Hamburg Ankara Flight Ticket

Hamburg Ankara Flight Ticket

Discounted Hamburg Ankara Flight Ticket Prices

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How to go to Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport from City Center?

Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport is the international airport of Hamburg that is Germany's second biggest city. Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport that is the country's 5th airport with the busiest passenger traffic, is very busy every season of the year. The airport that has 2 runways, 2 terminals, restaurants, cafés, stores, ATMs, foreign exchange offices, lounges, and children's playgrounds always focuses on its guests' comfort.

The airport is located in Fuhlsbüttel Quarter and 8.5 km north to the city center. Since it is close to the city center, it is very easy to arrive at the airport. There are numerous means of transport for this.


You may prefer train travel to go from the city center to the airport. The bus number S1 S-Bahn that carries you from the city center to the airport departs every 10 minutes. This transportation option will take you to the airport in 24 minutes.


You can prefer taxis you can find anywhere in the city easily to go to the airport. You can go to the airport from the city center by taxi in 25 minutes. However, this period may vary by traffic and weather conditions.

Rent a Car

If you prefer a private option to go from the city center to the airport, you can rent a car. Remember that your chance of benefiting from the campaigns of the car rental companies will increase when you rent a car before your travel.

General Information on Ankara

Ankara, capital of Turkey and the 2nd most crowded city of the country with a population of 5 million, is the city where Turkish Grand National Assembly and the ministries are located. Therefore, Ankara is the focal point of official visits.

Ankara, which also hosts several big and important universities of the country, is known to be a city that has rather large student and civil servant populations. This city, which also includes Turkey’s important financial and commercial centers, is flooded by visitors for Anitkabir, the mausoleum of Ataturk who is the founder of the Republic of Turkey, as well as magnificent ministry and embassy buildings.

In addition to all these, the cultural events and festivals organized every year enliven Ankara, which is a big metropolis with its nature, entertainment venues, and city life.

How to go to the City Center from Ankara Esenboga Airport?

One of Turkey's doors opening to the world, Ankara Esenboga Airport has a rather heavy air traffic. At Ankara Esenboga Airport that has been serving since 1955, you can make your domestic and international travels by the flights of the pioneering airline companies.

One of Turkey's biggest airports, Ankara Esenboga Airport is also known as our country's most modern and environment-friendly airport. Ankara Esenboga Airport is 28 km to the city center. Located on the border of Akyurt and Cubuk districts, the restaurants, cafés, and lounges in Ankara Esenboga Airport give uninterrupted service for 24 hours a day.


Taxi is the most comfortable and fastest means of transport from Ankara Esenboga Airport to the city center. You can find the taxis that charge the same price 24 hours a day in front of the passenger exit gate. Although it may vary by traffic and weather conditions, it takes 40-50 minutes on average to go from Ankara Esenboga Airport to the city center by taxi.


Havas shuttle buses constitute one of the most preferred alternatives to go to the city center most easily. The shuttle buses that give service for all flights at Ankara Esenboga Airport provide transfer to many central points of the city. The last stop for Havas shuttle buses that depart 25 minutes after the landing time is ASTI. It takes 60 minutes on average to arrive at ASTI. For more information, please click here.


Public transport is another option to go to the city center from Ankara Esenboga Airport. Belko Air buses give service under the control of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. For information on the service times, routes, and fares of the buses number 442K, 442A, and 442B going to points like Kizilay, ASTI, Batikent, please click here.

Car Rental

You can go to the city center through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available at Ankara Esenboga Airport.

What to eat in Ankara?

When it comes to Ankara, the first foodstuffs springing to mind are doubtlessly Ankara Bagel, Ankara Bazlama (a kind of flatbread), and peculiarly crunchy Cubuk Pickle. Obviously, Ankara has many special meals in addition to these ones that can be regarded as snacks or garnish. These tastes, you can taste some of which in restaurants and some others in Ankara citizens’ houses, may be the reason of your next Ankara visit.

The taste of Ankara Pan-Fry, which you must taste when you are in Ankara absolutely, is legendary. You can eat this meal, which is the most beautiful union of pilaf made of orzo or rice with meat, in Ankara restaurants with pleasure.

One of the tastes that were prepared specially for the Ottoman sultans and have survived to the present day is Beypazari Casserole. This meal made of lamb meat roasted in masonry oven for hours and consequently becoming very soft is one of the most delicious meals you can taste.

Although similar ones are seen here and there, Entekke Pastry made by filling leavened dough with previously cooked minced meat and frying it in oil is special to Ankara.

The pastries becoming very puffy during cooking are visually attractive as well as delicious.

Tamtak Tirid prepared by spreading a mixture of minced meat and cemen paste on bread slices fried in oil looks like a kebab.

If you like it, you can also make this tirid, which is one of the most beautiful meals you will taste in Ankara, at home, too.

Apart from these, you can also add a different color to your travel with the meals and desserts like Stuffed Patience Dock, Bazlama Kebab, Sibit Dessert, and Beypazari Biscuit.

Where to stay in Ankara?

There are numerous hotels in the city center and the districts of Ankara, where you can stay with pleasure throughout your Ankara travel. In addition to independent hotels, you can also prefer chain hotels and manage your accommodation process in line with your budget.

If you are looking for a hotel where you can stay alone or together with your family while you are in the district of Kizilcahamam, you can find many hotels that will meet your expectations. The hotels where you can benefit from the healing waters of the spa thanks to the thermal water given to the hotel rooms equipped with bathtub appeal to everybody who wants to relax being in touch with nature.

The authentic accommodation facilities for domestic and foreign tourists are available in Beypazari. The accommodation facilities that stand out with their menus that are very rich thanks to traditional breakfast, meals, and desserts special to Beypazari are rather suitable for those who like calm and peaceful places. The hotels that are located at a two-minute walking distance to 300 years old Suluhan Caravanserai in Beypazari win recognition with their structures and traditional architectures that reflect the Ottoman style. These hotels offer peace and comfort together in their heated and soundproof rooms. These accommodation facilities can make your time in Beypazari unforgettable with their comfortable rooms and breakfasts blended with local tastes.

Must-Do's in Ankara

After booking the Hamburg-Ankara flight ticket, AnadoluJet will take you to Esenboga Airport. We suggest you check the things you must do in the city not to miss the details you should explore in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

  • Go to Anitkabir, and visit the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Enjoy Ankara scenery from Atakule.
  • Visit Ankara Castle, which is a historical legend.
  • Enjoy shopping in Kizilay, with its crowded streets, colorful shops, and lively life. Make sure to visit Karanfil Street, which is the entertainment center of the avenue.
  • For a lush green experience, go to Kugulu (Swan) Park renowned for its cafés and decorative pool in which swans swim.
  • Also include Atatürk Forest Farm that is a unique route for its Ghazi picnic site, Atatürk House, and Atatürk Forest Farm Museum in your travel plan.
  • Visit Kocatepe Mosque, one of the biggest mosques of Ankara.
  • Complete your culture-art tour with Ulucanlar Prison Museum, Ankara Ethnography Museum, Republic Museum, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, and Museum of Independence War.

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