Dammam Flight Ticket

Dammam Flight Ticket

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Dammam General Information

Dammam, a port city on the Persian Gulf coast, is one of the largest cities in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia, which is developing rapidly after the discovery of oil reserves. It can also be characterized as a dynamic city with its shopping and social life.

Dammam Sights to See

Dammam, one of the oldest settlements in Saudi Arabia, has a history dating back to ancient civilizations. Once a quiet town engaged in fishing due to its location on the coast of the Persian Gulf, it has become one of the developed cities with the discovery of oil.

Dammam Natural Beauties

It is possible to experience the peaceful view of the Persian Gulf in Dammam. On the Coral Island, you can meet the relaxing calmness of nature and the bay, and spend pleasant hours.

Dammam Eating and Drinking

If we talk about local dishes, Gursan, Kabsah, Margoog, Mathlota, Mande, Hainini, Falafel are among the Dammam-specific dishes you can try.

Dammam Shopping

Dammam is a city rich in shopping opportunities. You can shop in modern stores, shopping centers, and bazaars selling local products.

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