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Book Erbil Flight Ticket

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Erbil, located in northern Iraq, Turkey's neighbor to the south-east, which flourished in recent years. With traits of a deep-rooted history, rich culture, shopping areas and constantly developing modern city life, Erbil is one of must-visit destinations in the Middle East.

While exploring the gorgeously historical castle, magnificent religious structures and historical monuments, you can also come across some traces of the Ottoman Empire. Apart from these, Erbil stands out with its luxurious shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. In other words, we can refer to Erbil as a Middle East stop, where traditions and modernism co-exist. It is not only travelers who are to the visitors of this city. The recent initiatives of Erbil towards business world boost business travels.

Erbil is famous for staples of its cuisine such as Erbil Kebab, Biryani, Stuffed Cucumber and meat is on the focus of palatal delight. Mystical streets of Erbil are yet another alternative for you to explore and have a rest in the city parks in Erbil. With its deep-rooted culture, architectural structures, cuisine and modern spaces, Erbil is one of the destinations remain to be explored by you. 


115 km2




Time 26.02.2021
Friday / 04:16

Iraqi Dinar (IQD)


Arabic and Kurdish


GMT+2 (Kış saati) - GMT+3 (Yaz Saati)




How to Transfer from Erbil Airport to Erbil City Center

Erbil Airport, inaugurated in 2005, was designed to convince its visitors, in their early steps in Erbil, how modern and comfortable the city is. In Erbil Airport, located on the Silk Road, also frequently welcomes business people apart from tourists. For this reason, Erbil Airport has heavy airport traffic nearly in every month of the year; it also makes an indelible impression with its eating, resting and shopping areas.

Now let us have a look at modern airport and available means of transportation, which will make your trip more enjoyable from the first moment you land.


You can take a taxi to get from Erbil International Airport to the city center. You can benefit from this service 24/7.

Airport Shuttles

Since Erbil is an underdeveloped city in terms public transportation, the means of transportation available for reaching to the city are very limited. Yet another alternative is airport shuttles. After your plane lands, free airport shuttles, running every 15 minutes, are located near to international departures.

Car Rental

One of the best choices to reach from Erbil Airport to the city center and its vicinity is to rent a car. You can get served by various car rental companies located at Erbil Airport. To speed up your rentals, we highly recommend that you book a car online before your flight.

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