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Hakkari Flight Ticket

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Hakkari the city where history, culture, and art meet… It is not wrong to define this beautiful city of the East in this way. A province since 1936, the name Hakkari originates from the "Hakkar" people who had once settled south of the Lake Van. Hakkari means “City of Hakkars”. It is suggested that there were prehistoric settlements in the city where the traces of the Sumerians and Urartians have been found. Hakkari joined the Ottoman territories with the Caldiran Victory of the Ottoman Empire in 1514. Occupied by the Russians in the First World War, this historical city was rescued from the occupation in 1918. Renowned for its natural beauties like mountains, valleys, lakes, the historical buildings of the city are equally impressive. In the city that includes the buildings such as Stone Bridge, Cay Fortress, Colemerik Fortress, Zeynel Bey Madrasa, Meydan Madrasa, Halil Church, Derav Church, Kelat Palace, Kayme Palace, thousands of rock drawings considered to be remaining from the period between 6000 and 1000 B.C. have been found in the plateaus called "Guveruk" and "Tirsin". There are various motifs related to hunting animals, hunting tools, magic, etc. on the rocks.

Hakkari is renowned for its meat dishes that constitute a common feature for the Eastern cities. Since it is a city famous for its mountains, numerous species of herbs are also used in its dishes. Dogaba, Cimilig, Finger Kebab, Yuksekova Kebab, Hekerun, Keskek, Sengeser, Corti Asi, Aside Dessert, Doleme, Gulul, Keledos are famous tastes of the city.


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General Information on Hakkari

With its history going thousands of years back, Hakkari is a Mesopotamian city that has hosted numerous civilizations; Persians, Abbasids, Seljuks, Mongolians, and Ottomans in particular.

It is possible to trace the civilizations that had lived on these lands through the carefully preserved cultural heritages. Hakkari is a cultural tourism route alternative with its palaces, churches, architectural buildings whose historical textures are preserved, local tastes, nature, and authentic handicrafts.

How to go to the City Center from Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport?

Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport has been giving service since 2016. Capable of serving 1 million passengers a year, Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport is 5 km to Yuksekova and 70 km to Hakkari city center. Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport, where Istanbul-Hakkari and Ankara-Hakkari flights are performed, is protected with high security measures under the management of the State Airports Authority.


You can prefer the taxi alternative for a fast and comfortable transfer from Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport to Yuksekova or Hakkari city center. If the weather conditions permit, you can go to Yuksekova in 10-15 minutes by taxi you can find in front of the terminal exit gate. Your journey to Hakkari city center by taxi will take 1.5-2 hours approximately.


As a public transport alternative to go to Yuksekova or Hakkari city center from Yuksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport, minibuses give service. Minibuses that depart from the airport terminal separately for each flight constitute the only public transport option to go to the city center.

What to eat in Hakkari?

In addition to numerous beauties you must see absolutely when you go to Hakkari, there are local tastes you must try absolutely. You can see the traces of the cuisine cultures of numerous different regions ranging from Van to Sirnak, from Iran to Iraq in Hakkari cuisine. Among these tastes you can find in almost all restaurants of Hakkari, "gulul", "kepaye", "herby cheese", "Yuksekova kebab", "lalaped", "kiris", "dogaba", "cembeli dessert", and "koftesir" can be mentioned. Among these tastes, gulul is a kind of ayran soup made of rice and maize and loved by the local people very much. It is preferred in the summer months especially. Kepaye is a special taste made by filling tripe or intestines with rice. Dogaba is another meal made by cooking a mixture of wheat, red meat, and fat. The peculiarity of Yuksekova kebab is that it is made by using tail fat. Kiris is the indispensable food of weddings and mevlit ceremonies in Hakkari. Kiris is a meal made of grapes, walnuts, meat, chickpeas, rice, and the herbs growing in the region. Kiris is generally accompanied by rice in weddings and mevlit ceremonies.

Hakkari cuisine has a peculiar character thanks to various herbs growing in its high mountains and different tastes. When you go to Hakkari, make sure you try these tastes that you can find nowhere else.

Where to stay in Hakkari?

When you go to Hakkari or its districts, you can find accommodation facilities that will meet you with the warmth of your own home and provide you with every comfort.

The hotels in Hakkari city center are within walking distance to all public complexes and shopping malls. The services offered by the hotels include transfer from airport to hotel, provision of all communication and media services in the rooms, open buffet breakfast, conference and meeting hall, Turkish bath, and numerous activities to pass the time.

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