Istanbul Cologne Flight Ticket

Istanbul Cologne Flight Ticket

Discounted Prices for Istanbul Cologne Flight Ticket

One of Germany's most visited favorite cities, Cologne awaits you with its unique historical texture and entertaining social life that accompanies that texture! AnadoluJet will accompany you in your travel with Istanbul-Cologne flight ticket so that you can explore glimmering Christmas markets, each more colorful than the last, delicious tables, and many other beauties.

AnadoluJet that gives its passengers always the high quality and comfortable service with its expert staff and in-flight catering allows arriving in Germany's most pleasant city with Istanbul-Cologne cheap flight ticket. Benefit from the advantageous Istanbul-Cologne flight ticket opportunities of AnadoluJet to explore the Cologne streets full of art and taste the delicious German cuisine.

With the ticket you will book on the online system, you can make mobile check-in before arriving at the airport.

If you wish, you can reserve your AnadoluJet Istanbul-Cologne flight ticket through the online system. When you reserve your Istanbul-Cologne flight ticket with AnadoluJet, the rate of your ticket is fixed for the period determined for you. You can reserve your flight ticket anytime between 355 days and 72 hours to your flight. Do not wait any longer to explore Cologne, one of Germany's most magnificent cities located by the Rhine River! Have this unique experience now with AnadoluJet Istanbul-Cologne flights!


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How to go to Sabiha Gokcen Airport from the City Center?

Put into service in the year 2001 together with its elegant architecture, functional means of transport, and airport services, Sabiha Gokcen Airport has been named after Sabiha Gokcen, Turkey's first female pilot and the world's first female fighter pilot. Sabiha Gokcen Airport is the only airport of Istanbul Anatolian side and Turkey's second highest capacity airport.

In addition to the easiness of transportation to the centers like Pendik, Kartal, Bostanci, Kadıkoy, Taksim, Besiktas, Levent, it also provides the cities like Kocaeli, Sakarya, Yalova, Duzce, Bolu, and Bursa with transportation opportunity. Having a strategic position in Turkey's air traffic, approximately 30 million domestic and international passenger flights are performed at Sabiha Gokcen Airport every year.


Although the factors like traffic density, weather conditions, work start and finish times can be determinant, taxi is a transportation option you can prefer to go to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

By taxi you can find almost everywhere in Istanbul, you can go up to the departing passenger gate easily. You can use various taxi fare calculation applications to calculate the cost of a taxi journey in Istanbul.


Havabus that provides shuttle bus service from certain points in European and Anatolian sides for a direct transfer to Sabiha Gokcen Airport from the city center is one of the alternatives preferred for fast transportation.

Serving from Taksim, Kadıkoy, and Yenisahra, Havabus provides a practical service by departing at brief intervals. For detailed information on Havabus services and fares, please click here.

Marmaray & Metro

You can benefit from the developed public transport system of the city to go to the airport. You can come to Ayrilik Cesmesi by riding the Marmaray trains, where you can change to Kadikoy-Kartal metro. After getting to Kartal, you can get on E-9 buses that go to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.


There are bus services that will enable you to get to Sabiha Gokcen Airport from numerous points in Anatolian and European sides.

You can ride the buses number E11and E10 departing from Kadıkoy, E9 from Bostanci, E18 from Altunizade and Umraniye and KM20 from Pendik. If you will go to the airport from 4. Levent, the bus number E3 will help you.

Car Rental 

You can use the car rental firms that have branches at the airport to go to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

You can visit the national and international car rental offices in Istanbul. Besides, you can ensure that your car is prepared in advance by booking one online.

General Information on Cologne

Having taken great steps in the industry and trade since the Medieval Age, Cologne is one of the top German cities. Established by the Romans, Cologne also has a marvelous accumulation of history.

We can say that the city divided into two by the River Rhine is a perfect history book with its buildings from the Medieval Age, Roman city walls, quite narrow historical streets, museums, and cathedrals. Today, Cologne is an indispensable travel destination for travelers with its nightlife, shopping avenues, and the next generation museums and art galleries.

How to go to the City Center from Cologne Bonn Airport? 

Cologne Bonn Airport is a busy facility that hosts almost 9 million passengers a year. Cologne Bonn Airport, which is a hub for the regions surrounding the city, is rather valuable for transportation in the country. In Cologne Bonn Airport that serves the passengers with 2 passenger terminals and 3 runways, you can find anything a traveler may need, such as sales outlets, restaurants, conference hall, travel agencies, free Wi-Fi service, and observation terrace. It is very easy to go to Cologne city center from the airport that is almost 14 km to the city center.


