Izmir Tehran Flight Ticket

Izmir Tehran Flight Ticket

Find Discounted Izmir Tehran Flight Ticket

Home of numerous civilizations and boasting about an ancient culture, Iran is known as the land of kings and shahs today. With its historical buildings remaining from almost every civilization, museums, legends, and legendary cuisine, Iran opens the doors to an unforgettable travel wide for travelers. Review the flights now for the most affordable Izmir-Tehran flight ticket for your travel to Tehran. 
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730 km2



Iranian Rial (IRR)




GMT+3:30 (Winter Time) - GMT+4:30 (Summer Time)




How to go to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport from the City Center?

Active since 1987, Adnan Menderes Airport is located in Gaziemir district of Izmir. The airport that provides domestic and international flights is 14 km to the city center. There are numerous options for transfer between the city center and Adnan Menderes Airport, which is one of Turkey's busiest airports in the summer months especially.


You can use the taxi option for a fast and comfortable transfer to the airport from the city center or the neighboring districts. You can receive the average price information from the taxis you can find easily on 24/7 basis almost everywhere in the city.


You can use the public buses that depart from different regions of the city to get to Adnan Menderes Airport. You can get to the airport by getting on the bus number 200 on Mavisehir route, or the bus number 202 on Alsancak - Republic Square route, or the bus number 204 on Bornova and the Bus Terminal route.


IZBAN, which is a fast option to get to the airport, is a suburban line with 40 stops. IZBAN, which operates between Halkapinar - Cumaovasi and Aliaga - Salhane, provides direct transfer to the airport from almost everywhere in the city with its numerous connecting stops. You can pay the travel fare with the urban transportation card you use in public buses.


Another option to go to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport from Izmir city center is Havas shuttle buses. These buses depart separately for each flight. You can go to the airport by using Alsancak-Karsiyaka-Mavisehir, Cesme-Alacati, Aydin-Nazilli, Kusadasi-Soke, and Manisa services.

Car Rental

You can go to the airport through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available in the city center and the surrounding districts.

General Information on Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran and it is one of the most populous and modern cities of the country. Tehran's economy has developed considerably due to its vast amount of oil and today it has a strong city life.

You can observe the intermingling of historical and modern life in the city, divided into two parts as the north and the south, and have an enjoyable trip among impressive texture of the Persian culture accompanied by spice smells.

How to go to the City Center from Tehran Airport?

Imam Khomeini Airport is located 40 km from the city center of Tehran and it has been in service since 2005. Imam Khomeini Airport is considered as the biggest airport in Iran and it draws attention with its modern structure. The airport facilitates transportation to the city center by public transportation and offers a comfortable travel experience to its visitors.


It is very easy to reach the city center with 24-hours working metro line from Imam Khomeini Airport. Using the metro line that you can take from the airport station, you can quickly reach the desired point either directly or changing metros.


Although bus is not preferred against metro, it is another alternative to take you to the city center. You can reach the city center of Tehran by taking the city buses departing from the bus stops at the exit of Imam Khomeini Airport. It is possible to reach the city center after an average of 60-80 minutes journey by bus departing running every hour.


Another alternative for transportation in Tehran is taxis. Taxis, usually old vehicles, are lined at the exit gate of the airport. However, we would like to remind you that you will travel making negotiation because there are no taximeters in taxis in Tehran.

Car Rental

Imam Khomeini Airport also offers facilities for car rental for a comfortable transport to the city center. You can rent vehicles with or without a driver from the offices located in the airport.

What to eat in Tehran?

If you are ready to explore the most delicious cuisine of the Middle East, meet the local dishes that will make you feel like a gourmet in your Tehran travel. Iran cuisine is rather successful in flavor with its world-renowned dishes included in the UNESCO list. Iranian capital Tehran is undoubtedly one of the cities that has taken the biggest share of this cuisine. The spices special to the region like saffron and turmeric are the most important ingredients that reveal the peculiar flavors of the local dishes. Generally, it is possible to see similar dishes in the Middle Eastern cities. However, Tehran, the modern city of Iran, has a cuisine that is worth exploring with its traditional dishes as well as special dishes adapted from the world cuisines. Therefore, the best thing to do in Tehran is to go for a flavor tour. When the fragrant food scents coming from the local restaurants of the city fill the streets, a travel without exploring these flavors becomes impossible.

In Tehran where you can find many flavors similar to those in Turkish cuisine, you will enhance your culinary delight and feel that your taste buds are pleased with certain tastes. In Tehran where the dishes are carried beyond the mere condition of being sated through their presentations special to the region, you must definitely know the most famous flavors for an efficient culinary exploration.

Most of the flavors you will meet in Tehran are going to be of Moroccan and Persian origins. Rice is one of the indispensable materials of these traditional dishes. You can see the rice dishes frequently in the menus of Tehran restaurants as well as family tables. In Tehran, the most famous dish made of basmati rice is Iranian pilaf. In the Iranian pilaf distinguished from the other pilaf varieties with its taste given by its ingredients and spices, the leading roles belong to saffron, turmeric, and almond. You can find the Iranian pilaf generally served with shredded chicken in numerous restaurants of the city.

