Book Kocaeli Trabzon Flight Ticket

Book Kocaeli Trabzon Flight Ticket

Find the Most Economical Kocaeli-Trabzon Flight Ticket

With its lush green highlands striking with admiration for their nature, historical heritage going back to thousands of years ago, and modern city life, Trabzon awaits you for an unforgettable travel experience! You can start planning your travel with the cheapest Kocaeli-Trabzon flight ticket you look for.

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How to go to Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport from the City Center?

Located in Kartepe, Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport gives both civil and military services. The airport that is 15 km to the city center shows that it cares about the passenger comfort with resting lounges, restaurants, and cafés. There are practical options to go to the airport from the city center.


Taxi is one of the options of transportation from the city center to Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport. You can go to the airport directly by taxi, which you can find almost everywhere in Kocaeli. Under normal traffic and weather conditions, your travel to the airport may take 20-25 minutes approximately.


You can go to Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport by bus which departs as per the flight times. The bus number 250C of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will help you with this matter. By riding one of the buses departing from Korfez Depolama Alani (Gulf Storage Area), you can go to the airport through Derince-Izmit route.

Car Rental

If you are looking for a comfortable and private option for transportation from the city center to the airport, you can use the car rental services. You can rent a car in any segment you want from the car rental firms in the city center.

General Information on Trabzon

Trabzon, which hosts every hue of the green in its fertile lands, is one of the biggest and the most important cities of the Black Sea. Located between the Zigana Mountains and the Black Sea, this city welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year thanks to its fascinating nature, cultural texture, historical importance for the Ottoman State and numerous civilizations, unique views, and local cuisine.

Flooded by visitors for its Soumela Monastery and holiday resorts like Uzungol as well as its forests that host countless plants and uniquely beautiful highlands, Trabzon is breathtakingly beautiful with its views. This city, which is very important for tourism, is also a center of education, culture, trade, agriculture, industry, and transportation.

How to go to the City Center from Trabzon Airport?

Located 6 km to the city center, Trabzon Airport is one of the airports that are closest to city center, thanks to its location. Trabzon Airport, which offers wonderful flight scenes thanks to its location on the coastline, has been providing Trabzon and the neighboring cities with domestic and international air transport since 1957.


The most frequently used alternative for a fast and comfortable transfer from Trabzon Airport to the city center is taxi. It takes approximately 15 minutes to go to the city center by taxi you can find in front of the domestic and international flights exit gates 24 hours a day.

Buses and Minibuses

Public transport is another option to go to the city center from Trabzon Airport. You can find many buses and minibuses going to the city center at the bus stops at airport exit. You can go to Degirmendere, Forum Trabzon, and Meydan by riding the Cimenli and Yomra buses that pass through the airport stop frequently.


One of the most frequently used options in airport-city center transfer is Havas shuttle buses. You can go to the city center, or to Hopa-Ardesen-Rize or Tirebolu route by riding the Havas shuttle buses that await at the arrivals section of the airport.

Car Rental

You can also prefer car rental services as a private option to go to the city center as well as for your travels in the city. You can have your urban transport by selecting the right car for you from the car rental offices at Trabzon Airport. In this way, you can also go to the neighboring cities like Rize, Giresun, and Artvin as you like.

What to eat in Trabzon?

When it comes to Trabzon, pita and pickle varieties are the first foods coming to mind, in addition to the meals made of anchovy, corn, black cabbage, and green bean. The city where numerous different cultures meet has a rich cuisine. However, the most notable meal varieties in Trabzon cuisine are the ones made by using anchovy. In the city where “40 different meals of anchovy are cooked”, there are numerous local tastes like fried anchovy, stewed anchovy, rice covered with anchovies, anchovy soup, anchovy burger, stuffed anchovy rolls, and anchovy hash browns. The city established on the coast of the Black Sea, where fishery is the main industry, has developed a different food culture in which the anchovy is cooked in almost all styles.

In Trabzon cuisine, corn is an important source of nutrition other than anchovy. Corn and corn flour constitute the main ingredient for numerous different meals, the first one of which is the cornbread. Besides, Trabzon bread is also peculiar to the city; it is a bread baked in masonry oven and can remain fresh for a long time. Not limited to these foods, Trabzon cuisine leaves marvelous tastes in the mouths with its pita varieties as well. The pita varieties that contain minced meat, cheese, and lots of fat constitute a delicious meal option with its preparation and baking styles special to the city. The meat-stuffed black cabbage leaves and the black cabbage soup are also the special meals from the local cuisine. Hasil made of corn flour, which you can prefer for every meal during your Uzungol tour; ic hogic prepared with spinach and chard; roasted green beans; mihlama that is made with butter and has a great taste; and Akcaabat meatballs named after the district where they are cooked are also some of the addictively delicious Trabzon meals.

Where to stay in Trabzon?

There are numerous accommodation facilities in different parts of the city, and within different price ranges, which you can prefer as per the reason of your visit. Those who want to stay in the city center can prefer multi-starred hotels. You can tour and shop in the city center by staying in these hotels located in Trabzon city center. However, if you have come to the city to go to the highlands, meet the unique nature of the Black Sea, and fill up your lungs with oxygen in perfectly clean air, then we suggest you stay in the accommodation facilities in the mountains and highlands.

Must-Do's in Trabzon

One of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea Region, Trabzon awaits you with its lush green highlands, natural wonders, historical architectural buildings reflecting the spirit of history, and many other beauties. You can make an unforgettable travel in Trabzon where you can experience the daily city life and natural life together. To do that, book Kocaeli-Trabzon flight ticket and have a look at the things you must make sure to do in Trabzon.

  • Visit the historical Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum. Explore this museum, which is one of the most beautiful examples of the Byzantine architecture and has attracted the attention of travelers and researchers alike throughout its history.
  • Visit Trabzon Atatürk Mansion where Atatürk stayed during his Trabzon visits, and live history again.
  • Climb up Trabzon Fortress. Enjoy the view of Trabzon from the fortress the past of which goes back to the Roman era.
  • Make sure you visit Uzungol (Long Lake), which is one of the most famous touristic points in Trabzon. Have a pleasant breakfast with the view of Uzungol that is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature.
  • Enjoy the view of Sera Lake that is 10 km to the city center. Let nature rejuvenate you here.
  • Visit Sumela Monastery, indispensable of any Trabzon travel. It will be difficult to hide your admiration in front of this magnificent building built on rock face. You can enjoy nature while walking on the pathway to the monastery.
  • While you are at Sumela Monastery, visit Vazelon Monastery that is close by, too. You must make sure to see the frescoes preserved here.
  • Visit Gulbahar Hatun Mosque in Trabzon Ortahisar. Built in the memory of Yavuz Sultan Selim’s mother Gulbahar Hatun, the mosque receives great attention of history lovers.
  • Witness the view of this nature-friendly city before returning from Trabzon. Boztepe is the best point to enjoy the most beautiful view of Trabzon. Sip the delicious Black Sea tea here against a marvelous view.

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