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Erzincan Flight Ticket

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It is time to explore Erzincan, one of the most beautiful cities of the Eastern Anatolia, which was established on the historical Silk Road! Cradle of numerous civilizations, the history of Erzincan goes back to circa 2600 B.C. Host to the Urartian and Hittite civilizations, Erzincan was ruled by Roman Empire for 450 years. Occupied by the Russians and Armenians in the First World War, the city was rescued from the occupation in 1918 and became a city of Republic of Turkey after proclamation of the republic. A host to numerous civilizations throughout its history, Erzincan naturally has numerous historical structures.

The buildings like Altintepe (Urartian ruins), Abrenk Church, Mamahatun Caravanserai, Sultan Melik Tomb, Kemah Fortress, and Central Mosque reveal the history of the city most gorgeously. The city is famous for its festivals as well. The most popular festivals are as follows: Tulum Cheese and Grape Festival, Governor Recep Yazicioglu Aviation Festival, Rafting Festival, Cirit (Javelin) Festival, Ulalar Honey Festival. Tulum cheese is one of the first things coming to mind when it comes to Erzincan; however, like each Eastern Anatolian city, Erzincan is also famous for its meat dishes. The most renowned tastes of Erzincan are as follows: Sirrin, Esgili, Cut Soup, Gasefe, Egg Boran, Kellecos, and Babukko. Outstanding for its historical buildings, the city is visited by numerous domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year.


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General Information on Erzincan

Small and cute city of the Eastern Anatolia Region, Erzincan is one of the oldest cultural centers that has hosted numerous civilizations of Anatolia. This city where you can find numerous cultural traces as it is located on the historic Silk Road is also a destination to be discovered with its local cuisine. Erzincan, which is renowned for its spas and Turkish bath, has been becoming more popular in rafting day by day thanks to the rafting courses along the Euphrates River.

How to go to the City Center from Erzincan Airport?

Providing civil air transport service since 1988, Erzincan Airport is also active in the military category. 9 kilometers to the city center, Erzincan Airport has a car park for 345 vehicles. There are numerous transportation options to the city center from Erzincan Airport that is advantageous for its closeness to the city center.


You can consider the taxi option to go to the city center from Erzincan Airport. You can go to the city center in 10-15 minutes approximately by taxi you can find 24 hours a day easily in front of the airport terminal exit.


One of the most comfortable alternatives you can use to go to the city center from Erzincan Airport is Havas shuttle buses. You can go to many points in Erzincan with the Havas shuttle buses serving separately for each flight.


If you want to use the public transport alternative to go from Erzincan Airport to the city center, you can benefit from public buses. You can go to numerous points in the city center by bus you can find near the airport terminal exit. The buses that run on the Hilton Hotel, Terzibaba Mosque, Old Bus Terminal, Ermerkez, Marketplace route depart from Erzincan Airport separately for each flight. You must check Erzincan Airport line service times absolutely.

Car Rental

You can choose to rent a car, as a private transport alternative, to go anywhere in the city and the neighboring cities from Erzincan Airport easily. You can select the right car for you and ensure that it is made ready for you by making a reservation online before you arrive at the airport.

What to eat in Erzincan?

The cuisine of Erzincan where not many vegetables grow whets the gourmet travelers’ appetite with its characteristic features in which wheat products, pastries, and the foodstuffs of animal origin are dominant. It is possible to find numerous types of meals made of bulgur, and its derivative cracked bulgur, in Erzincan. Its local tarhana, noodle, and dovme are famous. Everybody admires the tastes of the stuffed grape leaves served with yogurt made of ewe’s milk, the jams made of dried fruits and vegetables, and various pickles in Erzincan cuisine that also bears the traces of Iranian and Arab cuisine. However, those who seek the special meals of Erzincan are recommended to taste sour soup and kete in particular.

In Erzincan, there are numerous delicious pastries for those who do not have weight problem. For example, “sirin” made of flour, butter, and molasses, “gasefe” made of dried apricot, butter, and walnut kernels are just some of them. In Erzincan that has a cuisine in which you can taste delicious examples from the rich food culture of Anatolia, you can eat “kelecos” made of chickpea, lentil, wheat, green bean, and lamb meat, which you can find nowhere else. Or you can let “Kemah tiridi”, which is a mixture of dough and meat, cheer up your palate. “Kahkullu pilaf” prepared with dried green beans and Erzincan style Turkish delight, which is sine qua non of the tea times, are consumed frequently in the region. Kete, which is made by adding flour roasted in butter into dough, is held in high esteem in both breakfast and the other meals...

If you think to get on the safe side by losing a kilo or two before going to Erzincan and try these marvelous tastes to your heart’s content, well, you are not wrong. It is necessary not to skip enjoying this pleasure by trying the tastes of Erzincan cuisine that reflects the history of the city in small restaurants.

Where to stay in Erzincan?

During your Erzincan travel, you can prefer various hotels in the city center to stay. In the city where the number of the facilities licensed for tourism is not high, the small-scale hotels meet short-stay needs. The travelers trace the rich history and natural beauties of the region by staying in the 3- or 4-star hotels in general.

Those who go to Erzincan for skiing can stay in Ergan Mountain Ski Facilities located on Erzincan-Sivas highway. If you want to use the 5 ski runs in the region, you should remember to make a reservation in advance, since the bed capacity in the region is not high. Those who go to Erzincan to participate in the nature sports festivals or take pictures can prefer the hotels near the airport, or benefit from the standard accommodation services in Erzincan Teacher's Lodge as an alternative.

There are also camping opportunities for those who want to be in touch with nature around Ergan Mountain and Esence Mountain. Those who come together with their sleeping bags, tents, and food can experience the privilege of communing with nature in the peaceful environment of these mountains.

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