Geneva Flight Ticket

Geneva Flight Ticket

Fly to Geneva at the Best Prices

Geneva, one of Switzerland’s natural wonder cities, awaits you with its impressive historical heritage, lakes, gardens, and museums! Explore this unique city located on the foot of the Jura Mountains and the Alps with AnadoluJet! With the affordable Geneva flight ticket you will book from AnadoluJet that allows traveling to Geneva with different date and time options, you can experience a pleasant flight. Whatever season you would like to go to Geneva, AnadoluJet will always offer you the most affordable Geneva flight ticket.

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15.93 km2



Swiss Franc (CHF)


French, Italian, German and Romansh


GMT+1 (Winter Time) - GMT+2 (Summer Time)




General Information on Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland's most populous city after Zürich, is located by the Lake Geneva. Having a deep-rooted history of 4000 years, the city is renowned for its historical buildings, marvelous architecture, and museums. The city that hosts the headquarters of numerous international organizations calls itself the “Heart of Europe”. In addition to its diplomatic stance, the cuisine of Geneva, which hosts globally important organizations and fairs throughout the year, is also attention-grabbing. This city is an important center of delicious cheeses and chocolates.

In the city that has been influenced by the French culture as well due to its closeness to France, the St. Pierre Cathedral, Jet d'Eau, and the Neuve Square are among the must-see places.

How to go to the City Center from Geneva Airport?

Located centrally, Geneva Airport is just 4 km to the city center. From Geneva Airport built in 1920, there are numerous direct flights to numerous cities of the world. Geneva Airport, which welcomes approximately 17 million visitors a year with its over 1,100 employees and almost 200 companies it includes, is a key hub for dynamism of Europe.

The free Wi-Fi, food courts, resting lounges, and stores meet you in the airport. Geneva Airport, which welcomes its guests in the best way, offers practical means of transport, as it is very close to the city center.


You can go to the city center by boarding one of the trains departing from the station you can get to through the passages in the arrivals section of the airport. You can get to the city center from Geneva-Cornavin Station in 7 minutes. You can go to the city center in the fastest and easiest way thanks to the trains departing 7 times an hour at busy times. You can book your train tickets from the machines in the airport or online. If you will go to the other cities from Geneva, you can buy Swiss Travel Pass to benefit from the Swiss railway network for 3, 4, 8, or 15 days.


You can also go to Geneva city center by taking a single bus. You can go to the city center in 25 minutes by getting on the bus number 10 from Geneva Airport. You can book your bus ticket in the baggage claim area. This ticket is valid for 90 minutes following issuance.


You can go to the city center from Geneva Airport by taxi. Taxis give service on 24/7 basis at the car parks you can get to through the arrivals exit. The taxi fare varies between CHF 35 and CHF 45. This fare may vary by traffic, time, and passenger number.

Car Rental

If you will go to the city center and the surrounding cities from the airport, car rental may be the most comfortable transport option. We suggest you make a reservation in advance to rent a car from the firms in the airport.

What to eat in Geneva?

If you are ready to explore Swiss cuisine, let us tell you that the flavors you will taste in Geneva are rather successful in this regard. One of the most favorite parts of Geneva travel is undoubtedly the venues and flavors of the city, each more pleasant than the last. In Geneva, where numerous flavors from the global cuisines are blended, you can find numerous alternatives that taste very similar to the dishes you long for. However, one of the most important details of exploring a city is to explore its culinary culture. To do that, you must make sure to eat the most famous dishes of the city in your Geneva travel. The fondue cheese is one of the most famous flavors of Geneva. In this city that is rather assertive with regard to cheese, you can see this flavor anytime from breakfast to dinner.

The fondue made of famous Swiss cheese, on the other hand, is one of the most famous dishes of Geneva. We suggest you make sure to taste cheese or meat fondues in your Geneva travel. In addition to fondue, the roasted meat marinated in special sauces, Raclette with lots of cheese, the Ceviche fish caught in Lake Le Mans, and many other astonishing flavors await you in your Geneva travel. If you want to close a nice meal that has felt like a feast of flavors with a dessert, you can add Zuger Kirschtorte cake and Swiss chocolate to your list of flavors to be tasted.

Where to stay in Geneva?

One of the world’s leading financial center cities, Geneva has a rather advanced quality of life. The Geneva hotels are always dynamic due to official meetings, business stays, and touristic visits. Therefore, you will have numerous hotel and accommodation alternatives in your Geneva visit. From the world-renowned five-star hotels and boutique boarding houses, you can select the place that suits you best and stay there. Accommodation in Geneva is more expensive than the other European cities. Therefore, you can stay more affordably in the hotels by utilizing the early reservation opportunities.

Geneva is also famous for its fairs and exhibitions. Since the hotels may be very crowded in fair seasons, we suggest you plan your travel in advance. You can stay in the city center to benefit from the means of transport and get to the most popular sights in the city. Cite, Paquis, Grottes, and Saint- Gervais are the most preferred accommodation regions in the city center. The hotels around the Cornavin Train Station in the city center are also good accommodation alternative. Although they are more expensive than the other hotels, you can prefer the hotels where you can have the Geneva Lake view, depending on your budget.

Must-Do's in Geneva

Get ready to explore Geneva located on the feet of the always snow-capped mountains, in company of the view of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes! One of Switzerland’s most visited cities, Geneva manages to attract travelers with its historical heritage and natural beauties as well as being a trade-fair and financial center. In this city whose streets are wandered by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, you can explore tour points, each more pleasant than the last, and taste delicious dishes of Swiss cuisine. In this journey you will take with AnadoluJet Geneva flight ticket, unique experiences await you. Here are the things you must certainly do in Geneva travel:

  • Take a walk around Lake Le Mans, the natural wonder of Geneva.
  • See Jet d’eau (water jet) Fountain on Lake Le Mans of Geneva, which reaches the height of 140 meters.
  • Go to the La Paic Square for a travel full of art. Visit Ariana Museum, one of the most famous art galleries of the city.
  • Tour the corniche on Mont Blanc Quay. Get to the other side of the city through Bergeus Bridge.
  • Wander the streets of the Old City. Catch great frames among the historical buildings.
  • Go to the Reform Museum, the most visited place in the city.
  • Board the boats departing from Mont Blanc Quay every half hours to tour the French coasts. Witness unique views on Lake Le Mans of Geneva, and explore the French coasts.
  • See the statue of Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of the world’s most famous intellectuals on Rousseau Island.
  • Spend some time in Nouve Square. Visit Rath Museum, Geneva Music Conservatory, and Victoria Concert Hall among the most important buildings encircling the square.
  • Take a journey to the Medieval age of the city in St. Pierre Cathedral.
  • Go for a shopping tour on Rue de Rhone avenue.
  • Have a day in the company of excellent flower scents in the English Garden (Jardin Anglais).
  • Go for a shopping tour on Marche, one of the most dynamic avenues of Geneva.
  • Taste Swiss chocolates. Buy chocolates in stylish boxes for your beloved ones as well as yourself if you wish so.
  • Enjoy a dinner in a restaurant with the view of Lake Le Mans of Geneva.

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