You can use the rail system to go to the city center from Cologne Bonn Airport. The suburban trains departing from the airport will carry you to the city center and its surroundings. You can get to the central points in Cologne by the trains number S13 or S19.


You can get to Bonn central train station by taking the bus number SB60. When you are in the central train station, the trams number 66 and 67 will take you to the city center.


You can also go to the city center by taking one of the taxis meeting you when you leave the airport through the arrival gate. In Cologne, you may encounter heavy traffic during business hours. Therefore, you must pay attention to the time while preferring taxi transport.

Car Rental 

You can also benefit from renting a car to go to Cologne city center and drive throughout your travel. You can receive service from the car rental offices in Cologne Airport.

What to eat in Cologne? 

Cologne is one of the most beautiful cities to taste all the delicious dishes of German cuisine. German cuisine does not differ much from city to city. Therefore, you can always find the principal German tastes in this city. Therefore, the most favorite flavors of German cuisine take their place on Cologne tables. Potato is one of the vegetables you can see most frequently in Cologne cuisine. As is the case with numerous cities where German cuisine rules, you can see lots of potatoes in Cologne dishes, too. Potato stews, fried potatoes with vegetables, potato hash browns, and many others are included in the menus of Cologne restaurants.

Potato is not the only thing one can eat in Cologne. Cologne cuisine is rather rich in terms of meat. The schnitzels made of breaded chicken, each more delicious than the last, Himmel und Arde flavored with bacon, and Rouladen dish is the best evidence.

One other dish we will suggest absolutely for those who love meat dishes with sauce is the famous veal stew Sauerbraten. The list of the foods to be eaten in Cologne is rather long. If you would like to taste a dessert that will feast your taste buds after these famous flavors, we suggest you taste Berliner cookies stuffed with various marmalades.

Where to stay in Cologne? 

Cologne, which is one of Germany’s most visited touristic cities, is rather rich in accommodation alternatives. The historical buildings, museums, and squares that are some of the most visited sights of the city are located in the city center, generally. Therefore, mostly these regions are preferred for accommodation. As is the case with numerous cities of Germany, Cologne has rather developed mass transport alternatives, too. You had better choose a place to stay as per the transportation routes and your travel plan.

In Cologne, there are the 4 most preferred regions for accommodation. Mostly preferred by the first-time visitors of the city, Altstadt Nord is a region that includes historical buildings mostly. Altstadt Süd is one of the pleasant regions where those who look for more affordable hotels in the city center can prefer, while Neustadt is ideal for those who want to be near the entertainment venues, and Deutz for families.

Must-Do's in Cologne

One of Germany's important port cities, Cologne welcomes its visitors with its spectacular buildings and entertaining social life by the Rhine River. In Cologne visited by millions of tourists every year, you can see the most famous examples of Europe's Gothic architecture and shop to your heart's content on its dynamic avenues. If you are ready for a pleasant journey with AnadoluJet Istanbul-Cologne flight ticket, do not forget to have a look at our list of must-do’s in the city.

  • Visit the Cologne Cathedral, one of the iconic structures of the city. Examine its Gothic architectural details.
  • Take an evening walk on the Hohenzollern Bridge, one of the iconic structures built of steel material in 1907. Witness the bright cityscape.
  • Visit Altstadt (Old Town) region that includes the most beautiful houses of the city. Have yourself photographed in front of the colorful houses.
  • Visit the famous chocolate museum of Altstadt, “Schokoladenmuseum”. Buy delicious chocolates while leaving the museum.
  • See the most beautiful examples of the modern art in Museum Ludwig, one of the most famous museums of Cologne.
  • Go for a pleasant shopping tour on Hohe Strasse that is one of the most dynamic avenues of Cologne. Do not forget to take a break in the famous venues of the avenues after shopping.
  • Cross over the River Rhine by the Cologne Cable Car. After a pleasant view of 6 minutes, arrive at the famous zoo Kölner Zoo.
  • Take a walk in the company of beautiful fragrances in the famous flower garden Flora und Botanischer Garten Köln next to Kölner Zoo.
  • Visit the Christmas markets established during the Christmas.
  • Taste Rouladen and Himmel und Arde dishes, the outstanding flavors of Cologne cuisine.

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