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Book Kayseri Flight Ticket

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General Information on Kayseri

Established at the center of the Central Anatolia Region and the foothills of the Mount Erciyes, Kayseri is one of the largest cities of the region with a population over 1 million. You can follow the traces of history in these lands that have hosted numerous civilizations and cultures throughout its 6000 years of history. Known to be the capital of Cappadocia in the Hellenistic period, Kayseri is nothing less than an outdoor museum with its rich historical heritage. The city that reflects the diversity of its culture in its cuisine has become a brand with its sujuk, pastrami, and manti (Turkish ravioli) in particular. Besides, one of the important industrial and commercial cities of Türkiye, Kayseri is a city that stands out in all of the furniture, textile, and food industries simultaneously.

Kayseri is a convenient city for the winter sports as well as the cultural and historical tourism. It is one of Türkiye's prominent cities in winter tourism thanks to Mount Erciyes Ski Center. Kayseri that has urbanized through a planned urbanization has a dynamic city life with its wide avenues and boulevards.

How to go to the City Center from Kayseri Erkilet Airport?

Active since 1998, Kayseri Erkilet Airport is 5 km to the city center. There are many alternatives to go to the city center from Kayseri Erkilet Airport where you can find direct or connecting flights to numerous places in Türkiye.


You can prefer taxis to go from Kayseri Erkilet Airport to the city center rapidly and comfortably. You can go to the city center or any point you want in the city by taxi you can find 24/7 in front of the terminal exits. Your travel from Kayseri Erkilet Airport to the city center takes 10 minutes on average.

Car Rental

If you want to use a comfortable and private option for going to the city center or any point you want from Kayseri Erkilet Airport, you can also use the car rental services. You can go anywhere in the city or the neighboring cities easily by selecting a car in any segment you want from the car rental offices at the airport.

What to eat in Kayseri?

Although manti, pastrami, and sujuk are the first foodstuffs that spring to mind when it comes to Kayseri, the city has a much richer cuisine culture actually. Dominated by the pastry and meat products, Kayseri cuisine really deserves its fame related to manti with totally 36 different types of manti that are prepared with different fillings and cooking techniques according to the researches made.

The famous representatives of Kayseri cuisine other than its manti are sujuk and pastrami. These foods mentioned together with the name of the city are rather famous not only in the country but also abroad. Pastrami in particular, which originates from the Central Asian Turks, is one of the products that makes the biggest contribution to the exports and economy of Kayseri today with 26 different types and the annual production over 900 tons. Even if you do not like pastrami, we suggest you give it chance in Kayseri and try it in its own place.

Yaglama is one of the important pastries renowned in the cuisine of the city. This meal made of layers of filo and minced meat amazes the ones who eat it with its addictively delicious taste.

The travelers who want to try more local and less known tastes in addition to the famous tastes of Kayseri must make sure to try Cut Soup, Asma-Kama made of noodle and pasta, Arabasi that requires skill both to make and eat, Casserole with Vegetables cooked in earthenware pots, Pehli made of lamb meat, Dugurcuk Soup made of thin bulgur, Stuffed Squash Blossoms, and marvelous Nevzine Dessert made of molasses with tahini.

Where to stay in Kayseri?

In the city, there are numerous accommodation options for different budgets and tastes, depending on the reason of the visit. If you are in the city for the winter tourism, you can prefer the boarding houses and hotels in Erciyes Ski Center. If your travel is more focused on culture, history, and the city, we suggest you stay in the hotels in the city center. You can have an easier and more comfortable holiday with numerous hotel options that are appropriate for different budgets and conditions. Those who want to be in touch with nature during their holidays, and spice their holidays with the activities such as trekking, rafting, mountain biking may camp in the permitted areas in the national park.

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