Book Gaziantep Bursa Flight Ticket

Book Gaziantep Bursa Flight Ticket

Find Cheap Gaziantep-Bursa Flight Ticket

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How to go to Gaziantep Airport from the City Center?

Serving with a terminal building that occupies an area of 22,800 square meters, Gaziantep Airport is located in Oguzeli district. Gaziantep Airport, where domestic and international flights are performed, has a car park for 520 vehicles to serve the visitors. There are transportation options from numerous points in the city to Gaziantep Airport that has been serving as renewed since 2006.


You can prefer the taxi option to go to the airport that is 30 km to the city center. You can find taxis, which constitute a fast and easy transfer option, almost everywhere in the city.


One of the most economical options to go to Gaziantep Airport from the city center is Havas shuttle buses. You can get on Havas shuttle buses that depart from Havas city office on Nizip Avenue, Mezarlik Junction, Ipekyolu, Cimento Junction, Koylu Garaji, Fidanlik Onu, Perilikaya Et ve Balik Kurumu Junction, the Bus Stop in front of Hasan Kalyoncu University, and Oguzeli Junction.

Car Rental

You can also prefer the car rental option to go to Gaziantep Airport from the city center. You can rent the right car for you from numerous car rental firms in Gaziantep city center.

General Information on Bursa

Bursa is the most crowded city in the Marmara Region after Istanbul. This city that has a history of 7000 years was also the capital of the Ottoman Empire once.

Bursa that has brought the cultural heritage of numerous civilizations it had hosted into the present includes Turkey’s important historical buildings and sources. It has also been known as a spa region for 1500 years for its natural hot water sources.

In addition to spa tourism, Uludag, the first place that springs to mind in Turkey when it comes to winter tourism, is also within the borders of this city. Bursa has become a center of attraction for its visitors by offering another beauty in every season with its cultural, historical, and natural riches. Bursa, which is frequented by the gourmets for its cuisine culture and famous foodstuffs, is an important destination in gastronomy tourism with Iskender kebab, meatballs with pita, chestnut candy, peach, and many other famous tastes.

Established on the foothills of Uludag, this city is renowned for automobile and textile productions that make great contributions to Turkish economy as well as its handicraft products. Bursa offers the domestic and foreign visitors everything expected from a travel with its world-renowned silk and dynamic urban life.

How to go to the City Center from Bursa Yenisehir Airport?

Established as a military base in 1944, Bursa Yenisehir Airport has been giving civil air transport service since 2000. 50 km to the city center, Bursa Yenisehir Airport gives service for both domestic and international flights. Granted the Green Airport Establishment title by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Bursa Yenisehir Airport is also one of the airports that provides the disabled passengers with easy access. There are many alternatives to go to the city center from the airport where you can find direct or connecting flights to numerous destinations in Turkey and the world.


You can prefer the taxi alternative for a fast and comfortable transfer from Bursa Yenisehir Airport to the city center. The taxis you can find 24 hours a day in front of the exit gates of the domestic flights and international flights terminals charge the same rate every hour of the day.


There is also a bus network that provides easy transfer from Bursa Yenisehir Airport to the city center.

Car Rental

If you are looking for a comfortable and private option for going anywhere in the city or the neighboring cities from Bursa Yenisehir Airport, you can use the car rental services. From numerous car rental firms at Bursa Yenisehir Airport, you can rent a car in any segment you want and travel as you like on your own travel route.

What to eat in Bursa?

In Bursa that was a capital to the Ottomans and home to different civilizations, “Iskender Kebab” and “chestnut candy” are the first tastes that come to mind. “Iskender kebab” that is made of desinewed lamb meat roasted vertically against coal fire by spinning until it becomes very soft, then cut into very thin slices, and served with special sauce, butter, and yogurt is one of our meals whose tastes and flavors are globally renowned. As is the case with most of the Anatolian cities and the other cities that were the capitals to the Ottomans, Bursa cuisine is based on the meals made of lamb and veal meat. You can eat Iskender kebab, which you can prefer for dinner, in Bursa Iskender located at the entrance of the city. Bursa Iskender where the meat is prepared carefully is famous across Turkey. “Inegol meatball” in which veal and lamb meats are used together and flavored with various spices, “meatball with pita” made by pouring butter on small and delicious meatballs on pita, “kebab with eggplant puree” made by cooking the lamb meat until it becomes stringy, and “liver rolls” made of liver are some other flavors of the city, which leave unique tastes in the mouths.

“Cantik” from the Tatar cuisine, which is made with minced meat, meat cubes, and cheese, “tahini pita”, marvelously delicious Tirilye and Gemlik olives, Maglic and Mihalic cheeses that taste salty and tangy are the foodstuffs special to this region. In this geography where salty meal types are widespread, there are also unique desserts. The world-renowned “chestnut candy” made of chestnut and syrup, “Kemalpasa dessert” that is sine qua non for Ramadan months, “crumpets in thick syrup with cream”, and “Turkish delight with walnut” are some of the tastes you must try from their masters when you visit the city.

Where to stay in Bursa?

In Bursa that is open for tourism and visits throughout the year, there are numerous accommodation options. The hotels, chalets, boarding houses, boutique hotels, and mansions located all across the city for different budgets and tastes serve you as per the reason of your visit. You can make your holiday more comfortable and pleasant with the hotels or boarding houses you can select depending on your budget and needs. If you are here for Uludag holiday, and if you want to stay there, again there are many options available to you. You can also make a Bursa visit in touch with nature in Uludag National Park where there are areas where you can make a camp in any season.

Must-Do's in Bursa 

Bursa, which hosts some of the most important architectural works of the Ottoman Empire and numerous important tombs like the famous Green Tomb, awaits you for a different experience on each one of its streets. In addition to its cultural riches located in the city center, Bursa has various tour points in its districts and villages as well. If you cannot wait for exploring this beautiful city, book a Gaziantep-Bursa flight ticket now and hit the road. Here are the things you must make sure to do in Bursa.

  • Go to Koza Inn and make a pleasant shopping tour. If you get tired, have a tea break in one of the cafés preserving the historical texture of Koza Inn.
  • Visit the Grand Mosque, the most magnificent building of Bursa.
  • Explore the historical buildings of Bursa for a brief journey into the past. Visit Bursa Green Mosque and Green Tomb, and feel their historical atmosphere.
  • Ski in Uludag National Park and have fun to your heart’s content.
  • Ride the cable car from Bursa city center to Uludag.
  • Visit Cumalikizik Village and walk around its nostalgic stone-paved streets.
  • Visit Saitabat Waterfall and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this natural beauty.
  • Make sure to include the City Museum in your tour plan to know Bursa better.
  • Visit Irgandi Bridge, one of the most interesting structures in Bursa. You can also make some shopping in the small shops on this bridge that is also known as the Bridge with Bazaar.
  • Visit Tofas Museum, the one and only Anatolian Cars Museum of Turkey.
  • Visit Bursa Atatürk Museum.
  • Visit the Tomb of Osmangazi.
  • Drink a hot tea under the Inkaya Historical Plane Tree.
  • Go to Soganli Botanical Park and have some time in nature.
  • Do not leave the city without tasting the famous Bursa Iskender kebab while you are in Bursa.

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