Frankfurt Flight Ticket

Frankfurt Flight Ticket

Fly to Frankfurt at the Best Prices

Explore Frankfurt renowned for its architectural buildings surviving from the middle ages, colorful city squares, dynamic streets, and city markets! Get ready to travel to one of Germany’s most beautiful cities with AnadoluJet Frankfurt flight ticket. The professional crew of AnadoluJet will accompany you in your Frankfurt travel. AnadoluJet that serves with in-flight catering and expert cabin crew will offer you a safe and comfortable as well as pleasant travel experience in your journey to Frankfurt.

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If you are ready to discover new routes with AnadoluJet, get ready to explore one of the most beautiful cities of Europe with Frankfurt flight ticket!


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General Information on Frankfurt

Frankfurt is 5th largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne respectively and it is also country's most powerful trade and financial center. The city hosts the European Central Bank and many financial companies and it is also listed among Alpha World Cities. This city come to the fore in the global arena hosting of world's largest companies, organizing fairs throughout the year and boasting a magnificent transportation network.

Established on the banks of the River Main, the city is known for its advanced financial and commercial culture, as well as preservation of historical monuments and architectural structures. With its ancient cathedrals, bridges that stand the test of time, famous opera house, more than 50 big museums, shopping streets and magnificent squares, this city ensures a wonderful travel experience for its visitors. Römerberg, Eiserner Steg (Iron Footbridge), Alte Oper (Old Opera House) and Frankfurter Dom (Dom St. Bartholomaus) are among the city's landmarks.

How to go to the City Center from Frankfurt Airport?

Frankfurt Airport is a modern and smartly planned facility to represent the city, being a financial center. This airport, which can meet your all needs regarding your flight, is essentially very busy in nature. The airport is erected on an area of approximately 11,000 square meters and it has 4 main runways and 2 terminals. The third terminal is under construction. The airport serves an average of 65 million passengers a year and offers facilities and spaces for disabled passengers to allow them enjoy their travel experience. The airport is approximately 12 kilometers away from the city center and it offers many transportation alternatives.


Transportation from Frankfurt Airport to the city center can be through suburban trains. You can catch S8 and S9 departing from the suburban train station located in the basement of Terminal 1 and reach the city center within 15 minutes.


Although a suburban train is frequently used to reach from Frankfurt Airport the city, buses are yet another means of transportation. The buses departing from the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 sections of the airport can take you to the city center.


Taxis at Frankfurt Airport are also at your service to take you to the city center. You can take a taxi around the exit gates on the ground floor of Terminal 1 and on the ground floor of Terminal 2. 

Car Rental

You can reach every part of the city enjoying your private trip by renting a car at the Terminals 1 and 2 at Frankfurt Airport, which matches your personal needs.

What to eat in Frankfurt?

The cookies from German cuisine, each more delicious than the last, various potato dishes, various sauces that add taste to everything, and many more await you in Frankfurt travel. When the question is “what to eat in Frankfurt”, Spaetzle is doubtlessly one of the first dishes coming to mind. A kind of pasta, Spaetzle is a rather filling flavor that is prepared with various sauces and served either alone or together with other dishes.

For those who like dairy products, the famous Handkase cheese is a successful appetizer. You can taste Grüne Sobe sauce made of green vegetables, Rindswurst that will change your view of sausage, schnitzel that is the indispensable of German cuisine, and many other flavors in Frankfurt. After getting satisfied with the flavors of the dishes, do not forget to taste Frankfurter Kranz cake that is one of the most eaten desserts of Frankfurt.

Where to stay in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt has many accommodation alternatives. In Frankfurt where there are various accommodation alternatives from world-renowned five-star hotels to boutique boardinghouses, you can prefer a hotel that meets your budget. As is the case with many German cities, Frankfurt is a city that has rather developed means of accommodation and transportation. Therefore, we suggest you stay somewhere close to these means of transportation when you visit this city. In this way, you can get to numerous points in the city rather quickly, and explore Frankfurt without any hindrance to your travel.

By staying at the city center of Frankfurt, you can explore the touring sites of the city in a shorter period. In addition to Innenstadt that is the center of Frankfurt, you can also prefer Bockenheim, Bahnhofsviertel, Sachsenhausen, and Westend-Süd. By finalizing your hotel selection before your travel, you can benefit from early booking opportunities.

Must-Do's in Frankfurt

A thorough exploratory tour awaits you in Frankfurt admired for its streets with historical houses, dynamic squares, Christmas markets, and museums! Whatever the season you visit Frankfurt, one of the most visited cities of Germany, be ready for a pleasant travel. With its public parks, its buildings that are the most beautiful examples of the Baroque architecture, and many other touring sites, have an unforgettable experience in Frankfurt. For a travel full of joy with AnadoluJet Frankfurt flight ticket, do not forget to take a look at our must-do’s list.

  • Visit the historic Frankfurt Cathedral that is one of the most famous religious structures of Europe. Examine the impressive details of the Gothic architecture.
  • Spend time in Römerberg Square that includes the historical icons and the most famous venues of Frankfurt.
  • Participate in the guided tours organized in the Old Opera Building (Alte Oper), the most magnificent architecture of the city. Follow the event calendar and witness a pleasant show.
  • Taste the famous street flavors at the street food stands opened in the city squares.
  • Have a souvenir photograph taken in front of Eschenheimer Turm that is the highest tower of Frankfurt.
  • Go for a shopping tour on Zeil Avenue. After the shopping tour, take a break for a coffee in the famous cafes and restaurants on the avenue. Taste the delicious dishes of Frankfurt cuisine.
  • Visit Goethe Museum in the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s house.

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