additional buildings. There are various means of transportation to get to the city from Kuwait International Airport, which is 15 km away from the city center.


The most economical way to get from Kuwait International Airport to the city center is to take a bus. At the bus stops at the airport, you can take either 501 or 21 line that cross the most central parts of the city. Depending on traffic conditions, you can reach the city center in 30 minutes.


You may not want to use public transport scorching heat in Kuwait. You can take a taxi to get from the airport to the city center. Considering the exchange rate of Turkish Lira, you can reach the city center after 20-25 minute journey by taxi, which is affordable.

Car Rental

At Kuwait International Airport, where many international car rental fleets serve, you have the opportunity to reach the city center by renting a car of various segments.

What to eat in Kuwait?

Kuwaiti cuisine stands out with its delicious local dishes. You can also find here the dishes you have tasted before but cooked this time with different methods. Therefore, Kuwaiti cuisine culture will look familiar to you. If you like the rice dishes especially, you can find a large variety of dishes that suit you on Kuwaiti tables. Chicken and meat dishes cooked with various spices also occupy as large a place as rice on the tables.

It is possible to find lots of these flavors in the restaurants and cafes of the city.

Mutabbaq is the most famous food in Kuwait. Made of layers of phyllo dough, this food is quite filling. The pastry stuffed with a mixture made of onion, minced meat, and tomato is served as fried or baked. We recommend you to eat this food generally consumed as refreshment with tea. Another popular dish of the city is Kuwaiti biryani. This dish you can see in almost all of the Middle Eastern cuisine is a kind of pilaf. This pilaf, flavored with dried nuts and spices, is served with chicken pieces on it. If you would like to taste seafood in Kuwait, you should try Murabian that combines rice and shrimps.

Where to stay in Kuwait?

There are many beauties you should see in Kuwait. For an enjoyable travel plan, your accommodation place must be located at a central point. In Kuwait, mostly the city center is preferred for accommodation. In this way, you can get to anywhere you want to see from the city center easily. If you want to stay at a point near the old bazaars and shopping malls, you can prefer the hotels in Sharq region. Dasman region that is near the Persian Gulf is also one of the optimum accommodation regions.

Must-Do's in Kuwait 

Kuwait, which has developed a magnificent city life through its advances in recent years, has become a center of attraction for travelers. Those who want to explore the modern aspects of the Middle East are going to Kuwait. For its towers, religious buildings, and shopping areas, you must see Kuwait. Kuwait, which keeps the Middle Eastern culture alive on the one hand, has focused on innovations on the other hand. In this way, a colorful excursion awaits you in the city. One of the places you will see most frequently in Kuwait is rather famous coffee shops. If you are ready for a pleasant Kuwait tour, let’s have a look at the things you must make sure to do in this city.

  • Make sure to visit Kuwaiti Towers, which have become the iconic buildings of the city. You can view the cityscape from these towers open to the public.
  • Make a pleasant shopping tour in Souk Al Mubarakiya, the touristic bazaar of Kuwait. You can find Arabian antiques, silk carpets, scents like musk and agarwood, traditional Arabian clothes and accessories in this bazaar.
  • The Grand Mosque is one of the most interesting buildings in the city. Make sure to visit this magnificent mosque during your Kuwait travel.
  • Visit Al Kout Beach to see the rich blue sea view in Kuwait.
  • The Avenues Mall is one of the most popular destinations for Kuwaiti people who are keen on shopping. Make sure to visit this shopping mall and enjoy its amusement park and stylish restaurants.
  • Visit the National Museum of Kuwait to know Kuwait city and its culture better.
  • If you look for a different experience during your Kuwait travel, visit the Scientific Center of Kuwait. You can spend time in the sections called Aquarium, Discovery Place, and IMAX theater.

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