Iran is rather assertive about the meat dishes. The world-renowned Tabriz meatball is the most consumed one of these meat dishes in Tehran. This flavor you can find in almost every restaurant in the city leaves a delicious taste in the mouth with the materials like prune, turmeric, and coriander that accompany the minced meat. Since it is served together with the Iranian pilaf in general, let us tell that it is a rather filling dinner alternative. When it comes to Iranian cuisine, Tehran flavors, and meat dishes, the biggest right to speak belongs to famous abgoosht obviously. This flavor that always tops the list of the most famous dishes of Iranian cuisine is made of the materials like potato, red meat, and chickpea. Although it is served in an earthen pot, you can consume abgoosht as a stew or as a sandwich in bread.

The famous ghormeh sabzi dish that is always eaten once a week in Tehran houses is one of the most beautiful flavors created with vegetables. The materials like leek, onion, parsley, and kidney beans boiled together with lamb pieces are indispensable ingredients of ghormeh sabzi.

Another famous vegetable dish you can taste in Tehran restaurants is heimeh. In this dish cooked in terracotta stew pot, the vegetable and broad bean varieties that are rather filling, like potato, rice, green pea, eggplant, are used. One of the most important materials that make it so special is naturally saffron, the most famous spice of Iran. You can find this flavor mostly consumed together with the Iranian pilaf in the local restaurants of Tehran during your visit.

The flavor accompanying continuously the dishes you will taste in Tehran restaurants will be the famous barbari bread. Obviously, the flavors you can taste in Tehran are not limited to these. The kebab varieties like chelo kebab, barg kebab, hosseini kebab, laboo made of beet, khoresht mast, that is, egg with turmeric, and the famous Arab pastry sambose are some of the most famous dishes of Tehran.

In order to experience Iranian cuisine thoroughly, it is necessary to make a closure with a dessert full of flavor. For this, our suggestion is saffron ice cream made of saffron, pistachio, rosewater, and sheep milk, which will meet your dessert need in the best way. You can find this dessert that will attract your attention at the first glance with its yellow color in the ice cream shops in Tehran.

Where to stay in Tehran?

Accommodation, one of the most cared matters in travels, is much more important in cities like Tehran where the traditions and customs are rigid. There are various accommodation alternatives in numerous parts of the city, but their number is not high. The premium hotels in limited number are generally located in the city center, near the touring points. The hotels and boardinghouses of average standards, on the other hand, can be found in many parts of the city. Since the number of premium hotels is low, most of the rooms are reserved in advance, generally.

The prices of the premium hotels are rather high. Therefore, the most preferred accommodation places in Tehran are the hotels of average standards. We can say that even the prices of the average hotels are high in the currency of the city. So if you would like to make an economical Tehran travel, you can prefer boarding houses and apart-hotels.

There are boarding houses and apart-hotels in numerous parts of Tehran, where you can stay at cheap prices, but you should make a good search in terms of security and comfort, and prefer the boarding houses in the city center if possible.

In Tehran, the hotels most suitable for accommodation are located on the Ferdowsi Avenue that is regarded as the center of the city. Another alternative with the most hotel options in the city is the Bazar Bozorg district. Both districts include premium and average hotel options. Since the number of hotels in Tehran is barely enough to meet the demand, you may have difficulty in finding a vacant room once you are in the city. Therefore, you may make a reservation a certain time before your travel date before going to the city. You can stay at advantageous prices thanks to the early reservation opportunities of the hotels.

While selecting a hotel in Tehran, we suggest you check its location, its closeness to the central points of the city, and whether it is located in a region with widespread means of transport. If you prefer the Ferdowsi Avenue and the Bazar Bozorg district, which are the central points of the city, you can have a more comfortable and pleasant Tehran travel. In many hotels in Tehran, the internet service is a paid service. By checking the internet service before making your hotel reservation, you can prevent a potential problem in your travel.

Must-Do's in Tehran 

Iran’s capital Tehran offers an unforgettable travel experience with its historical and cultural values, museums, and buildings. With the magnificent Gulistan Palace of Tehran, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Tehran museums, a dazzling jewelry collection remaining from the shah era, Tehran opens the doors to an unforgettable travel wide for travelers. Get ready for an ethnic travel in the impressive world of Iran with Izmir-Tehran flight ticket you will book from AnadoluJet. Here are the must-do's of Tehran visit:

  • Visit the Gulistan Palace that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and reflects all the magnificence of its era. Take pictures in the Mirror Hall that is the most famous part of the palace and the palace garden renowned for its legendary beauty.
  • See the priceless Iranian Royal Jewelry collection.
  • Visit Tehran and Tajrish bazaars. Buy local products in the traditional bazaars of Iran.
  • Taste the street flavors special to Iran in company with spice smells.
  • Take a journey in the deep-rooted past of the country in the National Museum of Iran. See the artifacts remaining from the Persian Empire and the other civilizations that ruled in the Iranian territory.
  • Have yourself photographed in the square where the Azadi Tower is located and listen to the famous story of the tower.

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