Dammam Flight Ticket

Dammam Flight Ticket

Fly to Dammam at the Best Prices

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General Information on Dammam

One of the oil rich cities of the Middle East, Dammam is one of the most important port cities of the region. The capital of the Eastern Saudi Arabia, Dammam’s commercial success in the Persian Gulf in addition to its oil assets makes the city one of the most important cities of the region after Jeddah and Riyadh. Its world-renowned universities, King Abdulaziz Port, which is the largest port of the Persian Gulf, natural beauties, and traditional lifestyle make Dammam one of the most visited cities of Saudi Arabia.

Its fast-growing economy, regular city life, libraries, museums, and stylish restaurants win recognition of the visitors of Dammam. The famous King Fahd Park covered with flowers, Dammam Regional Museum that hosts thousands of articles, and many more await their visitors in Dammam.

How to go to the City Center from King Fahd (Dammam) International Airport?

Saudi Arabia's third biggest airport, Dammam Airport is also known as King Fahd Airport. Entered into service in October 1999, the airport occupies a rather large area. Used by over 4 million visitors every year, the airport is regarded as the door opening to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The airport hosts numerous facilities like Duty Free shop, ATM, post office, café, and restaurant.

There is a large 6-lane highway that connects the airport located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia to the city center and different regions. The highway that is divided into two as the North Exit and the South Exit connects to the big highway. There is no bus from Dammam Airport to the city center, but you may choose one of the taxi or car rental options.


There is no mass transport from the airport to Dammam city center. Therefore, taxi is the most preferred means of transport. The taxis at the exits of domestic flight and international flight terminals at Dammam Airport serve on 24/7 basis. You can go to the city center from the airport in half an hour by taxi. You can bargain off the price before taking a taxi if you wish.

Car Rental

It may also be a logical decision to prefer renting a car, as Dammam Airport is 60 km to the city center. You can find numerous car options with different models and prices in the world-renowned car rental firms in Dammam Airport. You can benefit from total period discounts by renting a car for your entire travel if you wish.

What to eat in Dammam?

When it comes to food, Dammam, one of the most beautiful cities of Saudi Arabia, will not disappoint you thanks to its various traditional flavors. You can surely find a taste that suits you in Dammam cuisine dominated by Arab culture. The meat dishes in particular have an important place in the cuisine of the city.

You must make sure to try falafel, which has been quite popular recently in our country as well, in Dammam. Falafel may be one of the best choices for a lunch with appetizers. You can also find kabsah, a dish much loved in Saudi Arabia, easily in almost all restaurants in Dammam. This dish cooked with saffron rice and meat is rather delicious. If you want to start with a light dish, you can prefer harira soup. This soup cooked with chickpeas and meat is filling as well as delicious.

Where to stay in Dammam?

If you do not want to compromise on your comfort during your travel, Dammam will make you very happy in this regard. The hotels in this city are generally 4 or 5 star hotels. In Dammam, mostly the coastline zone is preferred for accommodation. Another section of the city renowned for its hotels is the King Khalid Avenue. You can find the more premium accommodation options in this zone. For more economic accommodation options, you can have a look at the 3-star hotels in the inner parts of the city.

Must-Do's in Dammam

Dammam flight ticket will take you to Dammam, one of the oldest settlements of Saudi Arabia. A tour full of history awaits you in this beautiful city. Besides, you can also find an opportunity to explore the modern face of Saudi Arabia in Dammam. In Dammam, you can find activities for all ages. Therefore, Dammam is an ideal place for a family holiday. With its social areas and entertainment centers, Dammam has places you must see absolutely. Here are the things you must certainly do in this city:

  • First of all, let’s get closely acquainted with the history of the city. Visit Dammam Museum where the archaeological artifacts of the city are exhibited.
  • Take a walk with a sea view in Corniche, one of the most popular social areas of Dammam.
  • Visit the King Abdullah Park you will come across during your Corniche walk and explore its unique landscaping.
  • Explore the Marjan Island that is the most interesting point of the city. In the Marjan Island you can access through bridge from Dammam, green areas, entertainment and recreational areas, and the most popular restaurants of the city await you.
  • Visit Tarout Castle and feel the historic fabric of this structure the history of which goes back to circa 500 B.C.
  • Visit the Dolphin Village to have an entertaining day in Dammam. This center that has amusement park, swimming pool, show areas offers entertaining moments to people of all ages.

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