Hanover Flight Ticket

Hanover Flight Ticket

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General Information on Hanover

The capital of the Lower Saxony State of Germany and a city of fairs and exhibitions, Hanover is the indispensable destination of business trips. In the city that hosts numerous world-renowned fairs and exhibitions within the year, Cebit, one of the most important informatics fair, is organized every year.

An important center in the world of business and fairs, Hanover is also known for its huge green areas and city parks. Bearing the traces of the Second World War, the history of Hanover goes back to very old ages, though the city offers gorgeous evidences of its recent history. Hanover, one of the most famous European cities for its historical traces, unique architecture, beautiful nature, and parks, must be explored absolutely.

How to go to the City Center from Hanover Airport?

Opened in the year 1952 and expanded through the restoration works in 1973, Hanover Airport is outstanding for its modernity. Germany's 6th biggest airport, Hanover Airport hosts luxurious hotels, restaurants, shopping venues, and children's playgrounds in addition to three terminal buildings. Hanover Airport is approximately 13 km to the city center. The airport that makes its visitors use the advantage of closeness to the city center thoroughly offers numerous transportation alternatives so that you can go to your final destination in the easiest way.


You can go to the city center in almost 18 minutes by using the train station immediately under the Terminal C. The S-Bahn number 5 coming every 30 minutes will take you to the city center directly.


You can go to anywhere in the city by taking the buses departing from the stops located near the Terminal C, between Maritim Airport Hotel and the car park number 3. You must take the bus number 470 to go to the city center from the airport. Your travel by this bus will take 30-35 minutes. The travel time may vary by weather conditions and traffic.


The airport taxi stands are just in front of the terminal exit gates on the arrival floor. Although it may vary by weather conditions and traffic, a taxi ride to Hanover city center generally takes 25 minutes on average.

Car Rental

You can rent a car to go to Hanover city center, explore the surroundings of the city, and even go to different regions. The world-renowned car rental firms will meet you on the arrival floor between the Terminals A and B. We suggest you book your car online before going to the airport.

What to eat in Hanover?

Each one of Hanover dishes is the perfect representative of German cuisine. The traditional German cuisine dominated by meat dishes has its effects on Hanover. The sausages and potato dishes, the sine qua non of Germany, are widespread in this city, too. Particularly potato is included in almost all recipes. Generally served as a garnish, potato takes its place on the table as fried, mashed, boiled, or salad. Other than potato, the most frequently used vegetables for garnish are spinach, carrot, cabbage, and green pea.

You can try Schlachtplatte that is a beautiful meat dish. If you would like to eat seafood, which is lighter, you must taste the eels of Lake Steinhude in Hanover. In Hanover cuisine in which the vegetables are mostly boiled, the pastries and desserts also occupy an important place. When you are in Hanover, do not forget to taste one of the various tarts.

Where to stay in Hanover?

Hanover has numerous accommodation options from five-star hotels to apart-hotels. You can select the one that meets your budget from among the accommodation facilities most of which are near the train station, airport, and city center. In Hanover, you can find the accommodation options closest to the city center in Messe-Laatzen. In this way, you can get to anywhere you want to see quickly. Schutzenplatz and Hanns-Lije Platz are also the locations where you will have the advantage of transportation. The accommodation alternatives in the Opera House region are also close to the developed mass transport network of the city.

Must-Do's in Hanover 

One of Germany’s biggest cities, Hanover is generally renowned for the fairs organized here. The city that hosts numerous fairs in addition to the World Fair Expo 2000 is the capital of the Lower Saxony State. The world-renowned information fair Cebit is organized in Hanover every year. However, Hanover is not limited to fairs. In the city, wide green areas, parks, historical buildings, and a developed social life will be waiting for you. Besides, Hanover bears the traces of the Second World War and thus becoming more interesting. Hanover is a European city renowned for its culture, you can still see the traces of the war. Book a flight ticket to Hanover and get ready for an interesting journey in which you can see both history and modern life together. Here are the things you must certainly do in this beautiful city:

  • Make sure to see the historic Neues Rathaus, that is the New Town Hall, put into service in 1913. This aesthetic building adds a unique ambiance to the cityscape. Had built by Emperor Wilhelm II, Neues Rathaus is still known as the symbol of Hanover.
  • Make sure to add the Marienburg Castle that will meet you with all its splendor to your Hanover travel list. The castle was built between 1858 and 1867 as a birthday present for Hanover King George IV.
  • After enjoying the Gothic architecture of the city, if you would like to see some modern art, visit Sprengel Museum. In the museum, you can see the works of world-renowned painters like Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Emil Nolde, and Fernand Leger.
  • Have a pleasant day at the Herrenhauser Gardens inspired by the Versailles Palace to witness the most colorful views of nature. The Herrenhauser Gardens, which is one of the first places springing to mind when it comes to Hanover, offers a marvelous view in spring and summer months especially.
  • After the pleasant city tour, do not forget to take a coffee break with the famous tarts of the city.

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